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  1. Went for my second lining check today and it was only 6.2 and was told to continue on Lupron, patches and to add estrace come back next Monday. I have only taken it Estrace orally but the RE said to take 2mg twice a day in the vjj. Has anyone gone thru this before and what was the outcome? Do you know other ways to help with lining? Thanks for your help.

  2. acupuncture- i did 9 cycles w/o it- and my lining was always fine- 7.5 or so- but the one cycle i added acu- it was a 9.3. really recommend it


  3. I had one FET cycle cancelled because of thin lining. The next month I started increasing protein intake (including 1 whey protein shake a day), drinking pineapple juice and walking every day. I also did acupuncture which I had been doing before anyway.

    Lining was a lot better in that cycle. It did not work anyway (embryo did not appear to survive the thaw) but at least my lining was good.

    Good luck to you.

    We are just starting out on the DE path, so I am still mostly lurking on this board.

  4. Thank you both for your responses, I am going to start Acupuncture and hopefully that will help when I do my actual cycle. I started taking Bromelin, Vitex and plan on increasing my protein intake and pineapple juice. Thanks again, all the best to you.

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