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  1. Hi ladies,
    I went in for my 1st lining check today and I am disappointed to find out that
    my lining was 4.5 I had my baseline a week ago and it was 5.

    Could it be that there is a problem since I did not have a menstrual flow after
    I stopped my BCPs on 8/28?

    9/1: Baseline lining was 5mm
    9/8: 1st lining check 4.5mm

    I am currently taking the following:
    Estrace vaginally 4mg 2x/day (AM/PM)
    Delestrogen: 1cc once ever 3 days(so far I have had 3 injections with the most
    recent administered last night)
    Trental: 400mg 2x/day
    Baby Aspirin: 1x day
    Prenatal vitamins: 1x day
    Vitamin E: 400mg 2x day
    Folic Acid: 4mg day

    I have had thinner lining in the past but typically it gets to 6-7mm by now. I
    am 7 days into the cycle and it is only 4.5!

    I am stressed and worried that they may cancel this cycle if my lining does not

    Any suggestions?!?!


  2. You could try drinking red raspberry leaf tea. Also, are you doing acupuncture?

  3. I don’t think I will be much help to you as I'm on my first DE cycle- but I wanted to say I’m sorry about your lining concerns.

    What did your dr/nurse say about your lining? What CD were you on when you had the baseline? When is expected ET? We are on different protocols but the only non-med advice that I have been given was to increase protein intake, do acupuncture and maintain exercise (to keep good blood flow). I have heard that some people respond better to estrace than others, so they may be able to make an adjustment in dosage or something to help. I’m doing oral estrace- not sure which formula has the best absorption.

  4. I am doing acupuncture weekly and am on delestrogen (injectable estrogen) plus the vaginal estrace.

    I am waiting for reply back from RE on what they advise I do to help boost my lining as I am being monitored remotely (locally at my RE). Expected ET is 9/19-9/22.

    I was drinking raspberry leaf tea about 2x week, perhaps I should up it to 1x day.

    Thx ladies.

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