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  1. OK admittedly, my DS is sleeping and I've had two glasses of wine. But I'm sitting here thinking that if all the stuff I've had to go through to get him (ectopic, miscarriages, donor, DH issues, etc) was the price I had to pay for his life, then it was a LOW price tag! Along w/his daddy, he is my love, my life and he LOVES his mommy, much to daddy's chagrin.

    And btw, I was one of those women, who when I started this journey 6 years ago, SWORE that I would NEVER use a donor. Well, here I sit, WILLINGLY eating my words.

    I don't want to rain on anyone's parade who is continuing to try (or even experiencing success) w/her own eggs. But I did want to express my JOY, my HAPPINESS, my CONTENTMENT in my son, in the hopes that ladies who are struggling w/the donor decision (or even ladies who were like me and said \"No way\"...) know that to DIE FOR lemonade can result from life's lemons, such that this lemonade becomes your ONE and ONLY beverage of choice.

    Off to bed I go.

    xox, WB

  2. I just wrote on another board that DD is so amazing and wonderful that I can't believe I ever contemplated not doing DE. My life is so full now, and so happy (ok, and so poor, and so messy) and being a mommy is THE ABSOLUTE BEST!!!

    Whatever path we take to get here, it's worth it. And we can always make them feel bad later by telling them everything we went through-like when they are 16 and getting mouthy. Haha!

    ENJOY, WB!

  3. Thanks Suz and along with \"so poor and so messy,\" don't forget \"so tired\" - lol.

    xo, WB

  4. And we can always make them feel bad later by telling them everything we went through-like when they are 16 and getting mouthy. Haha!

    LOL! My dd is only 4 and is already mouthy....ugh! I am dreading the teenage years.

    Yes, without donor (egg AND sperm) I wouldn't be a mom. We are too old for domestic or international adoption, and am just not sure that there would have been any other path to parenthood for us.

    This past cycle I was SOOOOOO tempted to give it a try with my 50yo eggs, only because of all the problems we had with the donor. My day 3 fsh was 5.9 and I had 6 antral follicles. It was so tempting, but I didn't do it. (Of course, when we only got 8 eggs and 4 fertilized, I wished I had given it a try!)

    I still wonder what dd will think about all this when she is old enough to really grasp the concept and understand it all.

  5. I hear ya! We'll have some 'splaining to do I'm sure! I don't think they will fully grasp it until they become mothers themselves. I surely do understand my mom better now!

    Yep, you're right, WB, tired is true! DD was up 3 times in the night. We're leaving tomorrow to go to Grammie's so she's excited. But I'm kinda old for being so awake at night....When I think about those all-nighters in college. . . . Wow!

    My sister was just telling me about a girl who goes to her church-she's 12 and they just found out she doesn't have a uterus. She has ovaries & tubes, but no uterus. Poor little thing-but at least her mom knows all about our little miracle, so she can talk to her daughter about IVF and surrogates and DE and everything, when she's a little older. I know her situation is different-I needed eggs, not a uterus, but still.... And there are hormones to help her if if she wants to BF. At least by the time she's ready to have kids, the path will be well-trodden by us!

    Gotta get some work done before we head out. Have a great weekend y\'all!


  6. WB - As I sit here wiping tears from my eyes after reading your post with my DS (3 in Oct.) sitting in my lap and my little girl (8 weeks) sitting in her bouncy chair, I couldn't agree with you more!!! I remember very well you saying you would never use donor and every time I read your posts I am so very happy for you!

  7. annak, THANKS SO MUCH for checking in. I am SO happy for you and the birth of your little girl. I wondered how you were doing and for some reason I thought that you were pregnant w/a little boy... Is there a parent's group that you post on here? You can send me PM to let me know. If not, would LOVE to keep in touch in general.



  8. This past cycle I was SOOOOOO tempted to give it a try with my 50yo eggs, only because of all the problems we had with the donor. My day 3 fsh was 5.9 and I had 6 antral follicles. It was so tempting, but I didn't do it. (Of course, when we only got 8 eggs and 4 fertilized, I wished I had given it a try!)

    Well, using the same donors again proved to be a good choice....we had our first u/s this past Monday the ripe old age of 50....I will be 51 when I deliver....I am having twins! Still a bit stunned and overhwelmed to think of it, but I am excited, too. Yikes!

  9. WB - I post sometimes on a silly thread to keep in touch with some of my CRMI gals but it has died out lately. I mostly lurk and post once in awhile. I did not find out the sex of this baby either and I felt she was a girl all along. I could not be happier to have my little princess ! My donor, bless her heart, was still available so my kids are linked. I also have frozen blasts and we are slightly torn on what to do with them. If we were younger I would have one more but I am so over IVF. Do you have any thoughts on child number 2 for yourself that you would like to share?!

    pupput - Congrat's!! Wow, what great news. Best of luck to you and I will be looking for updates to see how things are going.

  10. pupput, I am thrilled for you. I will be living vicariously through you as you move along in your twin pregnancy .

    Hey annak, I had a minor op to remove more fibroids back in June. It's a somewhat long story, but I am still healing up from the surgery and hope to get a green light in Sept to cycle again. So I could be doing a FET in Oct or Nov, depending upon how that appt goes... We have 7 frozen embryos, so like you, our DS will have a genetic connection w/his sibling. I would be happy either way with a son or daughter. How is your DS adjusting to being a big brother?

    xox, WB

  11. WB - I had to have surgery before I cycled again as well so I hope it will be the magic ticket for you too. How many are you thinking of putting in? I did SET (fresh cycle) and I lucked out big time. I think eveyone was suprised it worked.

    DS is doing well but he is acting out more. I think it is a combo of the 3's and a new sibling. He loves her very much but gets upset when she cries (he starts to make A LOT of noise too and gets very concerned) and gets a little wild sometimes when I amnursing her. All in all he is a great big brother.

    We are all coming your way for 10 days in Sept. I will PM you when we get back from the Hamptons! xxoo

  12. Just jumping right in here.......but pupput will vouch for me......LOL. These are NOT my own eggs? My stars! I was quite sure I bought them....but then again........with a 3 yo ( DEIVF) and 3 mo old (DEFET same batch) twins and sleep deprivation...I could be wrong. And yeah yeah pupput is just trying to be the NEXT 51 yo mom with twins..........SMOOCHES!!!!

    danai the Elderly

  13. danai, you know you are ABSOLUTELY right! A funny, related story... I am the diva of 1000 hairdo's and one of my \"do's\" is wearing a weave, to get more length in my hair. On (rare) ocassion I've had someone ask me \"Oh is that your own hair?\" I proudly answer \"Yep!\" Why? Well, I paid for it, so it is mine. So I think I'll join you in proudly proclaiming ownership of those eggs that we painstakingly paid for and not just with $$$, but just about literally with blood, sweat and tears.

    And you and pupput give me hope and strength... I have been fretting about the fact that my DE FET cycle has been delayed (and delayed and delayed), while I get closer and closer to turning <<whisper>> 48 next March.

    xo, WB

  14. I've been starting to read forums and I'm still new, but this is the first REALLY encouraging thread I have found. This is fabulous and thrilling. Thank you to each poster in this thread for an enormous injectio of hope that I really need right now.

    I'm about to have my second transfer (DE, frozen embryos, we have 6 or 7 left, will transfer two) on May 4. I'm 47 and I'm ready to keep on trucking through this process now, because I read about you wonderful and courageous (and HAPPY) ladies with babies at or over 50 years.

    I realize I'm a newbie and a novice. But hope is hard to come by without the success stories and I really haven't seen a whole lot of those so far.

    THANK YOU ALL!!!!!! <blows kisses>

  15. Morrow, thank YOU! And good luck with your transfer... Where are you posting? I'll keep an eye on you and heck May 4 is coming up soon!!! BTW, my next and last attempt (FET) is in early July...


  16. Morrow - Good luck! I'll be thinking of you next week. That is exciting!

    WB - July is just around the corner...good thought for you, too.

    Quick update: the twins were delivered a little over 5 weeks early (and I had planned on a vaginal birth, since both were head down...and had wanted to go longer, but...). Rebecca's umbilical blood flow was reversing, so all bets were off, went to the hospital to be monitored and had them the next night. They are 9 weeks old today and are thriving. Becca was 4.4 and Spencer 4.11 at birth. 12 days in the NICU, but all is well with them. This past Monday they were 7.11 and 8.9! Blessed with very good babies who only get up once at night - thank goodness! Glad I don't have to go back to work until August, and then only 3-1/2 more years until I retire. There are SOME perks to being an older mom!

    - and I still love it when people who don't know we used donors say the babies or our older daughter look like my dh!

  17. pupput,Wow,how exciting,congrats!!<br /><br />Morrow,Ill turn 47 in July so were same age!!I wish you lots of luck on May 4th,this is so exciting!!<br /><br />Good luck to you too maria_tsae,I hope it works for you.<br /><br />As for me,were saving for another try,this time with donor eggs,shared cycle in CNY Center in NY,they`re affordable and with good success rates.

    Lots of baby dust to all,


  18. pupput, I am THRILLED for you! I hear you on the older mom perks.

    Natasha, what timeframe do you think you'll be ready to start your shared cycle?

    xo, WB

  19. maria_tsa,

    its hard to tell when well be ready for the cycle,its just unpredictable with my DHs business...

    I`m thinking around January.

    Good luck to all,


    pupput,how are your precious little ones?

  20. Hi Ladies, as an update I had my last FET on July 23... Beta is on Aug 3... I will POAS in the next few days, but I am feeling very optimistic... I'm having lots of 'under construction feelings' plus I've had all day queasies for 3 days now...

    xo, WB

  21. WB,
    Congrats and........walk away from the pee stick and nobody will get hurt<smile>. <tugging WB by the hand.....>. Good luck!!!!

    danai..........waving the Pom Poms and cheering loudly since Those People are awake anyway

  22. Sorry to vent here but I feel so down tonight.

    My husband found 2 new jobs but no base pay and Im freaking out,thinking will we ever have a baby?...<br /><br />I just turned 47 and feel like maybe this is gos way of telling me to back up.

    But deep down in my heart I just so want a baby,thats all I think about basically.<br /><br />Sorry to be a pain on here,just feeling like Im losing hopes and time flies and doesnt wait...

    Thank you for listening,hope your day is better than mine.


  23. Natasha - It's fine to vent. We are all here for each other.
    Take a breath and know that when the time is right things may fall into place for you. Lots of gals on this thread were over 47 when they conceived - I was 48 and had a great pregnancy. danai and pupput were 50+ when they were pregnant with twins. Many of us have been frustrated having to wait to be older to have these children and many have tried a few times before having success.

    That said being an older mom is wonderful! I'm so happy and so much more settled than I would have been even a couple of years ago.

    maria_tsa - ... Good luck tomorow!! We are cheering for you.


  24. Coastalgal,thanks so much for cheering me up,Im better now and ready to face the wait as I know for sure this is what I long for:a baby!<br /><br />maria_tsae,good luck today,Ill cross fingers and toes for a BFP!

    Keep us updated!

    Good luck,


  25. hey maria_tsa,whats going on with you?I wanna hear only good news!!

    Like I said I`m praying for your success.

    As I know how much we need it.

    Let us know...


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