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  1. Hello ladies, I thought I would introduce myself. I am 26 and have been suffering from infertility for 5 1/2 years. I have been diagnosed with ovulatory dysfunction and hubby with severe male factor. We have done 3 IUI's with donor sperm and now at the strong recommendation of my RE we are moving on to IVF. I am currently on BCP's and go back on 3/17 for a saline sono and trial transfer. I found this site through my RE's webpage. I usually frequent another infertility board called Trouble Trying To Conceive on The Let me know if you are on that board and I will give you my screen name.

  2. Hi, I am new on this site as well. I am also 26 yrs old and have been married for 7 years. We've been diagnosed with PCOS and hubby has male factor infertility. We have been seeing a specialist for a few months now and were told to either do IUI's or IVF...we haven't decided on which to do just yet. As you know IVF is a big expense without a promise. We are leaning towards IVF but right now hubby is taking FertilAId which was recommended by 2 co workers whose hubby's had male factor infertility and helped in there case. I've done research on the pills and so far nothing but positive responses. So hopefully the pills help and we can go from there. We are hoping he produces a higher count with better quality so we can maybe do IUI's. I might be going down to the DFW area to get a second opinion. I wish you luck on your treatment. Do you have a physician you recommend in that area? We are currently seeing a specialist in OKC.


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