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  1. Nicola-

    Congrats!!!!! I am so happy happy happy for you. What success we've had in our group. And what an inspiration you are with an unmedicated delivery. Let us know when you have a name for the new little boy in your family.

    Sending you lots of love tonight-


  2. Nicola - so happy for you. Congrads on your new baby boy. Can't wait to see pics and find out his name.

    Jenn - how you doing? any news?


  3. Nicola .. huge congratulations .. what a big boy and all natural .. good for you .. can't wait to hear what you named him.

    Jenn .. any news .. been thinking about you lots ..


  4. Hi Everyone,

    Nicola, how are you settling in with the new baby?

    How is everyone else doing?

    I am happy to report our FET was a success. We have had 3 betas all doubling nicely, they were a bit low to start off but our third beta today was in the 3000s so I'm feeling more confident. They have scheduled us for next Tuesday so hopefully we'll see the hb and can really feel pregnant. I don't have any sx really, I know it is still so early but can't remember when you start to feel it? Thanks for all the good thoughts-keep them coming we have a long 9 mos ahead.


  5. Oh Jenn what great news (a nice way to start my day) .. CONGRATULATIONS .. it's really only eight month to go Can't wait to hear about your u/s ...


  6. Jenn - awesome news. so happy for you. i hope you have an uneventful 9 months. can't wait to hear all about your u/s and h/b etc...

    Nicola - how is motherhood? can't wait to hear updates

    Hi Pau, Rina and kelly. Hope you guys are doing well. Post an update when you can. would love to hear how you are all doing.

    As for me, Hodaya is 18 months old and really funny. she says a few words and otherwise babbles on and on in her own language. give her a phone and she wont' stop. i cant imagine what is going to happen when she is a teenager She is still on the short side and gaining weight very slowly. she loves to eat (takes after both her parents) and is getting very spoiled as much as i try not to. i never knew how hard parenting was but i wouldn't change it for the world. I have joined a weight loss clinic through my health clinic and since starting there 7 weeks ago i have lost 13 pounds and my blood work is all normal - so happy. hubby is ready for another baby but i am not there yet. i don't think we are emotionally or financially ready for another one. don't know if i ever will be as much as i want hodaya to have a sibling - will have to see. i know my clock is ticking very loudly seeing that i am 38 but i need to be ready and i am not yet.


  7. Nicola.....a big hug ((( )))) and congratulations for the baby and words are a testimony of motherhood....what a joy !!! Do we have a name ???? Take care and try to keep us posted, I know you will be busy....

    Jenn - congratulations.....what a sucess.....get ready to have a great pregnancy......and happy thoughts ++++++++++ enjoy every second, it is given to us to enjoy and celebrate life !!!

    Elana - I am sure Hodaya is a sweetie......and not spoiled at all Congrats on the 13 lb....that is great and continue with the progress. It is good for you and your family, a healthy Mommy is a happy Mommy...

    As for us, Sean and Brandon are 2 yr, 4 mo. They keep us busy and entertained. Full of energe, adventures and discoveries. Everything is a discovery on their eyes....and it is so cute and priceless to see their expressions. They are two different kids, personalities, taste, vocabulary, etc, etc. It is amazing to see two little things to grow and explore together. The other night I laughted so hard because they found the collar for one of the dogs and they wanted to take \"Murphy\" for a walk. Well, they were trying to figure out how to hook the collar into Murphy and they keep asking each other (on their own little language) and they seemed to come up with the solution. One held the dog and the other try to hook the collar...I was behing the kitchen counter obseving and poor Murphy was trying to understand what's going on.....

    Hope everyone is doing great

  8. Pau - great to hear from you. that sounds priceless. i was laughing just from the way you told it. kids are the funniest. glad to hear things are going well.

    Jenn - any news? how was the u/s?

    nicola - how is motherhood? do you have a name yet? post when you can.

    Rina - how are you? did you go back to work? how is daycare working out?

    Hodaya got her real first pair of shoes on tuesday and she seems happy with them. my mom also bought her a baby doll carriage that she seems to love. she isn't too fond of the dolly but loves the stroller - she pushes it all over the house. just found out that my sil is pregnant (my hubby's brothers wife) - it is their first and she is due may 26 so another baby in the family.


  9. Jenn, that's wonderful news, congratualtions .

    My baby is called Benjamin Casper, he's doing really well, I just can't stop starring at him .

    PM me your e-mail addresses and i'll send pictures.

    Nicola xx

  10. Nicola- What a great name. You sound so happy. How has big brother taken to his new sibling?

    Elana-Sounds like you are really enjoying motherhood. There are so many fun firsts. I always find it fascinating to see what Annika takes to.

    Pau- Sounds like the boys are keeping you busy.

    Rina- How are you and your family doing?

    Kelly- are you still checking in?

    AFM- We had our first u/s on Tuesday, they only found the yolk sac, no hb yet. Re said it could just be too soon so we go back on 11/25 for another (I'll be 7 wks exactly) so if we don't see the hb then we have a problem. I'm doing OK with the waiting. I have had horrible nausea for the past 3 days so I'm pretty busy just trying not to throw up most the time that I can't really get too worried about much else.


  11. Jenn - sorry you are so nauseous but that is definitely a good sign. praying that it was too early and you see a nice strong h/b on tuesday. Please let us know how it goes.

    Nicola - what a great name. aren't babies amazing - nothing like it. Glad to hear things are good. my email address is would love to see pics.


  12. Jenn - keep us posted and be strong......miracles always happen around us...
    ((hugs )))

    Elana - I bit Hodaya will start loving her shoes, just wait until she is a teenager and you will end up with 20 pairs of shoes for her...

    Nicola -- I love the name !!! here is my e-mail.....

    Hello everyone else......

  13. jenn, i have been thinking of you, i hope all was ok with your scan. nicola xxxx

  14. Well ladies, I wanted to wish you all a very special 2009. I for one need it.

    As you might have suspected things did not go well for me. Shortly after my last post I got the stomach flu so badly I ended up in the hosp with dehydration. While there they did another scan, and although it was a few days earlier then my second scan was scheduled, it showed nothing but an empty sac. My RE tried to be optimistic and say we should wait to have another scan after I got out of the hospital but I just knew . . . We did have another scan at 8 weeks and sure enough it was a blighted ovum. The sac was still growing so I had a DnC a few days later. I'm sorry I didn't post till now-I just couldn't put it in writing for some reason. This board and you all have always been a place of support and the first place I'll turn but this time I just felt like I wanted it to be private for awhile. I guess maybe it is because this is the end of the road for us and IVF. I've been thinking a lot about adoption but DH is not ready and I guess it makes sense to wait awhile longer before making any decisions. I don't regret trying despite the lost $$$. As you all know, the pains eases with time. We had really lovely holidays despite the loss and Annika is a comfort even though she has no idea she is.


  15. Jenn - I am so sorry to hear. I know nothing I say will make it easier but I wanted to let you know that you are in my prayers. I am glad that you do have Annika and she is definitely a comfort. Thank you for sharing the news with us as hard as it was. Good luck with whatever road you decide to take.


  16. Jenn, so sorry to hear the news. I really am. I can only imagine what a dissappointment that is. But like you said Annika is your comfort and a blessing to have, so enjoy her and your life with her.

    Hello everyone and hope everyone has a wonderful new year's and a wonderful 2009 ahead.

    We\'ve been fine. Alexandra is great now .. a lot of fun and learning lots of new stuff. I think she will be walking soon. I also have been thinking lots about doing a FET but dh seems not to want any more children. He says he's scared that he would lose me (if you recall I almost died twice, once with a heteretopic pg and once with a placentra previa). He says we should not be greedy and be happy with one child. But I just think it's so unfare to Alexandra that we don't even try especially that we do have frozen embryos. And if she does end up being an only child then at least we did do our best. So not sure if I am being unrealistic or if he's just being paranoid .. but I guess I will have to wait and see .. which is hard since in our clinic there is a 6 months waiting list for FET's and I will be turning 41 very soon ... please pray for us ...


  17. Rina and Elana,

    Thank you so much for your sweet thoughts-there is nothing like the understanding of IVF buddies. It really does help and I appreciate it so much. I am doing much better.

    Rina-I know just how you feel, that is how I felt too. But your husband may come around-mine did. He had different hesitations about trying again but still sometimes you just have to wait for the right time. I hope in time you will both be on the same page. It is great to hear how well Alexandra is doing-I'm shocked that she will be walking soon. It is so crazy how fast they grow.


  18. Hi Ladies-

    I\'ve missed you all so much, and it looks like I have MISSED a lot! I'm a little teary reading all the updates that have gone by since June, and am sorry that I \"checked out\" for a while and could not support you the way you did me.

    Nicola- congratulations on your little one. Benjamin Casper is PERFECT! I am so happy for you!!

    Jenn- I am so sorry for your loss. There are never the \"right\" words to say, except I will repeat what I said above- I'm here. We're all here for you.

    Rina, Pau, and Elana- Glad to hear your little ones are doing well! It's funny about the crayons because I was so eager for Sam to try new things, I think I probably put them in his hands as soon as he could sit in the Bumbo seat! He didn't \"get it\" until earlier this year and now he loves his \"colors\"!

    Sam is doing great. You would never know that he was a preemie, and I think today was the first time I didn't even put it on an information sheet about him. He's just dealing with normal kid stuff...colds he picks up at school, asserting his independence every chance he gets! His speech is a little delayed but not enough to qualify him for services. He's really come a long way since his last eval anyway, as I had been teaching him signs and his last class at preschool really pushed the sign language. His vocabulary seemed to double on a daily basis! He moved up to an older class this week, which will have him around kids who are talking more and that should help.

    I\'ve been separated from Sam's dad for 7 months now. As a child of divorce, I never believed in staying together \"for the children\"...until now. My heart breaks for Sam, and I have days when I wonder if I should have stayed and endured for his sake. I know that I did not want him to grow up seeing that kind of relationship and learning that it was okay to treat or be treated that way. I was his age when my parents separated and I like to believe I turned out okay. I pray the same will be true for him.

    I am surrounded by pregnant women in my life right now, and there is a pain not unlike what I felt when we tried so hard to conceive. Perhaps there will be another time for me in the future. Who knows?

    It's so good to reconnect with you all and I look forward to hearing more about how everyone is doing.

    Happy New Year to you all!!


  19. Hi Kelly,

    Welcome back. It is so nice to hear from you and hear how well Sam is doing. I sometimes wonder if us IF Moms don't just feel the joy of our children a little bit more b/c of how hard it was to have them.

    I'm sorry to hear about your marriage. As you know my husband and I had and still have some issues. I'm sure you made the best decision for yourself and for Sam. I believe they are one in the same, he needs a Mom that is happy and feels good about her life so whatever is right for you will be right for him. I admire your strength.

    I'm thinking a lot about adoption right now. I have so many mixed feelings. If anyone has thoughts or experiences to share I'm just finding it helpful to take it all in right now.


  20. Thanks, Jenn. It was hard to do, but I do believe it was for the best. I hope that things improve for you and your husband.

    My sister-in-law went through the process of an international adoption, and while there were challenges along the way (mainly extending her overseas stay unexpectedly), her little boy is such a blessing. I also have a friend who went through a domestic adoption of a newborn and that seemed to go more smoothly than I could have ever imagined. I don't know a lot of details about either situation, but I know that both families are more complete because of their adopted children and I'm not aware of any regrets. It's a big decision- you'll know what to do!

    take care,

  21. Hello ladies.....I am so glad everyone is back....

    Let\'s make 2009 a better year......

    I am glad the kiddos are doing fine and growing healthy and happy. That is the two main things needed right now. We had a great holidays in WI with my in-laws, the weather was not very cooperative ( - 20 degrees below zero for couple of days) and Sean and Brandon did not like the cold at all. They both enjoyed spending time with the grandparents and came back spoiled. We drove ( 13 hrs each way) but DVD players are a big help for our sanity. We did it in 2 days staying overnight in IL. Now back to normal life with TWO LITTLE 2 1/2 Yr old .....independence, curiosity, high energy, and big on top of our lifes.......I think a good diet, exercising and powerful multivitamins help my DH and I to survive

    Kelly - I feel like you made the right decision for you and for Sam. Your happiness, safety, security and self-esteem (sp?) are very important and will be a reflection on Sam's life. I know you can do it even in the darkest days.....Sam will be the light of your life ....for now. Please take good care of yourself and I will pray for more strenght........

    Jenn - some alone time is always needed and we are always here, just reading the post make me realized how wonderful this group is and how we can write and take everything is powerful. Time will help on making decisions........It is difficult to deal with a loss such as yours......I am so sorry and I am sending you (((hugs)))). We went thru something similar a year ago (I got pg w/o IVF or any just happen and we were in shock at first and then life was OK and then....a difficult time). Just few months ago I was able to share it with some of my closest friends. I do have some sad days and some many \"ifs\"....but looking at my kids help me thru the days.........Keep your little angel always on your heart.....

    Rhina, NIcola, Elana.... how are you doing and what are the plans for 2009. How are the kids......I bit it was a special holiday.....

    take care

  22. Jenn, I am so so sorry to hear your news. I felt so incredibly sad when I read your post. I really understand your desire for a sibling, you've seen what I went through to get one for Ollie, Benjamin was the result of my ninth transfer. If you decide to take the adoption route I know some wonderful ladies on another thread who have taken that route, i am sure they would be happy to share with you. You're right time is a great healer. I am so completly rubbish at expressing myself in the written form (i'm dyslexic), at times like this I really want to be able to express how sorry I am and how i hope that you will find peace with your decisions. I am sending you big hugs.

    Nicola xx

  23. Hi guys. it is so nice to see some life put back into this list. i missed all the postings and the updates from everyone. I am confused and trying to sort out what i should do. maybe someone here has some advice. As you all kinow it took me 6 cycles of ivf to have my precious daughter hodaya. she is amazing and frustrating at the same time. i haven't even been able to thik of havning anohter one since i had her almost 21 months ago. can't believe it - where has the time gone. she has entered her terrible two early and i am trying my best to not let it get to me but am feeling like a horrible mother and i am letting her down that she doesnt' have a sibling to play with. i was told the other day at her day care that she doens't know how to play with other children and she scratches and hits them when they get into her space and i saw it with my own eyes this weekend - we were at my hubby's brohter and wife's house and they have an almost 4 year old and a 10 month old. she doesn't know how to play with others and most of the time plays by herself. it brought back such painful memories of myself not having friends and i so don't want her to end up like that. i am just at a loss how to help her. i find it incredibly hard to make friends and i am scared that i am protraying that to her. anyhow what i am trying to figure out is how do you know when you are ready to try for another child. i was sure i didn't want one and lately have been having some days that i think maybe having another one won't be so bad. then i have a hard time with my daughter and i think what am i thinking - i can take care of another one. my hubby really wants another child and i really don't want hodaya to be an only child - i don't know what to do. i mean it took me 7 years to have her and i am now 38 so i don't have so much time left and i am overweight and not ovulating so i think ivf is my only option. my other concern is how do i put myparents through all this again. they were there through all the years of my ivf and were great but i saw how the emotional aspect affected them, how can i ask them to go through that again with me. they are older and can't help out as much as they used to. is it even fair of me to think of aksing them? i just don't know what to do.

  24. Dear Nicola, Thank you for your understanding. I know you went through h*** to have another. I am struggling so much. My age and my husband make it harder. I have been looking into adoption and I have so many fears and concerns about it. It is expensive and be such a long wait and then I get scared that if we are successful that child will feel different. I'm not concerned about my ability to love them just as much but that it won't be enough for them. I've just discovered donor embryos as a possible option and I've been entertaining the crazy thought of trying one more time with my own eggs. I can't talk about any of this with DH b/c he is not open at all to it right now. I guess I'm just going to have to spin around in my head for awhile.

    Hi Elana, First of all you are not a bad mother-many kids go through that and worse. It is just part of their development. Many kids with siblings bite and hit their brothers and sisters so that is not necessarily the answer. You just have to parent her through this and you will. This age is both magical and trying and we all feel we're failing sometimes. I know you said it is hard for you to make friends but I wonder if you could maybe join a moms group or something, mostly to get support and friendship but also a non judgemental place to talk about parenting concerns. As for whether you should have another as you can see I'm probably not the best person to ask and I don't think anyone can really tell you what to do. I'm a big believer waiting till the right answer comes to you and that we know it when we're there. But the waiting until that becomes clear can be excruciating. I know you'll make the right decision.

  25. Hello everyone....great to hear from you. I have few minutes at work while they work on my laptop.....

    Elana - Your daughter is going thru a normal developmental stage, it is frustrating for them bc they cannot communicate everything and they cannot control their emotions. I do often feel the same way when I loose my compusure and get upset with Sean and Brandon. But really, even with sibblings we go thru the bitting at daycare. Sean came with 2 reports bc he was bitting other kids. I am worried about it but we are getting thru. I know that he gets frustrated when someone takes away his toys and his reaction is to bite. I do agree on the idea of joining a mothers club because you can share your worries and concerns.
    On having another baby...well, only you can make the choice and you will know when you are ready. It will come to you. It is not easy and you have to be aware of your age and health. I am a year older than you and I know that I don't have the energy to do it again. However, I realized the importance of having sisters or brothers, and I do understand your confusion.
    If you are interested, I am using a book called \"positive discipline\" and it has some suggestions and good reading about the terrible twos....when you loss your cool...think about me...I have double the trouble....and boys...
    Other place where I ready about toddlers is


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