Movements of Triplets

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  1. Just wondering, when did you start to feel your triplets move? Was it your first pregnancy (I hear that you can feel them sooner)? This is my first pregnancy and I'm really excited for this milestone and can't find anything on the internet. Thanks.

    9 weeks+ pregnant with a set of mono/di's and a fraternal

  2. Hi!

    The triplets were my third pregnancy

    I felt them latest

    BUT -- it has a lot to do with placentas and position --

    so it might be soon -- it might be later!

    p.s. just wanted to add that I started with quads too

    I have a few friends in Ottawa!

  3. I felt them at about 18w, but REALLY felt them more at 20w. All my plecentas are in the front, and like Axarli said it can paly a role in it.

    Don\'t worry the moment will come.

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