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  1. I was diagnosed with placenta previa at my 18 week ultrasound.. Was told not to worry because they almost always move. Well, am in the 10% that didn't. It's a complete previa. My OB is sending me for an MRI on Tuesday to check for accreta. Has anyone else been through this? I'm freaking out to be honest. I'm currently 29 weeks. So far, no spotting or bleeding. If it weren't for the ultrasounds we wouldn't know it was there.


  2. I dont have any info on accreta but I had to have a c-sect because I had a previa as well. They did think it was going to move but it didnt. Its great that you arent bleeding..big blessing there. If it continues to be a previa and not accreta I would recommend taking it easy. No heavy lifting, limited activies. I did bleed that is why I ended up having a c-section immediatley but it was at 37 weeks and he was fine..he just had some blood loss becasue they had to cut through the placenta.

    I hope all ends well with you. I did have a friend who had a complete previa as well and she never bled, didnt limit activities even though her OB told her to. She worked until the 37th week and had c-sect at 38. So it can go both ways. Hoping the latter is for you.

  3. Thanks for your reply! It's reassuring to hear both stories that ended up with mother and baby doing well.

  4. Hi Beth -

    I am currently 26 weeks pregnant with twins and have a complete previa, too. I did have one bleed at 14.5 weeks and spent one night in the hospital to monitor my blood loss, but was sent home and I was on bedrest for two weeks afterwards. I am back at work, but sitting a lot, taking it easy, etc. Both my peri and my OB have kind of said that there is really very little you can do to prevent bleeding and it is almost always expected with a PP. I am still on pelvic rest and just hoping I can make it another 10 weeks so they can just do a c-section at 36 weeks. The thought of being hospitalized and being away from my family upsets me.

    As for accreta, they haven't said anything about that to me, so hopefully they can see on the ultrasound that it isn't embedded. Good luck!

  5. Good luck to you too! Thanks for the reply! I feel very alone right now as I don't know anyone who has experienced this.

  6. What did the MRI reveal? Do you have accreta?

  7. My first pregnancy I had an undiagnosed accreta. I did not have previa, only the accreta. There were no indicators at all that there would be any complications. I was lucky, I required blood transfusions and after an agressive D&C was being prepped for an emergency hysterectomy when my OB was able to get the bleeding under control.

    Fast forward to my 4th pregnancy and I had previa and an accreta that was diagnosed by u/s. Prior to the u/s diagnosis of the accreta I asked my OB about doing an MRI, but she said that they really didn't feel it was any more accurate that an u/s. This was 2 years ago and they had just started using MRI for this purpose, so perhaps the technology has improved some. It may also be that it was difficult to get insurance to cover the cost of the MRI.

    My OB said they really wouldn't due anything different whether they knew there was an accreta or not. Since I was higher risk for another accreta, for my 2nd & 3rd deliveries my OB performed c-sec and had blood on hand in the OR in the event it was needed.

    With my 4th (and last pregnancy) I was on hospital bedrest due to several bleeds due to the previa starting at 28 weeks. Based on my history and the known accreta, my OB performed a planned c-section hysterectomy. This was done at 35 weeks due to the bleeds and pre-e.

    Placenta Previa is much more common than an accreta. Even though you have Previa, there is still a very good chance that you do not have an accreta. There were many residents and interns that were in L&D the night of my accreta who had never seen an accreta before. It really is a rare complication.


  8. Thanks for sharing TP. I might ask more specifics if you're open to sharing, based on the results of my MRI.

    I believe my OB sent me for an MRI because in order to see my placenta, they had to do a vaginal ultrasound. I don't know how clear it was. Because I've had a c-section already, I'm at higher risk for accreta. He told me he's never had a patient with one. I think that was supposed to be reassuring, but instead has me worried that the results could also cause me to have to find a new OB. My MRI was this morning. I was a mess and still am feeling anxious over the whole thing. Thankfully DH was able to stay with me the whole time and rub my head. 45 minutes on my back in that thing was just horrid. I called my OB's office and was told I'd be called when results were available, but am pretty sure I only spoke to reception. I plan to call back again tomorrow and will speak to one of my OB's nurses to at least find out if the results have made it to their office.

  9. Results of MRI show NO evidence of an accreta. Am so thankful! So we're "just" dealing with a complete previa now, which I feel better about. Still worried, but my anxiety level has greatly decreased.

  10. Great news Beth. I am happy to answer any questions you have about my experiences, but glad to hear it probably isn't necessary!!!


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