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  1. For those who have been following my threads/rants lately, I need to hear some feedback about what to do.
    I had a dual ectopic pregnancy from just one IVF procedure, meaning one ectopic went to my right tube, and another into my left, and each happened about 3 weeks apart, approximately.
    I had surgery for the first ectopic (right tube) and nothing further was done as the other ectopic hadn't shown up yet. Now, I'm on methotrexate to see if it can stop the growing mass found in the left tube. I've taken one dose, to no avail, and just took my second dose yesterday. I'm still without symptoms, cramping, bleeding ect. My OB says that if this second shot doesn't do the trick, then I'll need surgery for what I assume will be the removal of the tube. My RE, the one who helped to get me into this mess, thinks I should avoid surgery and keep having the methotrexate monitored by an oncologist.
    Backstory on this RE. I'm very unhappy with him. He gave me an EPP protocol and never once monitored my blood levels to see how the eggs were doing. He never checked my progesterone. I began to have mild bleeding and instead of checking, he just assumed another half dose of progesterone would do the trick. While I had my transfer, he yammered on about the horse races and never verified that all the embryos were transfered by the embryologist. He's done a slewful of minimal practices with me and when he heard I had a double ectopic, from his IVF procedure, the first thing he said was that he should write a paper about me since it's never happened before, and then secondly, he's attempting to make it sound like it's residual material left over from the surgery and that the newly formed left 'mass' was a cyst or something else. Mind you, when I was in the emergency room before the surgery to remove my ecoptic in the right tube, I had an u/s done and there was no mass there before. 3 weeks later I suddenly have this mass which the tech, a nurse and my OB said were comparitive to a left tubal ectopic. There is no mass found on the right side now where the original ectopic happened. How can it be residual material from a removal of an ectopic on one side, to the other side? The left tubal has blood flow to it, which is why it's very suspect to ectopic.
    As you can read, I'm really upset by this as I had all the tests done before the IVF, and I have no tubal issues, no endo, and no blockages in the uterine cavity. The ectopics were a great surprise and I still question his technique in the procedure.
    Okay, question is, should I have the surgery or continue the metho treatments? He suggested I avoid surgery but I can't understand that logic as chemo shots don't seem any better for my reproductive health. I fear he doesn't want me to have surgery as I will have it biopsied to see if it's, indeed ectopic material. My RE isn't a quack, but he's young and cocky and I fear I'm the result of his know-it-all attitude which has caused nothing but errors. I'm 40 y/o and I have to wait a minimum of 6 months to try again. The fear that this RE has made me infertile overwhelms me. Please, any sage advice would be well received.

  2. I'm sorry this has happened to you, this can't be fun. My apologies...

    Honestly, if it were me, I would go see another doctor and get another opinion on what to do. If you've been unhappy with this RE, why take his advice now. Go and see another specialist who might be able to advice you.

    If you feel there was some sort of negligence on the part of your RE, I would consult with a reputable attorney. For all you know, there may be more complaints against this doctor.

    I'm not sure where you live, but I have to believe you have good doctors nearby who can give you a second opinion.

    fyi, one of my friends in Boston who also was under the care of a good RE, wanted her to have a hysterectomy due to an embryo implanting in her cervix (dangerous situation), well she was so upset and trusted this doctor and almost went ahead and did it. Of course, this would have ended her quest to have another baby on her own.
    She went to another doctor who was able to take care of things with no harm done to her uterus. Thankfully, she got a second opinion.

    Good luck and I hope this gets resolved.

  3. mereoni,

    I have read your threads and I have to say that your situation is absolutely frightening. For God's sake, people have died from ectopics!

    I agree with Mojo, find yourself the most reputable doctor you can to figure this out. You situation is too complicated for somebody on IVFC to answer. Please find an attorney, too. This RE sounds like a disaster.

    Good luck.


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