Newborn won't burp, then spits up

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  1. Any burping tricks out there? I am posting from the hospital for advice. My baby is 4 days old (IVF #4) and I am getting to know her. I try to burp her by patting and rubbing her back - the standard way, and nothing. Then when I lay her down, out comes the breastmilk. She had some jaundiced and weight loss, so she needs all the food she can get to stay in. I have an older dd and I feel like an idiot posting this - but how do I get this baby to burp? Any and all advice appreciated greatly.

  2. congratulations, ginocorfiatis! some breastfed babies nurse efficiently enough that they don't need to burp- i don't think my first ever burped at all. the spitting up is a separate issue, i think. what about holding her upright for a while after nursing her?

  3. Congratulations!!!

    Both my dc's had lots of gas & spit-up -- 2nd actually had reflux. But both required strange positions to get burps out. Dd needed to be held lying face-down on my arm, w/ her face cradled in my hand while I patted her back. This face-down pose seemed to help w/ gentle pressure on her tummy. Ds likes to be held in a sitting position, semi-upright, while I pat his back. This gets out some huuuuuge burps from him!
    Our ped said some spit-up is totally normal, but more than 2 Tbls is not, nor is painful spit-up. (try pouring 2T of liquid onto a cloth -- it looks like a lot even tho it's a small amt.)

    Good luck, and CONGRATS!!!

  4. Congratulations, ginocorfiatis!! Enjoy this early time getting to know your new little girl.

    My son behaved similiarly. So, I just stopped \"patting him\" on the back. I would just rub his back when he was done while he was over my shoulder. Sometimes he spit up a little, but our ped said the same thing Julie did - if it's not more than 2 tablespoons, it's OK.

    I too would just suggest keeping her upright a little longer so the milk settles.

    Congrats, again!!

  5. Congratulations!!! How exciting.

    Can anyone else get her to burp? Like the nurses? I always notice how rough the nurses seems with the babies. They just flip them around willy nilly and pat them really aggressively IMO. You might just be being too soft with her and need to step it up a bit. For some babies you can start to pat low on the back and work your way up towards the shoulder blades. Big circle rubs with pressure is another trick.

  6. I know that we really had to whack my first 3 kids to get anything. I can still hear the slapping on my first son's back - he was just hard to burp and a very very fussy baby anyway.

    My 4th child - if I just sat him u after nursing, he puked everywhere - we called him the fountain. he had pretty bad reflux and a dairy allergy so he had his own issues, but he could burp!

  7. Thank you so much for all your advice and suggestions. I have tried them all, and they seem to work some of the time, but she usually spits up so fast before I can even get her into position! Telly - she is a fountain. I saw the NP and she said if it is not bothering her to igonore it. Pavel - I tried that pose and it worked right away!! - but then it hasn't worked again yet.

  8. This might sound weird but have you tried burping her BEFORE you feed her? Sometimes the milk just sits on top of a little air bubble - especially if she's been crying at all. My DS was a huge spitter and had reflux, and the pre-milk burping helped a lot.

  9. she DOES sometimes burp when I ick her up. I will try that. thank you.

  10. If you can, hold her upright on your chest for a good long time (like 20 minutes) after feeds. Lean forward a little and let her legs extend down so her body is straight up and down, then pat for a minute and rub in downward strokes. If you hold her for a while, she should burb, and it will give her stomach a chance to empty a little so less will be sitting in there to spit up.

    Good luck and Congratulations!

  11. ...I've heard that if you bounce a sitting baby gently on your lap, and then do the patting (whether over your knee or shoulder, or in the same sitting position rocking her forward and back)), it's like magic. Apparently the bouncing gently shakes and dislodges the bubble, allowing it to be released. Interesting theory--sort of like tapping a seltzer bottle on the side before opening to avoid a sudden explosion. But I'm sure you don't like comparing your beautiful little newborn to a bottle of seltzer!


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