Mommies with 2 or more did you have any clue

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  1. Hi mommies with 2 or more, did you know or have any clue that you were having more than one?

    I am on Fresh IVF# 4 and going for u/s tomorrow, here are my numbers for IVF # 2 and #4. I know numbers are very tricky lows can mean more and highs can mean singleton but was just curious about symptoms as well.

    13dp5dt 577
    17dp5dt 3276
    19dp5dt 5823 singleton

    16dp3dt 2025
    18dp3dt 4231


  2. my beta at 14dpo was 195 so we thought it might be twins (fraternal).

    1st u/s at 5.5w confirmed a single gestational sac
    2nd u/s confirmed single gestational sac...but 2 heartbeats...identical twins

    dh about fell out of his chair- definitely a huge surprise to both of us.

  3. Beta #1 @ 9dp5dt = 180
    Beta #2 @ 12dp5dt = 734

    15 weeks with fraternal twins. From what I have read it's not the number that is important but how quickly it doubles. is a great resource. Good luck.

  4. I had good, strong numbers but nothing outrageous. And don't put too much thought into symptoms...if I were going by that, I would not even have thought I was pregnant! I had a healthy pregnancy and never had sore or swollen bbs, morning sickness, etc. I felt great, until very swollen feet/ankles at the end! Good luck!

  5. Beta 1 @ 8dp3dt = 93

    Beta 2 @10dp3dt = 364

    Delivered B/G/G fraternal triplets (we trsfrd 3--all we had); we were told by RE after first beta that it was high, but more important was the doubling time and he was accurate with that info; told us doubling was single, first number x 3 was probably twins; and if higher we would need to talk. If they were identical though they could be sharing a placenta and it would be inaccurate since the HCG is produced by the placenta and not the baby.

  6. Thank you ladies for your time. I had my u/s today and most off all the answers were what I expected, betas, symptoms, and gut feelings . It's TWO I am so thankful.

    6wk1day X2

  7. My first clue was that I got a pos. hpt early on. I called the dr and asked for an early beta. They humored me but thought that it was still the trigger shot. I had my beta the next day and the beta was 394 (14dpo). The nurse and dr speculated on twins and they were right.

  8. I answered \"Total Shock\"!

    My one and only beta at 14dp3dt was 738 and I was told that this was within the normal range for a singleton.

    I had no symptoms let alone ones that implied multiples.

    I was even MORE shocked when I found out that it was triplets as they'd only transferred 2 embryos...

    20w2d pregnant with triplets (di/di identical boys and a fraternal girl)

  9. I'd say it was a combo of symptoms and a gut feeling. I had a dream that I had 6 hamburgers in me and freaked out that it meant I had to many babies growing. Bizarre. This was only after I got the HPT though. I had no clue until I POS'D that I was even pregnant. Once i got to 7dp3dt, I got strong pg. symptoms, so I knew something was up.

  10. For me it was my betas were double that of my last pregnancy and I just had a feeling - helped that a psychic told me I was going to have b/g twins this cycle. She was right about this bfp and my last one and the sex of that baby so I had a lot of trust in her. Now we will see if she was right with the sex this time.

  11. I tested positive early with HPTs (took a lot to really make sure) and the betas were very high. Had a feeling there was more than one and there are 3 growing. I had strong symptoms in the first trimester, a lot of morning sickness and headaches/soreness. But I also have heard that it's so different for everyone.

    I also had some funky dreams early on which lead me to think there were at least 2 and maybe more.

    good luck with your pregnancy!!

  12. My betas were high, 420 at day 10, 6 day transfer but I didn't suspect twins from that. For me it was waking in the middle of the night to eat, feeling like I hadn't eaten in 4 days, just completely famished. We had a bleeding/spotting scare around week 6, so by then I was strongly knowing there were two, and when we had our ultrasound at 6.5 weeks I was overjoyed but not surprised.

    28 weeks, g/g twins!

  13. I'm one who was \"shocked\". My betas were indicative of a singleton pregnancy so i was sure I was having one.

    Turns out, one embryo split and my identical twins were sharing a placenta which means it produces as much hcg as a singleton pregnancy.

    When we saw the two babies in one sac... TOTAL SHOCK!

  14. My clue was that my beta for my singleton (ds born in 2004) was 750 then my beta on the same day of my cycle for this pregnancy was 2100! 3 times higher so I was not shocked when we saw three sacs last week.

  15. Mine was \"shocked\" vote. One of the RE's was taking his time with the u/s while continually saying \"everything is fine\" Then he asked how many they put back and I said \"just two\" and that I knew only one made it. Then he asked \"what makes you think there's only one?\" I thought he was joking. The betas were the same as our singleton (but both were high, so looking back, I think there may have been an early twin the first time).

  16. I had high beta's, more than doubling every two days, but still within the normal single range.

    The first clue: morning sickness starting at six weeks. Also, extreme fatigue..wanting to go to bed at 5pm, even after a full 9 hours of sleep the night before. Then vivid strange dreams, and being hungry (or nausea) all the time! And bloating (ugh) - can't even button my pants anymore at 8 weeks

  17. I had high betas and tested positive on a Dollarstore cheapie HPT at 4-5 days past 5-day transfer, so I kind of guessed that it was early for the hCG hormone to have shown up that early, especially given it was a cheap test and required more hCG to get a positive. Due to this and early morning sickness, I was convinced it was twins.

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