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  1. I have b/b twins who will be 10 weeks on Wednesday. They eat around 8-8:30pm, go straight to bed without a sound/fuss and wake up around 2:30am to eat. They eat, and go right back down, without a sound/fuss. Then they wake up around 7:00am to eat again.

    They both have acid reflux/GERD and are on Prilosec. Over the last few days they have been really challenging. They have both been really fussy and it seems like one of them is always crying (or maybe it just seems worse than it really is?).

    In the last few days I have thought they they seemed more tired so I have been putting them in their cribs for their naps and after fussing for about 10 minutes they usually fall asleep. At certain times they are not tired and thus, of course, will not take a nap. I am not sure if they are uncomfortable from their GERD or if something else is going on. I have tried all of the \"tricks in the book\" to calm them and sometimes they work and sometimes they don't.

    Here are my questions:
    What is a good feeding schedule for 10 week olds to be on during the day? I know the eat, awake and then naptime routine, but how many times should they eat during the day? I have been feeding them every 2.5-3 hours and then doing awake time (most of the time) and then naps.

    I was thinking of changing their schedule to eat at 7a, 10a, 1p, 4p and 7p, then putting them down and waking them up at 10p to eat as some things that I have read suggest. But if they are already sleeping from 8:00pm-ish until 2:30am, why would I wake them at 10p to eat?

    If it was their GERD bothering them, wouldn't it also bother them at night? They are on 1ml of Prilosec 1x/day. Does this medication increase as they gain weight (they are 12#3oz and 13#3oz currently)?

    Colton is having a really hard time in the evening taking his nap. His eyelids are so, so heavy, but he will fight his nap for the entire evening. He will close his eyes and then immediately open them again. Even when he is in his crib he will cry and fuss with his eyes closed, and he will calm himself only to start back up again 1-2 minutes later. I know the evening time is the most fussy for little ones, but I have never seen a baby this age fight sleep so much! Am I putting them down to bed to late, even though they are sleeping a lot during the day still?

    I feel like such a fish out of water. I have a five year old who was such a \"textbook\" baby (and was sleepin from 8p-6:45a at eight weeks) and I knew exactly what to do with him. And now I have these two little angels who are giving me a run for my money. And if I am feeling frustrated by not knowing what I can do to help them not be so fussy, then I can only imagine how they are feeling.

  2. Now my DS didn't have reflux as such he was just lactos intolorant. That's a whole different story, but my friend has just had triplets and they all have reflux problems. She was told by the nurse in the NICU to have them upright after they eat for as long as possible. Is it possible for you to put them in their car seat or something that will keep them in an upright position.

    Just a thought, my friend is also finding it hard to spend time with each of them to make sure their comfortable.

    Good luck and I hope the reflux passes soon.

  3. Having a schedule worked well for us (we were on the 3 hour one you mentioned). I had one with reflux (a spitter, but not painful), one who was easy, and one who had silent reflux (for a short time) arching back, refusing to eat after 4 hours, etc.. The silent refluxer was fed first as we fed her every 2 hours (more feeds works better with lots more burping, but still only 30 min. to eat), followed by the spitter who was then placed upright in the carseat on a chair while we fed the easy one. At that point everyone was put back to bed--nightime schedule, during the day we let them play a bit, but honestly there was still quite a bit of napping. Mine started teething around 4mo. adjusted (6 mos. actual) and it's possible yours are starting to teeth which will potentially throw off your schedule. When mine were overtired they would fight sleep (still do!), so maybe try putting him down a little earlier in the evening. Good luck!

  4. She was told by the nurse in the NICU to have them upright after they eat for as long as possible. Is it possible for you to put them in their car seat or something that will keep them in an upright position.

    My ds has reflux (is on Zantac), and this has helped him IMMENSELY. He sleeps in his bouncy chair, and he has been much more comfortable. When we tried him flat (for the first few weeks, before we realized the reflux was so bad), he would wake himself up frequently with the burps & painful spit.
    As far as feeding goes, we tried to feed him every 2 hrs during the day (smaller, more frequent feedings helped w/reflux) and let him go as long as he wanted overnight. We burped before and after every feeding to help reduce spit-ups.
    Also, my ds reacted to dairy. If you're bf'ing, perhaps try cutting out dairy from your diet, or switching formula if you're doing that? I've heard it's VERY common for young babies to have difficulty digesting milk proteins.

    Finally, are you swaddling them? That helped both of mine settle down. Without the swaddle, they would startle themselves awake, esp in the beginning when they are just starting to fall asleep.

    Good luck -- the newborn stage can be so challenging, but it is so short, as well!

    dd, 3.5 yrs
    ds, almost 4 months

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