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  1. I am hoping someone here who has been thru multiple IVFs can offer some support. I just found out that my first full ivf cycle resulted in a chemical pregnancy. I have also had an early loss from an IUI back in Oct 08. I never expected another loss or one from IVF. We will now be out of pocket for another cycle and we have 0 frozen.
    My RE told me after loss #1 that he thinks I have less good eggs than other women my age (i am 33). I just am so scared that now with this loss he will tell me this is an even tougher case. I do not want to give up but this journey is getting rough. I never thought it would be so hard.
    I stopped PIO last night but I still feel all my symptoms-plus now my heart just aches....thanks for listening.

  2. korho-I am so sorry for your lose. I m/c in April my first IVF I was 8wk5d after seeing the heartbeat. It is very hard and I understand how you feel IVF is so expensive. I was worried that I was not going to have any good eggs during IVF but Don't give up hope like my RE told me you only need one good egg..... We retrieved 21 eggs,transfer 2 embies and 0 frozen eggs left. I go back for my follow-up on May 19th with alot of questions.
    You will still have symptons for about a week or two until the meds get out of your system. I am sorry it is a horrible thing you are going threw. Remember your body has been threw alot and you need to take care of yourself.. Take time to heal physically and emotionally. I know it is eaiser said than done and each day it is easier for me. As a dear friend from another thread told me "TIME HEALS ALOT"..... Bev

  3. First, there are things to consider. It might be the protocol. It unfortunately takes more than one cycle to figure out what works for you. Secondly, it may be the doctor. Third, it may be the lab. I went to one doctor for two IUIs, followed by one failed fresh and one frozen that resulted in a chemical. My second doctor was able to look at my records from the first doctor and tweek the protocol. It was successful for me on the fresh, and it was successful with the frozen. The lab is as important as the doctor.
    I'm telling you this so you don't panic, and most importantly, DON'T BLAME YOURSELF. Don't think you are a "tougher case". There are so many variables. Where are you going for treatment?
    The girls on these boards have a wealth of information to offer, and you can learn a lot about the various clinics. For instance, Cornell, RMANJ have had a lot of success on the east coast. There's CCRM in Colorado. And, if you go to the SIRM website, there are a couple of great doctors in Nevada. They also go on-line and will answer your questions on the boards on their website. Hang in there!

  4. I am an RMANJ patient, and I love them. I have thought about Cornell b/c they have supposedly the best dr for poor responders and AMA. (I am 33 so not AMA but I think my ovaries are sluggish) But we love cycling locally as its so stressful anyway without the travel. Its all just a lot to absorb. Thank you both for your responses.

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