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  1. Okay, my policy generally is never POAS and to just wait for my beta, but I have a number of things going on this week and just need to get it over with. I did an IUI this time (converted from a cancelled IVF), and so used Orvidrel to trigger. Am I right that it is out of my system in 10 days? I plan to POAS 15 days after trigger and 13 days after the IUI. Also, do I need to POAS in the morning with my first pee of the day if it is before my period would be due? It has been awhile - I really don't remember how to do it!

    Thanks for any help you can give me!

  2. Hi G'smom - Here's what I know. You're right it does take the trigger shot 10 days to leave your system so you're good to go at 13piui. For me, I've used pee from different times of the day and never really noticed a dfference, but some girls get better results at specific times of the day. I guess you just have to make sure it's concentrated enough, especially in early testing. Good luck and lots of babydust coming your way

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