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  1. Im 40 and gearing up for IVF, first attempt.
    I had a laporoscopy in March as RE felt it necessary to make sure there were no issues that could affect successful IVF attempts. In the procedure he discovered by right ovary had connected to my right falloppian tube and those 2 connected to the uterine wall. He seperated all and my procedure went from simple day surgery to major surgery. At check up after next period he found my right ovary had a HUGE cyst that seemed to take his breath away. Thinking that maybe it was functioning now since the seperation from the other parts he put my on BCP's to stop the ovary from producing and rest so the cyst would go away. My tubes are still questionable as only a small amt of dye would flow through during the procedure on the right side even after the seperations. I was due to start my period April 28th and I still have not, today being the 8th of May. I took one HPT on Sunday and it was negative. I have no symptoms of pregnancy and fear that maybe I have hit menopause. Has anyone every experienced anything like this. Typically one the pill your cycle will start once you hit the blank pills. I was on BCP in March and April. What should I do?

  2. Dear Dixie
    I\'m not a doctor, but I doubt your body would go through menopause so quickly it is a gradual process, unless you were experiencing signs of menopause before. What's your RE saying about not getting your period? This board is great for help, but make sure you really push your RE for answers. As someone who did 7, I wish I would have been more assertive with my first one. Best wishes, and try to relax, despite how stressful this all is. Goodluck!

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