newly pg with twins, any precautions?

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  1. Hey ladies ~ just found out two days ago at eight weeks that I am pg with twins. I have had one heathy full term singleton pg more than three years ago. I was on my feet lots through that pg. I stand at work almost eight hours per shift and work two or four per week. I haven't had an appointment with a specialist yet but just wondering if those who are further along in their pg have any advice here.

    I don't actually have to work. It's nice to have a little extra but I don't want to do anything that will jeapordize this pg. Are pg losses inevidible or would I be increasing my chances by staying at work. I was only planning on staying another 12 weeks or so anyway thinking by then, I'd be pretty big etc.

    Any insight would be greatly appreciated. I had zero worries with ds and really enjoyed the pg. I have a feeling this one is going to cause me more stress from worry!

    Thanks for reading,

  2. Susan-

    Congrats on your pg! I would recommend doing your research...I found the Dr. Luke book helpful (although you can certainly modify the meal plan!), and the book Juggling Twins.

    As for the work thing, I think each pg is so individual, it's hard to tell. I know many women pg w/ twins who worked up until they deliver and others who were on bedrest. ( I was on hospital bedrest from week 24-28 and then home bedrest until I delivered at 36w6d). The fact you already had an uncomplicated pg works in your favor too. To ease your fears, I recommend either working with a high risk OB or a peri. Either one will monitor you closely, which will hopefully help to keep any complications from arising.

    Again, congrats!

  3. thank you cincy ~ your words help to ease my mind. I am being referred to a specialist (not sure how soon) but hopefully I'll get lots of answers there!

    One day at a time I guess,
    thanks again,

  4. Congrats Susan! I didn't really do anything special with this pg until I went on bedrest at 29 wks for a shortening cervix. I only work one day a week though. I did read somewhere, and I think is was Luke's book (which is a great resource) that standing for 6 or more hours a day greatly increases your risk for preterm labor. My thought is, if you don't have to work, why risk it? I did everything I normally did until about 20 wks when my body just started slowing down, I never really had to try to slow down. I don't see a peri or a high risk ob but am monitored very carefully starting at 24 wks. I have had a FFN and cervical length every 2 weeks and NST every week starting at 28 wks. I think it depends on how comfortable your ob is with twins and how comfortable you are with you ob.

    Congrats again


  5. I agree with the pp. It's good to have a high-risk OB because they monitor you more closely.
    When I was pregnant with twins I did all of my normal activities and worked (at a job where I sat down ) until 24 weeks. At my appointment that week my doctor was alarmed that my cervix had shortened dramatically and he admitted me to the hospital to stay on strict bed rest. It was very sudden, I walked into his office feeling fine and he wouldn't let me get down off the table after the ultrasound. He went to get a wheelchair and wheeled me down the hall afterward. I stayed on bed rest until I was 35 weeks.
    In hindsight I do think I was doing too much. I was walking a lot and my mother used to take me shopping with her and sometimes when I was standing for long periods of time I would feel a lot of pressure. I'd have to leave her in the mall and go sit down in the car.
    It's better to take it easy and stay off your feet as much as you can. I found out that even sitting down puts some pressure on your cervix. I read somewhere that it's a good idea to lie down for a couple of hours every day and get some rest even if your cervix is normal.

    Congratulations !

  6. Congrats on your pregnancy. I am 34 weeks with twins, and I’ve had a number of problems (non severe, all just very uncomfortable) so I’ve found the whole pregnancy to be physically difficult. I never had a singleton pregnancy, so I don’t have anything to compare it to, but I am sure that the twins multiplied all my symptoms. I actually got laid off at 6 weeks, so I haven’t worked which has probably been a blessing.

    I didn’t read Dr. Luke’s book, but it seems to me it sends a lot of people into a panic because they can’t possibly eat the amount the book suggests. I would definitely not recommend trying to get 600 extra calories a day, I haven’t and I just can’t believe that is really necessary. A lot of excess weight will just make you really uncomfortable.

    I totally agree with the other girls that having a high risk OB or a peri is a very good idea. You want the best prenatal care possible, and these types of doctors will make sure you are seen frequently and monitored. My dr. put me on modified bedrest at 26 weeks (I was not having any problems or cervix shortening and still am not) – her definition was that I should lie down for 2 hours after being up for a 5 hour period. Sitting does not count – you are still putting pressure on your cervix when you are sitting. Your doctor can probably give you the best advice on your job, but if you don’t need to do it, going 20 weeks on your feet all the time might not be the best idea.

    Lastly, I would say that if you have problems, you should see other doctors as early as possible. My example of that is that I’ve had severe pain in my feet since very early in my pregnancy. I didn’t see a podiatrist until I was 31 weeks, which was a mistake – they could have helped me and I let the problem get much worse than it needed to and much more difficult to treat by not seeing a doctor.

    Best of luck!

  7. Thank you ladies ~ I am being referred to a high risk specialist, not sure which kind yet. I am so anxious for another u/s to make sure things are still okay. I am only8 1/2 weeks and the m/s seems to be getting much better. Now that worries me. With ds, I had NO m/s at all and was never worried about it. Crazy how knowing there are two in there has turned me paranoid!

    I think I'll take your advice and not read too much. I do that on these threads too much as it is! As per eating, I just eat when I am hungry and things appeal to me. Not too worried about lacking there.

    Hopefully I get into the specialist soon and find out about work but I guess I'll listen to my body now and not push it!

    thanks again,

  8. I agree that the Dr. Luke book's food plan can be daunting (the # of calories particularly). But I do agree with her plan to gain as much as possible, especially early on ( I think she suggests 20lbs by 20wks). The main reason for this is that it can be really difficult for some women to gain weight later in the pg. b/c there is essentially no room left in your stomach! I'm glad I gained early on, b/c from 28w to 36w I didn't gain any weight! The babies did, but they were using the weight I had stored earlier on. And this was while I was drinking ensure protein shakes and eating nearly constantly at the end of my pg!

    And don't worry about the weight coming off! It comes off really fast (even faster if you choose to BF). I lost all but 10lbs in the first 5 days. I am now back to my pre-pg weight nearly 10w later...

  9. cincy ~ wow, I didn't realize how young your twins are. I haven't gained a pound yet but my belly is much rounder. I wouldn't try to avoid weight gain though. With my first pg it came off really fast but because of b/f I put some of it back on. My god,,,,,,,,,,I was starving constantly while nursing.

    I am just so hoping to make it nice and far with both these little beings good and healthy.

    thanks again for all your help everyone,

  10. Weight gain is a very individual thing - I am 37w and gained more than 40 pounds without too much effort. Lately I am struggling to eat, but the weight keeps going up. I am one of these ppl who has to exercise and diet to be not fat - I guess for the first time I am seeing some advantage of my type of metabolism.
    I think that Dr Luke should have a correction in the book - each woman should know her body and her metabolism before deciding what approach to eating while pg with multiples to take.

    I would second not being on your feet to much after about 24-28 weeks.
    Again,depends on your body and your age - I have bad back and I am 41- at 19weeks started to have back pains so bad, that I started working part time and then full time from home (compuetr work, no standing).

    I did some swimming, but my back did not like that either. But it is supposed to be very good.
    If you are planning to have a baby shower, do it early, you just never know when you might go on bedrest or deliver.
    24 weeks gestation is 10% viability, 28 is 90%.
    we got most of the baby things after week 28, before I was rather superstitious.
    Join Parents of Multiples club in your area. They have great sales, giveways and supportive people to answer your questions.
    See if your car will fit two rear-facing car seats plus the rest of your family.
    We had to buy a minivan.
    Plan the construction in your house early if you need to do any. By early I mean - do not wait till you are 30 weeks and are locked out of your bathroom because it needs to be renovated before the babies come - it will be hard.
    Research the tests that you will be offered by the doctors - nucal fold, cvs, amnio, blood screens - decide which ones you are comfortable with.
    I guess for you it is not an issue, but if the other new moms are reading who depend on their job - find out the rules for disability/maternity leave at your workplace. Usually you can stay home from week 24, but at some places will get paid for all the weeks before the baby comes, at others only for 6-8 weeks after the babies arrive.
    Also, if you have a preference about delivery ( for example vaginal twin delivery if possible) , ask your specialist what their opinion is. Of course if you develop complications, youmight need a C-section, but even for uncomplicated deliveries some doctors prefer C for twins.
    Ok, there are probably other things I forgot good luck and congratulations!

  11. Thank you Jenny for taking the time to respond. Ha, I called the u/s my mini van scan. I already have a 6yr old and almost 3 yr old so I could have squeezed one baby in the back of my accord but two is OUT of the question.

    I am sure you thought of everything!

    Thanks again everyone,

  12. I'm 7w+1day and at today's u/s I found out I'm having twins! This thread has been so valuable. Our heads have been spinning thinking about sleeping arrangements and strollers and cars (we have a 2.5 y.o. daughter and a 5 y.o. step-daughter). My first pregnancy was a piece of cake until the very end (preeclampsia and C-section). Guess I should get realistic that bedrest might be in my future. I plan to get the books mentioned, too, to read up on twins. Thanks again for your insights, ladies!

  13. Congrats on the twin pregnancy! Most twin pregnancies are healthy and uneventful. Despite that fact, I worried the whole time and I had a great twin pregnancy. I delivered at 36 weeks, 5 days and the boys weighed five and six pounds. Having said that, I did gain 20 lbs by 20 weeks but without really even trying. I'm only five foot three and weighed 117 pre pregnancy. Perhaps gaining all that weight early helped-I didn't gain anything in the last 6 weeks and I was eating like a hog. I think the babies just devoured any extra calories I had stored. I worked up until 32 weeks, which felt like 40 weeks. And I only stopped then b/c I caught a virus that made me deyhydrated. And, yup, the weight came off within a month after delivery. I gained 45 pounds total. Lots of luck for a happy and healthy nine months. Mine are 6 months and I can't believe it!

    Oh, I highly recommend the weego twin infant carrier. Indispensable for the first 3 months. There were so many times in the beginning when both babies wanted to be held and I was home alone! I also hired a night nurse for twice a week for the first two months. I was breastfeeding (still am to some degree) and that too can be done.

  14. Thanks dorifi and congrats on your little ones. It is so great to have advice from those who have btdt!


  15. Congrats to all the ladies on this thread! I am 16 weeks pregnant with twins and am already feeling quite big and uncomfortable.

    Susan, I hope you've gotten to see your high risk specialist! My high risk OB has been incredible. At this point he's called me more often than I have called him, and he gets mad at me if I don't answer his messages quickly!

    nick giannick, would you mind telling me what kind of problem you were having with your feet? Mine have been absolutely killing me for the past two weeks and I've been limping around. It honestly never occurred to me to see a podiatrist and now I'm wondering if I should do that.

    Good luck to everyone!

  16. kopy - the bottoms of my heels started hurting when I walked more than a few blocks at 15-16 weeks. I originally thought it was just swelling, but it kept getting worse and worse, and I couldn't really tell if they were swollen. It turns out I have plantar fasciitis, which is inflammation of the plantar fascia (connective tissue running down the bottom of your feet). As my pregnancy progressed (I'm now almost 35 weeks) I've also gotten pretty extreme swelling of the feet and ankles, but the 2 conditions are completely separate. The swelling is uncomfortable (not to mention quite ugly), but the plantar fasciitis is extremely painful.

    I kept mentioning it at my OB appointments, but she didn't really ever look at my feet. When she was on vacation and I saw one of her partners the partner looked at my feet (which were so inflamed on the sides they looked purple) and sent me to a podiatrist. The treatment for plantar fasciitis is shots of cortisone which are ok to do during pregnancy. So far I've had 2 in each foot and I've had some improvement, but am still not able to walk too much. I think if I'd seen a podiatrist earlier, the treatment would have worked sooner, and probably with fewer shots.

    Bottom line, it didn't occur to me either until it was too late, so I would totally encourage you to see a podiatrist if you're having foot pain. Apparently plantar fasciitis is not uncommon during pregnancy. I know someone else who had twins and had it and she got relief from the first shot, as she saw a doctor much earlier than I did.

    Good luck!!

  17. Susan!!! Congrats! I didn't even know you were cycling!

    With the triplets, I was a worried wreck...funny how multiples do that to you (though I'd probably be a worrywart with a singleton too). I'd still work until you feel comfortable if you can. I stopped a little before 20 weeks, but I could have probably gone another 6, so it depends on you and how your body handles the pg. Drink tons of water and use the restroom often. Find time to sit with your legs elevated above your head.

  18. nick giannick, thank you so much. Plantar fasciitis is exactly what I have, and for the past few days I've been trying to find info about it, but never knew that I could get shots for it. I immediately have pain whenever I stand up. I don't have the swelling (yet) unless I've been walking or standing for a very long time, but then again the heel pain has kept me from doing so! Anyway, I will ask my OB about this tomorrow. I appreciate your post.

  19. kopy - the first podiatrist I saw was very young and inexperienced and told me I couldn't get the shots while pregnant, and I assumed he was right. I switched podiatrists to someone more experienced and my OB agreed it was fine.

    Typically people don't get the swelling til much later, and again, it's not so painful, just uncomfortable, ugly and annoying.

  20. nick giannick, did the podiatrist also recommend any other things to try? Last night I did a lot of stretches and kept my feet elevated as much as possible, and it really helped a lot. How bad does it have to be before they give you the shots?


  21. They gave me these boots which I'm supposed to strap my feet into for at least an hour a day that stretch the feet. I also got orthodics which he thinks will help alot. I actually just got them today, and even though I'm not moving around too much, he wants me wearing them around the house since standing barefoot on hardwood floors or tile is tough on the feet.

    He also has me icing my feet 3 times a day. The best way to do that is to freeze a plastic water bottle and you roll your feet over it. Feels really good.

    The elevating helps with the swelling, unfortunately not the plantar fasciitis.

  22. Congrats!!! I delivered my twins two week earlier than scheduled C-section at 36 weeks, and I worked up until that day! I had an easy pregnancy and my only complaint was swollen feed and ankles, so I tried to take it easy at work the last month. I am a branch manager for a bank. For me, working was great because I would have had too much time to worry sitting home! Good luck!

  23. Thanks, nick giannick. This information is extremely helpful. I hope you find relief!

    Good luck to everyone on this thread!

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