My baby Matthew is here!!!

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  1. Hi everyone!

    well after being scheduled for a c-section on 3/1/07 and arriving to only be sent home due to too many emergencies that day and no beds Matthew decided to arrive on 3/3/07.

    funny thing is that i had to call friday morning (3/2) to see if i could come in and was told they still had no beds. i spoke with my ob who was trying very hard to get me in by saturday and i told him it could not go past saturday (3/3). he had the weekend off and had someone else covering him but he felt bad and said he'd come in just for me so this made me feel better.

    anyway it was 5am saturday morning and my water just broke while i was sleeping. i called l&d and they said they had a bed for me and then i went on to tell them we didn't have a choice anyway because my water broke. as dh was telling his mom that we were leaving (she's here from FL. to look after our 2.5 y/o) i began to have such terrible contractions. so off we went all excited because we never had the opportunity to experience this with our other son since he was a preemie and was delivered via c-section due to PE.
    we get to the hospital and boy are those contractions killers! got all ready and went right into the OR. Our son was born at 745am weighing 7lbs 11oz and 20 inches long. good thing things happened the way they did because when my water broke i had blood in it and that was due to my placenta tearing at the bottom so even if i wanted a vbac it wouldn't have worked out.

    we came home today and what a difference it is having a full term baby in your room and bring one home. so after being told not to have any more children right after my first son was born due to all my medical problems here I am with my second child and we feel so extremely blessed and will cherish every moment of our lives.

    just thought i'd share our happy news. thank you all for your support throughout all of these years.

    veronica, james, nicholas and matthew

    i saw the post and i believe we cycled together in the past.
    I am so happy for you that things worked out and quiet quickley too aside from the 2 day delay.

  3. Veronica ~ I have been thinking of you everyday!!! So glad he is here and you both are doing well. Happy Birthday Matthew!!! Welcome to the world and a special congratulations to your big brother Nicholas!!!

    So happy for you all....
    Lisa & girls

  4. Many congrats!! I just saw this post. sorry I am late!


  5. Congratulations! I've been thinking of you!


  6. Congrats. The best to you and your family.

  7. thank you all very much! it means the world to me you have all been here through our struggles.

    I forgot how tiring having a newborn can be and now having a 2 y/o on top of it is a bigger challenge but a great one.

    thanks once again!

    matthew 1 week old today
    nicholas 2.5 y/o

  8. I'm so happy for you Veronica. Congratulations!!!!

    Nicholas 2y4m

  9. thank you so much paula.

    veronica & boys

  10. Sorry my message is so late - but CONGRATULATIONS!!!


  11. Another late congratulations to you also. Its a busy but precious time. So happy for you.


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