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  1. Hey Girls,

    We have to start a new thread as ours is going to be deleted!!

    Shall I change the title? Any suggestions for one? I put our names for now so that none of you would miss it!!

    Nicola xx

  2. Hey Nicola,

    So good to hear from you. Thanks for making a new thead for us, I don't really have any ideas for another title, our names seem fine to me. How are you? Are you enjoying your break from IVF? What have you been up to.


  3. I'm a little slow, but I found it. how is everyone doing? Can you catch me up?

  4. Hi Everyone,

    Wow-it has really slowed down on our threads. I've been away for a couple of weeks and thought I'd have a lot to catch up on but I guess not. Well, very big news for me-I had my little girl on 7/6/06 and she and I are both doing great. She is beautiful and healthy and worth all the headaches and heartaches along the way (just as we all suspect it will be or why else would we go through all that we do). I'll try to figure out how to post a photo one of these days.

    How are you all doing? Hope to get some updates soon.


  5. Yeah, Jenn! Congrats on your baby girl. I do hope you'll be able to post a picture soon. What is her name?

  6. Wow Jenn,


    That is such wonderful news, welcome to the world of sleepless nights and endless poppers (it does get easier!!!).

    I would love to see a picture of your baby, my e-mail address is (nicola underscore barron at hotmail dot com).


    As for me, I have not had much to report, I am starting teacher training in September so I can't try again until November so as to make sure I make it through the academic year. I am waiting for my degree results and I am really close to getting a first so I am VERY nervous about that, if I miss it I know it is down to the fertility treatment so that will make me sad!! I am REALLY ENJOYING having some time off to spend with my 3 year old son Ollie who is SO CUTE but so naughty!!

    Nicola xx

  7. Hey Jenn,

    How\'s it all going? Please, please post if you get 5 mins.


    Where are you? Have you had your little ones yet?


    How\'s it going with you???????


    I hope you, DH and little Sam are doing well, I read your updates every day .


    How close are you to starting your next cycle???

    As for me, well I got a First class honours degree so I am VERY, very, very happy!!!!!

    I will start donor egg IVF later this year.

    Lots of love to all, Nicola xxxxxxxx

  8. Hey Everyone,

    Sorry I've not been posting, in all honesty I wasn't quite prepared for how much time this little one can take up-mostly due to breastfeeding. We named her Annika June. She is a miracle for sure. It is all going pretty well-just a big adjustment. We could'nt be any happier. I will figure out how to post a picture one of these days.

    Nicola, Congrats-wow-you must be really proud of yourself. Good luck with the upcoming donor cycle too. I wil email you a picure soon (who knows how long it will take me to figure out how to post here).

    Hope everyone else is doing well, as always would love to hear from you all.

    Kelly, you are in my thoughts much these days, hope you will have Sam home soon.


  9. Hi Gilrs,

    I hope you are all doing well.

    Jenn, I hope you and Annika June are doing well, the breast feeding does take up SO MUCH time, especially when they are really little. I hope you are managing to get some sleep and are ajusting ok to life with a new baby.

    Pau, Where are you??????? Have your twins arrived yet?? Some news soon PLEASE

    Rina, How is your pregnancy going???? I would really love to hear how your getting on.

    Elana, Have you started cycling again? Give us an update soon.

    Kelly, I read your updates every day on your carepages, I am so happy that Sam is doing so well .

    As for me, I will start the drugs in September and probably have a November transfer.

    Lots of love to you all, Nicola xxxx

  10. Hi are you. Its Angie from August buddies! If you're talking about the same Pau I know, she had her twins and they're keeping her busy! I'd love to hear how things are going for you, feel free to PM me!


  11. Hi Angie,

    It\'s fantastic to hear from you, thanks for letting me know about Pau, that's great news. I have just tried to send you a private message but it says that my private messaging is turned off, do you know how I switch it on?

    Or should I just try and find our old thread and post you there? I am sure we can talk here too. How are you doing? Are you doing any more cycles?

    Nicola xx

  12. Wow .. did not know we had another thread going .. just thought no body was here anymore.

    Jenn, big congrats on your little girl. What is her name.

    Well, unfortunately I have been having the toughest time of my life for the last 5 weeks. Today I am 17wks pregnant and in a couple of days I will no longer be pregnant. At my 12 wk u/s we discovered that my little boy has very rare severe lethal abnormalities and most likely will be still born. So we've been struggling with what to do. Ofcourse we first had to get over the shock and then find out as much as we can about his condition. Neither I or dh can imagine going through the remaining of the pregnancy knowing that he will die so we've very sadly decided to terminate. I've been praying for a miracle .. but it hasn't happened yet. Tomorrow I go for the last ultra-sound ...

    Sorry, but I am not able to write much but I really am glad that we have this thread. Pray that I recover from this soon and is able to function like I am used to again ..


  13. Rina, I am so sorry to hear about the struggles you have been having. We have been the recipients of so many prayers, we will certainly send ours your way. I can't imagine what you are going through, and could not begin to offer advice (as if you were asking). Just have as many supports around you as possible, and know that you can include us in that circle.

    Jenn & Pau(if you're out there)- Many congratulations are due to you. I have been away for a bit and obviously have some catching up to do. I know you are super busy with your little one(s), but enjoying every minute, right?

    Nicola- Congratulations on your achievement with school. September will be here so soon, and then you'll be of on your next journey soon after that. Thanks for keeping up with Sam on the carepage and for the sweet messages. We're so anxious to get him home!!

    Best to you all-


  14. just found this thread - thanks nicola for posting a message - would never have found it.

    Rina - i am so sorry. my heart breaks for you i can't even imagine what you are going through. i hope you find the strength to deal with this. you are in my prayers.

    Jenn and pau - wow congrads. can't believe your little ones are here already. it must be such a joy. i can't wait for that to happen.

    nicola - congrads on your achievements. that is great. good luck with your upcoming cycle.

    as for me, i had my 6th ivf retrieval on aug 10th - i had 5 eggs. my dr decided to do two transfers this time - once after 24 hours and once after 3 days - so my first transfer was on friday - i transfered 2 embryos and on sunday i transfered 2 embryos. the 5th one didn't make it. so i guess i am now in the 2ww. am going insane and only on day 1. my parents invited us to stay by them for the 2ww - so they are taking care of me. need to keep my mind busy. i have my beta on aug 27th and am praying that i have at least one healthy baby - would love twins but anymore then that not sure i could handle. i just pray g-d will bless us with whatever we can handle be it one, two, three or four. so i guess i am now pregnant with 4 embryos - trying to take it one day at atime but it is so hard.

    great to catch up with everone.

  15. Hi Elana,

    How is that 2 week wait going? I sending you lots of positive vibes for a good result .

    Hi Rina,

    How are you? post when you have the strengh, I am thinking of you and praying for you every day.

    Hi to Kelly, Pau and Jenn too.

    Nicola xxx

  16. Rina,

    I was SO SHOCKED to read your post, I am so so sorry, you've been through so much already. I am thinking of you and praying for you and sending you all my love, please keep posting if you can and we will all be here for you. Nicola xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


    Good luck honey, I will be keeping everything crossed for you, it's great that they are trying new things, fingers crossed that this is the one .


    I feel as if I know you a little better from reading your carepages, you and your DH are such amazing people and little Sam is such a STAR, we (as in me, DH and DS Oliver) are all following his progress, Ollie loves looking at pictures of Sam. Please e-mail me your address if you get a chance as I would love to send Sam a present when he comes home from hospital, my e-mail address is (nicola underscore barron @ hotmail dot com).


    I hope you get a chance to post soon but HUGE congrats on the arrival of you twins . I am sure they are keeping you busy!


    I hope your little girl is doing well and bringing you LOTS of joy .

    Lots of love to you all, Nicola xxxxxxxxxxx

  17. i am trying so hard not to obsess over symptoms cause i am a vet at this and i know it doesn't mean a darn thing. usually it is the progesterone mimicking pregnancy signs. i mean this is my 6th ivf cycle i should be a pro by now. i am just feeling these sensations that i have never had in all of my previous cycles and it is giving me some hope that the outcome will be different this time. since transfer i have been having cramps. for the past two days i have been having this strange feeling - not sure how to describe it. not sure if it is a tugging pulling sensation or just a weird sensation in my belly. this morning i am extremely nauseous - couldn't eat breakfast. every idea i had made me want to vomit - sorry TMI. i had one rice cake with natural fruit spread and then couldn't even eat the other rice cakes i had. then had a peach which didn't help and then thought a popsicle would help. helped a bit but not much. since i had 4 embryos transferred which i never did before i was wondering if you could have symptoms earlier then normal or is it all in my head. i am extremely bloated and look like i am in my 6th month at least. is there anything one can do for bloating?


  18. Hi Elana,

    Your symtons sound very positive . As for the bloating try avoiding carbs, especially bread and eating lots of veg and rice that always help me, and drink lots of water. When do you find out ?????

    I am keeping EVERYTHING crossed for you, and sending you lots of positive pregnancy vibes from London, Nicola xxx

  19. Thanks everyone for your support and prayers.

    Well don't know what is going on but I had unexpected complications with the D&E. I had the procedure on Tuesday and was in the hospital till today. After the procedure I bled so much I had to take 4 blood units and did not stop bleeding. In an effort to save my life, they did 3 other procedures to try to stop the bleeding, after which they would have had to remove my uterus. Thankfully the 3rd procedure seemed to have worked and the bleeding did slow down. I don't know how all that will affect how I will feel in the next few weeks/months .. but I can tell you this .. we are going to need all the prayers we can get .. so please keep us in your prayers.

    Elana, I hope it works for you .. I really do .. wouldn't that be wonderful .. not sure if I have any valuable advise about the bloating ..


  20. Rina - I am so sorry for all you have gone through. that sounds really scary. I am so happy to hear that you are ok and the 3rd procedure worked. are you out of the hospital? you are in my thoughts and prayers. please keep us posted on how you are doing.

    Nicola - thanks so much. my beta is aug 27th. a week from today. feels like an eternity

    as for me, i made it through my first week and now the negative feelings are starting to settle in. i am always so much more positive and optimistic the first week and then the second week really negative. i wish i wouldn't be like that. it is just so hard since most of my ivf cycles ended negatively. i want to be prepared but as i know for me i can never be prepared for the feeling of finality when the nurse says \"i am sorry\" it sucks. trying to remain positive. i am having lots of symptoms that i hadn't had in previous cycles so that is keeping me going. i have been having cramps on and off some more severe then others, twinges in my belly and an overall feeling of weirdness. not sure how to describe it - nothing i have felt before. hoping that is a good thing. i have never had spotting in any of my cycles so can't help there but have heard it is a good sign. friday night and yesterday late afternoon was very dizzy and this morning was a bit - not sure what that is about but as i said before hoping it is a good sign. am still bloated - some days better then others. am trying to drink and since we are now having a heat wave it is easier to drink.

    I went for my first blood test today - 7 days after transfer to check my progesterone levels. hoping for a nice high number even though i was told that it doen'st mean anything in regards to pregnant or not. my hubby has named our embryos for the time being - he calls them jacob, jingle, heimer and schmidt (from the song) .

    i am a hpt addict - can't stay away from them. if i had more then two i would probably have started testing already. i am planning on testing on day 12 and day 14 if i can last that long. my dr had told me that the earliest day i should test is day 12 so i am trying to hold off. today i am 10dp1dt and 8dp3dt. trying to hang in there. it is getting really hard.


  21. Elana,

    Hang in there honey, not long now! I know what you mean about feeling positive in the first week and a bit more negative in the second, I think we always try to prepare ourselves for the worst. Your symtons sound great, let's hope that this is the one . I am keeping everything crossed for you.

    Nicola xx

  22. Rina,

    I was so shocked to read your post, you've been through SO MUCH already. I am not sure sure what to say accept that you have shown time and time again what an amazingly strong woman you are and hope that that strength will help you recover now. I am thinking of you and praying for you, please post again soon if you feel you can. Lots of love, Nicola xxx

  23. Hi Pau,

    We are here! I hope you've found us, can't wait to hear your news .

    Nicola x

  24. Elana,

    Hang in there honey, I know the 2 week wait is physiological torture!! I wish you SO MUCH luck for your result. I am off camping tomorrow with DH and DS and lots of relatives down in rainy Devon (South West England!) so I will be without internet access, but I wanted to let you know that I will be thinking of you and praying for a good result.

    Love Nicola xxx

  25. this waiting is killing me. i go from positive to negative to positive in seconds and it is driving me insane. yesterday i had a pretty good day. towards late afternoon i started to get moody. snapped at parents and at hubby. cried and was just not myself. at 3 am had to go to the b/r and i had such sharp cramps i was sure af was here. checked tp and nothing. i am starting to fear beta day once again. am sure af is on her way. cramps are way more intense and i am very moody. the closer i get to beta day the more scared i am getting. two cycles ago i started bleeding on beta day and that is what has me freaked. i wish i could relax and be positive.

    another thing is my father's aunt passed away yesterday in montreal and they are planning on burying her here in israel next to her husband. the first thought i had was \"she had to pass away so I could get pregnant\" - couldn't believe that. i also feel a bit bad that i am not going to the funeral but i just don't feel like i can. i need to take care of myself and my little embryos - and it will be too upsetting for me. i know my parents understand but i feel guilty all the same.

    only 2 more days till i can hpt. am trying to hold out till friday. i hope i don't cave tomorow. my beta is sunday.

    sorry no personals. Hope you are all doing ok.

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