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  1. On our 10th IVF with ICSI we finally got a BFP. Unbelievable and we are still looking for the space to feel happy that we made it. Beta numbers have been low, and the clinic has been sounding concerned. I can't tell if they're just overly cautious of if this really looks bad. Can anyone help with opinions and insights?

    15dpo - 55
    22dpo - 540
    24dpo - 1143
    29dpo - 2700

    The last two blood tests they also did ultrasounds. First time they saw a very small black dot, second time it had grown and there was a 2nd black dot visible, but much smaller.

    The clinic is so concerned at the low (and they say, dropping) numbers that they've asked me to come back sooner than planned, I'm now due back in on Monday, 34dpo.

    It\'s my first time. Is it really so bad as they make it sound?

    Your views are much appreciated.

  2. After 1000, the rate at which the HCG doubles decreases. Also, if you had a vanishing twin your rates would be wonky too. I am sure someone here can help you look up the beta charts (sorry cooking and entertaining).

  3. Dear Sasha,

    Thanks a lot for the insights! I forgot to add happy holidays to all :0) Hope you are having fun and enjoying good company.

  4. these are your doubling times from Beta base

    DPO Beta Doubling time from previous test
    15 55 (none)
    22 540 50.98 hrs
    24 1143 44.37 hrs
    29 2700 96.76 hrs

    I don't know what to tell you. The first 2 are within the normal 48 to 72 hours and once they get above 1000 the doubling time slows. Hang in there is all I know to say. I wish I had better advice. ((HUGS))

  5. These were my numbers from my first cycle.

    Day 13 114
    Day 15 81.7
    Day 18 151
    Day 20 241

    As you can see, my numbers went DOWN, then started rising very, very slowly. RE wanted me to stop meds....said, "I just don't think this is a healthy pregnancy, and I'd be highly surprised if I were wrong." Oh, and at 5 1/2 week there wasn't a heartbeat....didn't see it until 6 1/2 weeks.

    DS turns 4 in 2 weeks.

    What really helped me was to look at the BetaBase site and see what the betas were for the days that I tested. While I certainly wasn't in the middle chunk of testers, I wasn't the lowest, either.

    Oh, for my current cycle my first beta was 57 at 15dpo. A lot of gals here have REs that are more optimistic and once the betas get over 100 they just wait for the ultrasound.

    I wish you the best...don't stop your meds.


  6. I think RE's speak before they think sometimes. It is possible you started with twins and one stopped, it is possible the numbers are just to the point where they are slowing. Take care of yourself, drink water, go back on Monday.

    Wishing you the very best -


  7. anna_paola - I was going to post your doubling times, but I see someone else got to that. Along with Betabase, there is another tool on Babymed that will also chart out your hcg progress. Here is the link:
    Based on all your betas, everything looks fine until you hit the last beta, which does seem to slow down considerably. The numbers themselves, for the time frame, are lower than average, but lower, consistently rising betas are not as concerning as betas that are not increasing at an adequate rate.

    How many embies did you transfer? I ask because as gymtourl said, you may have had one embie that stopped (I've had this happen and the betas appear to slow, but in truth are still doubling fine considering the loss of one embie). Anyway, this could explain the change.

    Of course, the other possibility is a blighted ovum, where development begins, but then slows relatively quickly. It's hard to say for sure, and you won't know anything until you have your u/s. Even then, there could still be some more waiting. However, until then, try to take what the doc says with a grain of salt because they do often think before they speak and sometimes speak far too soon.

    I wish you luck.

  8. just 2 give you a positive story i had doubling times of 110-112 around 5 1/2 weeks pregnant. my dr were kinda concerned but wanted to see what the u/s showed.. at 5w6d we just saw a sac measuring 6 days behind. well on dec 1 i dfelivered a baby girl.. i was sure this preg was doomed with horrible doubling times but in the end it goes by the u/s. my dr even said it is normal to measure up to a week behind in the first trimester n still all be ok.

    looking at your beta numbers mine were 10 times worst. yours are still good once you hit higher betas numbers it takes 72-96 hours to double.. try not to stress n wait for the next u/s to see what is going on... congrats wow ivf #10 i give u lots of credit hoping n praying 4 u...

    og n i need to add at one point my betas stopped n stuck at a number i had 9 betas n even at the highest they never went over 85,000 n that was at 10 weeks.

    but the other girls r right 2 might have stuck n one might be letting go...

  9. Hi everyone. Just read through your messages and I am so grateful for the clear and helpful answers. This evening I had some very slight brown discharge. Tomorrow morning is the u/s and blood test. I can't wait (!) to see what is going on in there. Hardly any symptoms, but I have read that symptoms are no indication of a good or bad pregnancy.

  10. Had the ultrasound today. The sac is 10mm but there is nothing inside. So that's as clear as it gets. Am waiting for the hCG results by phone but if there's nothing there it doesn't really matter what the number is.

    Thanks again all. I just wanted to finish the story hence coming back to write this.

  11. 15dpo - 55
    22dpo - 540
    24dpo - 1143
    29dpo - 2700
    34dpo - 5767

    Still too low and slowing further. Spoke to the clinic and they said to come back on Monday (in a week). They will get an expert ultrasound technician in and I will have a consultation with the doctor immediately after and we'll decide what to do from there.

    As discussed in the previous thread on this board, I know that it's gone wrong but I still have to wait until it's confirmed and we move on with what has to be done. At this stage I don't even know what the procedure will be.

    Another week of progesterone suppositories and folic acid seems like a pure waste of time. But what if there is something inside that gestational sac? Somehow hiding in it? Feels crazy just to think of it.

    If it's a blighted ovum I was hoping it would come out sometime during the week but I realised that maybe continuing with the progesterone will keep the lining intact until I stop. Is this right?

  12. I am so sorry you are going through this. I do beleive the PIO will help to keep it going, but at the same time plenty of women miscarry on PIO. Not sure if being a blighted ovum with rising betas are different than a miscarriage in the sense of chromosone issues. Can you ask them to do it on Thursday so that you can enjoy a glass of wine or something on New Years if it has in fact gone wrong?

    Hopefully the week won't be too terribly long. I am wishing you the best through this difficult time.

    Take care of yourself -

    Hugs -


  13. anna_paola - I am so sorry to hear things haven't gone well. The practice of doctors waiting another week to do a follow-up ultrasound is largely to protect themselves on the off-chance something develops. In some cases, the embryo IS developing slowly, and does appear late. However, considering your low and very slow rising betas, there is little doubt this is a blighted ovum. 34DPO is close to 6w pregnant, depending on what day you transferred, and there should clearly be a fetal pole and sac, if not a heartbeat. At the point your hCG reaches 5000, there should be a visible sac and the beginning of a fetus at the very least. Since your sac was empty, it will very like not develop into anything further. Again, I am so sorry.
    Blighted ovum pregnancies are often due to chromosomal issues where the embryo implants, and begins to develop, but then stops. Some occur earlier than others. My guess at this point is that you will just miscarry this on your own a few days or so after you stop your progesterone and that you will not need any further intervention. I've experienced MANY miscarriages, and usually, at this point, I would go ahead and stop my meds so I am not delaying the inevitable. However, if you chose to stay on your meds, just to be safe, I wouldn't blame you at all. You will likely continue to spot and maybe bleed lightly, but continuing progesterone will probably prevent the m/c from fully taking place (or, your body may begin the process in spite of it).

    My thought would be to continue your progesterone and then see if they will do another hCG level for you in a couple days. If the number has decreased, or hasn't risen, you'll know for sure. Otherwise, you can wait until next week. Chances are they will not do an u/s earlier than a week as they need to give things time to actually change, and 3 or 4 days isn't usually enough time.

    Good luck to you.

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