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  1. hey Kelly.....WOW...he is 2 already. Time goes way too fast. Are doing OK wkg full time? It is what you expected? I kept working full time and I am hoping that in the next year or two, I can wkg part time so I will be available for the kids activities. Mine Sean and Brandon will be 2 on June 30th.....they are two little active boys......
    Welcome back...we have always being here.......


  2. Hello lovely Girls,

    I only have 2 secs as i have to read ollie a story!!

    Just wanted to let you know that I had my 16 week check and all is looking good .

    Welcome back kelly, I can't believe sam is 2 and pau your two are going to be 2 also. WOW, wow, wow.

    Elana, Rina and jenn, kisses to you,

    Nicola xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Hi all,

    Kelly-welcome back, it is so nice to hear from you. The 2 yr. mark sure came fast didn't it? Annika turns 2 first week in July and it just seems so crazy. I'm glad you'll be around.

    Nicola, keep the good news coming. How are you feeling?

    Elana, how is your trip?


  4. Thanks- it's great to be back. I have missed you all so!

    I have mixed feelings about going back to work full time. Sam loves to be around other kids, and it was time for him to go into a classroom setting with other little people. I miss the time I used to have with him during the day, though. Plus he's picking up all the bugs already- including hand-foot-mouth this week

    It is good to be back around adults and I need the income, so there are perks to being back in the FT world. The job is taking some getting used to. I was with my old company for 10 years so it's a big change to start over from scratch somewhere new. Still, it's a very family-friendly company and I can flex my schedule, which has already been helpful!

    Hope to keep hearing great things from all of you!

    Best to you all...

  5. Hey Girls,

    Just to let you know the 20 week scan went well and we are expecting a little boy. I am so happy and exhausted from worrying! The placenta is still a little low so we have another scan at 28 weeks.

    Love to all, Nicola xx

  6. Wow- I was wondering how long it was going to take to get an update A boy!!! Very happy for you, good luck with the next scan.


  7. Congrads. that is so great. glad to hear all is going well.

    just a quick update, hope this works. here is a link to some new pics. my daughter is now 14 months so hard to believe.


  8. Nicola - 20 weeks...WOW...time flies. A little boy...yeah !!! Hope you are feeling OK. Are you on vacations now?

    Elana - Hodaya is a cutie !!! How was your trip?

    As for me, Sean and Brandon are 2 years old now. We had their b-day party last Saturday and we had a fun time. We invited some of my friends kids and they really enjoyed the \"little gym\". It is place for kids to play and have fun.
    However, Sean and Brandon were overwelmed and did not enjoy the party too much....So pictures are going to look funny....I will send you some as soon as I get them uploaded.

    Hellooooooooooooooo to everyone else!!!

  9. Elana, Hodaya is gorgeous :-)!

    Pau, so glad that all is well, I just can't belive they are 2 already.

    Jen, I can't belive Annika is now 2 as well!!! How are you doing?

    Kelly, How are you?

    Well girls, i've had a very stressful week as I went to see the consultant at the hospital Thursday and she said \"oh yes, you have a scan on Monday to re-check part of the baby's heart\", I was completly AMAZED by this as I thought the scan was to check the position of the placenta. i worried myself to death all weekend and when i went for the scan 3 sonograghers came to examine the baby's heart, it was SO STRESSFUL!! Just to add to the relaxing atmosphere all the way through my 5 year old son was saying, \"Mummy, I'm bored\" and smashing his tin pencil case on a chair! Luckily they said that all was ok plus the placenta has now moved up and I should be ok for a normal delivery. I've asked for NO MORE SCANS!!!! They said that should be ok. They did check the sex for me again and it's definatly a boy, so now i need to think of a name. These are the options so far:

    Arthur Benjamin
    Benjamin Arthur
    Caspar Benjamin

    My husband and my son like Caspar best, I'm still not completly sure. I like Benjamin best really but my husband's not sure. 12 more weeks to think about it!

    I'm off on holiday today to Somerset but will still be checking the posts.

    Nicola (28 weeks and 2 days)

  10. Nicola .. wow 28 weeks already .. glad to know that everything is going well .. can imagine how stressful that scan was. I like Benjamin best too.

    Kelly, it's tough to go back to work .. I am dreading it already (and I still have over 6 months to go) but at least your schedule is flexible.

    Elana, Hodaya what a pretty smily girl.

    Pau, 2 years already .. wow ..

    Jenn, Annika is already 2 years already .. did you have the \"partay\" yet ?

    All well with us .. been an extremely busy summer .. but it's all fun.

    Well ladies .. I was just thinking back when we all started talking .. and look at us now .. once Nicola has her baby .. we will all be officially moms .. isn't that great ..


  11. Cheers for all the Moms !!!!! what a wonderful miracle...

    Nicola - hope you are enjoying your time off. 28 weeks...yeah!! but what a stressful episode you had but it seems that everything is OK. I will pray for that......I love is one of my favorite names and it was on my list of baby names.

    Rina- enjoy your time at home, it is priceless.....

    We just got back from a 10 day vacation to visit my in-laws and my sister. It was beautiful and relaxing. The kids enjoyed grandma/pa so much !!! and I got the change to sleep longer....yeah
    We drove across the country and the kids did so good. We split the drive in 1/2 and slept overnight to continue the drive in the morning. It was worth it and the kids enjoyed their toys, videos...videos were a life saver

    My mom will be here for the next month so it is great to have some company and help. She is a great cook and she helps a lot. DH and I have planned few dates....taking advantage of free babysitting....

    Hope everyone is doing fine and enjoying the last weeks of summer

  12. Nicola - glad to hear all is well. wow talk about stress. I hope you can now relax and enjoy your pregnancy. can't wait to hear updates.

    Rina - glad to hear from you. it is really neat that we all had/are having our miracles.

    Pau - glad to hear things are well. having family around to help is priceless. enjoy every minute of it.

    hoday is now 16 months and is just so sweet. she still isn't saying words but she talks in her own language - she loves talking on the phone. she starts day care again on thursday and we are trying to get her off of formula and onto milk by then. so far she is ok with it. will see. she finally has teeth. was a bit worried about that. she is still pretty short and small but she is developing thank g-d ok so that is good.

    a question to all you pros out there. at what age did you start giving them crayons or markers to color or draw? is she too young?


  13. Elana - your little peanut is too young to get crayons/markers. Wait few more months. Then she will understand that crayons are for writing on paper only and not for eating or writing ont he walls. My picasso boys (sp?) waited until I felt sleep on the couch and draw all over the wall. DH was so upset with me for falling sleep but I was taking a medication and I could not help....

    Glad to hear everyone is OK.

    We got back from our trip to visit grandma/pa in Wisconsin. 13 hour drive went pretty good with a stop overnight. The kids had a blast in WI. Lots of adventures in the lake, pool, sand box, park, zoo, and other entertainment....lots of activity which did not help with their naps and schedules so we are struggling right now. We still in cribs and hoping to be there for another 10 months or so......

    Hello to weveryone

  14. Hi Girls,

    I'm sorry I haven't been around but I see it has been quiet here.

    Nicola-please give us an update. How are you and the bean doing?

    How is everyone else?

    I wanted to ask you all to cross fingers and toes for me as I'm doing a FET at the end of the month. We have 2 embryos frozen and will transfer both if they survive the thaw. I will be 43 in Dec. so this is it for me. I would love to have another and my husband has gotten to a place that he too feels this is the right decision for us. It feels crazy to be on this roller coaster again-but different too. I'm just taking it day by day. Thanks for your good thoughts.


  15. Hello Jenn,

    Great to hear from you. You have all my prayers for your upcoming FET. Please let us know when you get exact dates. I really hope it works and Annika would have a little sister/brother. I too have been thinking about it. I think it should be less stressful since we were already blessed with Alexandra but ofcourse it's still such a roller coaster.

    Nicola, I can't wait to hear from you .. you must be close to having your baby if not have had him already. Please post when you can.

    Pau/Kelly .. how are you girls ?

    Oh yes .. I am already planning for going back to work The good news is I am going back part time. Still don't know what we'll do with day care .. but I will start looking around next month. Very scary ...

    Well hope to hear from everyone soon ..


  16. Hey lovely ladies, well I am 37 weeks pregnant on Sunday. I am getting jumpy as Ollie was born at 37 weeks. It's been a mad time as we've had to move out of our flat due to a bad water leak, I haven't unpacked nevermind got ready for the baby!! I've packed a hopital bag just in case things kick off though.

    Jenn, I have EVERYTHING crossed for you sweetie. I have one blast left on ice so we'll se if I go back for it one day .

    Love to Elana, Pau, Kellyand Rina,

    Nicola xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  17. Rina and Nicola,

    Thanks you for your support-it means so much to me. Rina- I know it is really hard going back to work and figuring out childcare. Just remember you'll make it happen when it needs to and how it needs to.

    Nicola-you sure know how to make things exciting. It is crazy that your new one will be here any day!!! Can't wait for the good news. Have a smooth delivery.


  18. of my transfer-please wish me luck. I feel pretty calm and am trying to keep it that way. I've ended up telling more people then I planned-hope I don't end up regretting that.

    Hi to you all.


  19. Jenn .. glad you feel calm .. I pray all goes well .. just try to relax (massages can help ) ..

    Please keep us posted ..


  20. Thanks Rina,

    I have tried to be as calm as I can. After a three year break from cycling it is just so strange to have the all old feeling come back.

    My transfer went OK. Both embryos survived the thaw but my RE seemed vague about them. I guess what he said was they looked better then when we froze them??? At this pt. it is just gonna be what it is so I didn't really ask a lot of questions. Have tried to stay off my feet for the past two days and will try to take it easy today as well but am definitely getting out of the house. I'm going stir crazy.

    Nicola-hoping to hear some good news from you any day.

    Hi to everyone else.


  21. Hi Jenn .. great to hear that both embryos survived the thaw. Hope your 2ww flies by. When is your test ?

    Nicola .. any news ?

    Pau, Kelly and Elana .. how are you and your little blessings ?


  22. Hi Jenn, so now the horrid 2 week wait, I hope it passes quickly! When is your test day? Thinking of you.

    Hi Rina, thank you for asking but no news from me, I'm now 38 weeks and 1 day and there seems to be nothing happening. i will let you all know as soon as I have some news.

    Nicola xxxx

  23. WOW are almost wonderful !!! keep us posted


  24. Thanks Pau, I will do. I'm very excited and really nervous all at the same time!! I wish knew when it was going to happen, it's so hard to plan when you could have a baby tomorrow or in 3 weeks!!!!

    Nicola xxxx

  25. Hi girls,

    Baby arrived Sunday at 2.30am very quickly, I managed a natural childbirth with no drugs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    He weighs 8 pounds 3 and he is apsolutly gorgeous and perfect. i cried and cried with joy. I can't believe we've actually managed to have another baby after all these years and i cannot belive this beautiful perfect baby is mine.

    We are still deciding on a name, more later, Nicola xxxxx

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