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  1. I miscarried last night at 11 weeks. I had a previous miscarriage around 8-9 weeks, but that was a different situation - I had poor betas and poor growth all along, then a D&C when the heart stopped. In this case things were looking good. I had u/s around 7 and 9 weeks and both looked fine. I started spotting about a week ago at 10 weeks and felt slightly less nauseous, though was still feeling nauseous. Then had heavy bleeding and cramping last night. Went to the ER and they confirmed it, there was no longer a sac. All the tissues went into the toilet so there is nothing to send for analysis. (I wasn't thinking too straight last night but now wish I had a way to get more answers.)

    So here are some questions:

    - since the spotting started and nausea lessened a week ago, do you think something went wrong at that time and it just resolved itself last night?

    - at the same time, I was feeling super nauseous and vomited just hours before the m/c last night. Is that normal? I thought one only feels sick when HCG is steady or rising? I still feel a little nauseous now, though maybe because I feel a little dizzy from the blood loss.

    - can stress and/or traveling cause a m/c? I went on a stressful trip this past weekend and trying not to feel like I did something harmful to end the pg. I went on the trip after I was spotting. It wasn't physically strenuous. But I am wondering if I should have put myself on bedrest instead.

    - it seems like most of the tissue is out, will my doctor monitor my HCG to make sure I don't require a D&C? I have a followup doctor's appt tomorrow and wondering what to expect. Will they give me any other drugs to make sure everything comes out or is it just wait and see?

    - for my one successful pg I was on Lovenox till maybe 10-12 weeks. My RE put me on it just to try something different since I'd had so many BFNs. My OB was not a believer in it because the only thing I had was MTHFR (the common kind). I am wondering whether I should have been on Lovenox this time. My OB tested my fasting homocysteine and it was normal.

    Thanks, I appreciate any insights you have.


  2. Hi antonia_p. I'm so sorry you find yourself in this situation. I had a miscarriage almost 4 weeks ago (so at almost 8 weeks, baby measuring at 6 weeks). I don't have answers to all of your questions, but think I can answer a few.

    I didn't have any nausea/vomiting w/ my pregnancy, however I have a friend who had several miscarriages and still had nausea (i.e., hadn't known or suspected anything was wrong as she was still having pregnancy symptoms).

    PLEASE do not blame yourself (stress, traveling) for what happened. How many women have stress during pregnancy and go on to have healthy pregnancies? Plenty. I don't think this happened from something you did or didn't do. If your doctor wanted you on bedrest for any reason you would have been put on bedrest.

    At my follow-up appt., they did a u/s to confirm no sac was present (which you already had). The RE looked for what seemed like forever to be sure what he was seeing was a collection of blood and not a sac. They also did a beta and will continue to do betas until it reaches zero. I go in for beta once a week. I did not receive any other drugs, as I guess beta was decreasing appropriately/as expected.

    I can't answer your question as to the Lovenox. I think there are so many gray areas where that is concerned. I at one time tested positive for a blood-clotting antibody and took lovenox the entire time during my successful pregnancy. I no longer test positive for that antibody but b/c my last pregnancy had so many issues, I was told I'd start lovenox the day of ET (as I did last time). However, since this was a natural pregnancy, I didn't start Lovenox until I was about 4 1/2 weeks pregnant. Obviously it didn't help in my case.

    I hope you heal as quickly as possible, both physically and emotionally. Don't be surprised if bleeding stops and starts- just when I thought I was almost finished bleeding I had heavy bleeding again (not as heavy as with the initial m/c) a full 3 1/2 weeks after my m/c.


  3. Hi Marie,

    Thanks for your reply, I really appreciate it. And I'm really sorry that you went through this too.

    I went in to my OB for a followup u/s today, and they thought that a lot of the placenta was still in there and recommended a D&C, so I'm going to have that later today. On the plus side if they can get some placental tissue they will have it tested for chromosomal abnormalities, and I think it will be a comfort if it comes up with something. If it comes up normal, maybe that will be harder. But I'm trying not to blame myself for anything I did and for not pushing for Lovenox this time. I guess if I am ever lucky enough to be pg again, we may at least have more info that way.

    Please let me know how you are doing when you get a chance.


  4. antonia_p,

    I'm so sorry for your loss. It's absolutely heart-breaking. How devastating to be so close to the relative "safety" of the 2nd trimester and then to have this happen. Though different from your situation, I recently experienced a loss as well.

    Please don't blame yourself. I know, easier said than done, right? After my most recent loss, when the geneticist couldn't give us a cause, I became convinced that it was something that I ate, drink, smelled, etc... But no, it was most likely something chromosomal that wasn't picked up by any testing. So, to paraphrase some of my doctors: it is highly unlikely that traveling or stress caused your m/c. My peri said that the majority of m/c's are due to chromosomal abnormalities. Not that that helps ease the pain.

    The D&C will hopeully give you answers... since the placenta is still there, not only can they test for chromosomal issues but this may give them the doctor the opportunity to see if clotting was the cause. I also have MTHFR (double) and take Lovenox as well.

    Again, I'm so sorry for your loss. It's just so unfair.

  5. Ms. Begonia,

    Thanks for your response. I'm very sorry about your loss, I've just read your story on this board. It must be hard not to have any more specific answers after going through that. And thanks for your reassurances. I was trying to be a bit more laid back about this pregnancy, and irrational as it may be it's hard not to feel that I wasn't vigilant enough. I'm hoping they find something, if not it's good to know that there are things that are missed by the testing. At my age (40), chances are very high that this was a chromosomal problem.

    I really appreciate your response.


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