More progesterone needed because of multiples?

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  1. Hi Folks,

    A quick question if I may? On a different thread, I mentioned that I had a very high beta yesterday (399 at 13 dpo), but that my progesterone was low (13.2 despite being on pills, Crinone and a PIO every other day). Someone posted that because I might be carrying multiples, I would have to have more progesterone prescribed. I had never heard this before and found only 1 thing online mentioning it. (Exact search terms are hard to pin point, however.) One woman asked an online doctor the same thing and he replied that they don't prescribe more progesterone for multiples.

    I have cross-posted this on the pregnant after IVF thread, but I thought I'd run it by you folks to see if you had heard anything along those lines.

    Thanks so much!!

  2. I wasn't given more progesterone for being preg w/ twins.

    Good luck!

  3. I also wasn't originally prescribed progesterone when I started off with trips (my progesterone was sky high on its own, actually). I did have daily doses for a few weeks after a bad bleed and the knowledge that one of the embryos wasn't developing. The reasoning for this was a sudden drop in progesterone might put the other two at risk. (We're 32 weeks now, and the twins are doing great.)

    Bottom line with the betas--a high beta alone does not necessarily indicate multiples. Usually the progesterone goes up, too. Each placenta produces progesterone on its own. (Although I don't know about id twins--no experience with that.) Hang in there and see what your numbers do. If you need the progesterone, the RE will tell you. GL!

  4. The REs don't precribe more progesterone for twins, triplets, etc, but might increase the progesterone dosage for low levels.

    I have problems with progesterone production and my level was low, and not b/c I was carrying twins, that my RE added more PIO, from 1 cc (or I might've been on 1.5 cc at this time already) to 2 cc and didn't stop it until about 12 weeks and I continued with the suppositories until about 14 weeks.

  5. Hi guys,

    I don't have an RE here in the states. I did my DE transfer in the Czech Republic. My GP here wants me to do what the doctors there say (probably for liability purposes) and the Czech Dr. thinks I'm getting plenty of progesterone, so I shouldn't change anything, despite having a 13.2 level. I went through this with them last summer and lost the baby, so I'm kind of stuck for doctor advice right now.

    It is too early for a placenta, so the levels can't go up on their own yet, unfortunately. I'm only 15 dpo.

    It is good to know that other people's doctors didn't give them more just because of multiples as someone had suggested to me. I also agree that if it is low, I should be getting more. I have decided to take the shots daily and retest next week to see where I'm at.

    I have my 2nd beta today, so we'll know if my # is doubling. It may be just a high beta and not multiples - but we did put back 3 perfect blasts, so it just might be.

    Thanks again!

  6. Iheart - how much of each are you on? You have to also remember that the PIO is the only one that measures via blood - someone correct me if I am wrong - I know suppositories don't measure in the blood, not sure about pills? It is one reason PIO is the favorite choice, because it does measure. We are also having twins and weren't given extra. At first beta progesterone was 19 and at 2nd it was 16.4, and no one was worried (I was already seeing OB since RE was out of town so they both commented on levels).

    If you have had problems due to low levels in the past then that is another story and I would push your GP to talk to you - when will you get to see an OB? Are they checking your progesterone today along with beta?

    Best -


  7. APERIVHANIA, I am pregnant with fraternal twins and my progesterone levels were below 20 for several weeks (16, 13, 14, etc.). I think it finally went up to 51 at 10 weeks or so. I had a triplet pregnancy before that I miscarried and the only level that was low that cycle was my progesterone level (just above 10). So this cycle I was very proactive and at first I was on 1cc of progesterone daily, but I convinced by RE to increase it to 2cc daily. I had to do it for my own peace of mind.

    BTW, is 13dpo the same as 8dp5dt? If it is, I am 99% sure you have multiples. With my triplet pregnancy (two sacs though as one split into identicals), my number was around 175 at 8dp5dt. With this pregnancy (I transferred 3 perfect blasts like you), I started out with quads and my number was 265 at 8dp5dt. The next number was 580 or something like that (can't remember now), so it just doubled in 48 hours.

    Let us know how your beta goes today.

    Good luck,


  8. Hey Amshel and Kite,

    Saw my GP today - I got a referral for an RE to figure this out. I'm pretty sure I don't take more P4 just because of multiples (GP said as much), but I still have to figure out how to get the level up. I'm on PIO every other day (measured as 60 mg in Czech Republic), 3 pills daily and a Crinone suppository. I don't think it is true they can only tell PIO, but I do think it is easier. I am taking the shots, though, so that may not be my problem.

    I am awaiting my 2nd beta results. My GP called, but I missed it!! She didn't leave the #, but she did say it was \"wonderful\" so I'm sure it doubled.

    Kite, yes, my first beta was 8dp5dt. We are pretty sure it's multiples, too. That's interesting, helpful and scary about your beta #s! My understanding is that with identicals the progesterone doesn't cause high betas like a fraternals would because of the shared placenta. But if you started as quads and had 265 - yipes, I'm octomomming it at the moment. As soon as I know something, I'll write a post.

  9. Hi Iheart! Congrats! First, I had a high beta - like around yours and am pg with twins. I'm 43. On the progesterone. Can you consult with an RE at a local clinic? I know at Cornell and NYU, they like to see the P level above 20 and if it's lower they increase the shot from say 1 cc to 1.5 or 2cc. They could go higher but I haven't heard of that. I'm not sure what the P dosage would look like in combination with the other things you are on. A regular GP doesn't know much about this stuff.

    I'm not sure what my P was around the first/second beta time period but at around the 6ww mark, it was 120 and they still kept me on the 1cc of PIO EACH DAY, then reducing over six days or so. (even though they said that at that high a level the body was making it's own progesterone)

    While there are some sites (and I can't remember them specifically) that let you post and have REs answer they take a while to get an answer and can't prescribe you anything anyway. Best to see someone in the fertility business live near you to check.

    Good luck!

  10. Do you know your beta number yet? I guess I was a little off with my numbers from this cycle. Here are the correct ones:

    8dp5dt -- 285
    10dp5dt -- 657

    As I said, I was pregnant with quads at first (fraternals and identicals) and am now 13 weeks 4 days pregnant with fraternal twins.

    Good luck!!!


  11. Just got the 2nd beta in:


    That number deserved its own line. Cowabunga

    We did get referred to an RE today, thankfully. Unfortunately, my DH and I were so busy all day we didn't get a chance to call and make the appt. I'll just continue to add a little more. No more Utrogestan for me ever, though. I took one today and nearly blacked out. There is something in that other than progesterone that really doesn't work for me.

    One more beta next Wednesday and ultrasound on the 11th.

    Thanks everyone for sharing this with me.

  12. Congrats! That's a great number!!! I can't wait to hear how many you have in there. My guess is 3 . I hope I am wrong and that it's just twins. Can you handle it? Hugs! Kite

  13. 3 seems to be the consensus, but who knows with these things, right?

    Congrats! That's a great number!!! I can't wait to hear how many you have in there. My guess is 3 . I hope I am wrong and that it's just twins. Can you handle it? Hugs! Kite

  14. I knew a lady who had a 900 at her first beta, which I think was about the same time line as your second and she only had twins (I say that as though twins are just so easy, laugh). Only the US will tell, but it does seem that you do have more than one. We all look forward to hearing the lucky number when you have your US.

    Hugs - A

  15. Wow - 900 on the first beta! She must have been floored! Given my progesterone level, my GP thinks it might be twins, too. It is so early - hard to speculate about anything at all. I've never had a pregnancy last over 5 weeks, so that is my first hurdle!

    I knew a lady who had a 900 at her first beta, which I think was about the same time line as your second and she only had twins (I say that as though twins are just so easy, laugh). Only the US will tell, but it does seem that you do have more than one. We all look forward to hearing the lucky number when you have your US. Hugs - A

  16. I tested positive on a pee stick at 7dp5dt and my first beta was 639 at 9dp5dt and it doubled to 1279 at 11dp5dt and I am carrying twins. I know how you is nerve racking because we put 3 blasts back as well so we were terrified that we might be having triplets. We were lucky that my doctor gave us an early scan but we still had to wait until 6 weeks. Good luck and I hope you get some answers soon.

  17. I'm sorry about your previous losses Iheart and hope that this strong beta works in your favor. At five weeks, were they able to test the embies afterwards to see if they were normal or not? Was your progesterone always low? It's certainly something to keep a check on. I'm thinking your RE (local or not) could fax you an undated prescription that you can copy and bring to a local lab covered by your insurance co every few days or once a week (however, often they need to test your P to make sure it is on track.) My post beta lab tests were done this way were much cheaper than going through the IVF clinic - like the order of $11 - $20 each time vs. $120/$200.

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