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  1. Hi there. I am 39 with endometriosis and "hydro" tubes. My DH is 35 and everything is fine with him. We just had our third failed IVF attempt with my eggs. My hydro's were never surgically delt with because I had already had abdominal surgery and they did not want to risk opening me up again though we have recently discovered that they can block the hydro's by going up through your uterus.

    Long story short, I'm not exactly sure why the last attempts failed (my egg count got lower and lower and my FSH was as 12 on this last failed attempt). Basically, was it my eggs are just not good anymore, or is it the hydro tubes? I'm not exactly sure what the problem is but my DR is saying that (given the cost and my FSH of 12) the next step that makes the most sense for us is DE. I am really struggling with the loss of having my own bio child and and wondering if others have any insight on making this jump. I'm afraid that the baby might seem more like it is my husbands, or that others may find out and make hurtful comments about it. Will I be able to see a picture of the egg donor? ect.

    Sorry this is such a long many faceted email. I just have so many issues and am not sure what to do or how to feel.

    Thanks so much for any input you have.

  2. hi Pecks,

    i'm at the same stage as you and having similar thoughts. i'm worried i won't love the DE baby because it's not mine..not sure what we're going to do yet but this www has lots of great info. GL

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