Neg BETA @ 6dp5dt?

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  1. Hello~
    I received a negative blood BETA at 6dp5dt, my OB however is not convinced that anything would show up in the blood stream yet. She feels we tested to early. I am getting negatives on my hpt of course. She suggests retesting at 9dpt. Has anyone ever had a negative blood BETA and then retested and gotten a postive result?
    I had a text book perfect cycle with donor, transfered 3 grade 1's into a lining of could it all end this way?
    Thanks for any input.

  2. I tested on 8dp5dt and my ob thought I was nuts - I did get a positive, but that being said, it was fairly high. Most REs will not use results before 10 days because there is the chance it just hasn't shown up. I would relax and retest on day 9 or 10. I wouldn't give up hope as of yet.

    Best of luck -


  3. thats is way too early. depending on when it implants it doesnt start secreting into the blood till 2 days later and the urine 3 days later. so if u have a late implanter then it would show negative.

    my dr doesnt do betas till 9dp5dt or 11dp3dt. good luck. i would wait till at least 14dpo to do a blood test..

  4. Wow, that seems really, really early to me. I think it's the earliest I have ever heard of a beta being run. They wouldn't run mine til 14 days past transfer when I cycled in Japan and I was surprised that its only 10 in the states...

  5. I too think that is way early
    we had an early beta drawn at 8dp5dt and it was 6.8 so your super early

  6. Thanks for the replies ladies~I am feeling completely defeated however....I am sure you all know the drill.
    I am upset that my OB even encouraged me to test today, and then ended up saying "oh I think we might be to early" At least I could have lived in my nieve bliss for a few more days.
    I have little to no symptoms though. My progesterone was 90 so that was really good. There are just no explainations right now for this not working.
    I was totally convinced this was my cycle. I thought the hardest part was giving up on my own genetics and going donor...not even close to what I am feeling now. I will stay on the meds and not do anything stupid, but I know it is a long shot.

  7. Dear Anxious,

    I totally understand and feel your anxiety. I've been there many, many times. I hope and pray that you are pleasantly surprised at next beta.

    Hugs and well wishes,


  8. My Re ordered my 1st beta tomorrow as well 6dp5dt (FET) and Im worried that it will be too early too show up altho myfresh showed a + at 8dp3dt which would be the same amount of time. just seems wierd to me but he says FET +'s show up early hich is contrary to what Ive been reading here so who knows. hope when you retest yours you have a bfp!!

  9. lori-- i read fets show later hcg too. weird ur dr would say that. but good luck. i really think 6dp5dt is way to early for beta..but you never know. good luck

  10. I've actually had 2 faint +s tonight. 1 with accuclear and 1 on frer (which I have never had a + yet). with naturals that I mc'd I did get pos betas at 11dpo just ddn't know about fets. guess I'll find out tomorrow.

  11. Anxious - are you retesting today? I think from your early posts that it would be today. Thinking of you and hoping that the other day was just too early, which I beleive it was. I know it must be hard holding out hope, but know that I am doing it for you. I look forward to hearing from you.

    Lori - let us know how yours turned out as well. Please post once you know your #s.

    Thinking of both of you today as you test.


  12. Negative....
    Just like I thought it would be, never is any different than that.
    6 IVF's later and nothing to show for it but red in the bank account.
    Hope you all have better luck than I did.

  13. My heart goes out to you anxious. I am so very sorry. I have no words of wisdom. I just wish you the strength to be able to take the next step, whatever that may be.

    I know it is incredibly difficult to move on, and right now things may feel insurmountable, but I can tell you from experience that move on to the next step you will.

    Be kind to yourself.


  14. Anxiously, I've been lurking and was hoping for a good outcome today. I'm so sorry that it was negative and that you've had such a hard time.

    Many hugs to you.

  15. first beta today came in at 41.7 have my next one on monday

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