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  1. What else can I do? I am 6 weeks PP. I BF for the first 4 weeks, but now I am pumping. My DD takes forever to nurse and it was too stressful b/c I also have 26 month old twins to care for. I still nurse 1-2 times and pump the rest of the time. I am only getting 22-24 oz and I need closer to 30. I pump every 2-3 hours, take fenugreek 4 times a day, Blessed Thistle , Brewer's Yeast and I eat oatmeal every morning. Any other recommendations? Thanks!

  2. I would suggest getting a sling for your DD. Carry her around in it as much as you can - the skin to skin contact is really good for increasing supply. You can also nurse in a sling (I like the ring style slings for this purpose). It's really nice because you can pop the baby in the sling and attach her to the breast and still have your hands free to do other stuff. I've nursed in a sling while walking around the mall, the county fair, lots of places - so you could definitely do it at home while wrangling your twins.

    Also, co-sleep - same logic as the sling (skin to skin contact, plus frequent nursing with your baby increases supply).

    I'd also recommend making sure you are getting enough water to drink, and nursing as often as you can. The baby will always be more efficient at getting milk out than a pump.

  3. Sheri,

    congrats on your new baby. there are some women who can offer better advice than I can but I just wanted to post a link for you to a great breast feeding site, kellymom

    that's a link to the pumping forum there, you can also checkout the 0-6 month forum there.

    good luck,

  4. Sheri, are you really sure you need 30 oz? plus 2 nursing sessions? at the kellymoms site that Kris listed, you'll see that ebf babies ages 1 mo to 6 mo take about 24 oz per day. could very well be that you've got plenty. babies will often continue to suck a bottle even if they aren't hungry any longer- and the bm amounts are different (i understand- have to admit that i've never used formula) than formula amts. might want to check into that before getting too worried.

  5. Thank for the replies!

    miracle- I do have a Maya wrap and I love it, but I have a hard time getting her in without help. I have some friends coming over tomorrow and I plan on asking them to show me how. I would like to BF more, but it was getting too crazy with everyone crying (including me.....LOL!).

    anydoodle- thanks for the website, I'll check it out!

    pilma- I generally nurse her around 4-5 am and then she takes six 5 oz bottles during the day. I never wake her, but she seems ready to eat every 3 hours. I tried putting 6oz today hoping she would go a little longer, but she was still ready to eat after 3 hours. Am I overfeeding her? She was pretty small at birth (6lbs, 3oz), but seems to be making up for it......LOL! I feel like a first time mom here. My twins were preemies and eating was always a struggle. They never finished a bottle and this one never leaves a drop. Maybe I will try offering 4 oz tomorrow and see if that satisfies her.


  6. Sheri,

    my dd will be 6 months on Sat. and while I almost always bf there are times she gets a bottle of ebm. It's 4 ounces. I think 5 is maybe to much? If you cut those to 4 ounces you'd have one extra bottle a day. As pilma said babies will eat more than they need just because they like to suck on the bottle. I don't have twins but I do have one crazy 28 month old, so I get how hard it is to nurse the baby. Good for you for trying so hard.


  7. pou are doing well but I would try to burp her at about 4 oz since her stomach is the size of her fist and she does not need more than that. When you bottle feed babies they tend to eat more than necessary because the flow of milk through the bottle is so fast - fill a bottle with water and turn it upside down - the water drips through it very quickly and when she pulls from the breast it is not that fast. When you burp her at 4 oz she may not want any more. Also, I had to move from the premie nipples that the gave me at the hospital to a NUK slow flow nipple since on the regular nipples he was getting too fast.

    every 3 hours is good for such a small baby.


    It is the thread below yours. Has some good suggestions- my favorite has been the lactation cookies. Delicious and they really work!

  9. every 3 hours is good for such a small baby.

    indeed. my 16 lb 6 month old only lasts 2 hours btw feedings still.

    Sheri, i don't know for sure that she's drinking too much; don't starve the poor child on my account. just that i remember looking into it when i pumped and gave my now 2 year old a bottle- he would only take 3 oz- and formula feeding moms would be talking about 8 oz bottles and i thought huh? which is why i looked into it and felt better about the amts he was taking. but it's hard to know what they get when they nurse- my 6 mo old won't take a bottle at all- so who knows what/how much he gets?

  10. mine are 5 months today and they nurse every2-3 hours- including at night which is why it takes me a few reads to get the whole thread :-)

    when we have given a bottle of EBM they can finish 4oz but often 3.5 is max unless they went longer than 3 hours for some reason. and it doesn't make it any longer before the next feed- i tried the last two nights .

    everything i read says approx 24 oz in a 24 hr period for first 6 mths. babies digest 100% of BM but a far lower % of formula, which is why they take more formula to get the same amount of nutrients and calories.

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