Miscarriage with donor eggs

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  1. Hi all,
    After 5 years trying and finally success from a frozen donor embryo (fresh was unsuccessful), I went to the Doctor a few days ago for my 7 week check up. Sadly, he was unable to detect any heartbeat. The embryo also only measured 5 mm which is on the very small side, and today I started to miscarry.

    I have been a very rare and curious case all along (over 10 tries with IVF and never ever a pregnancy, and now this). My Doctor said to me that it's very unusual for a successful donor IVF to miscarry, which of course makes me more upset that I continue to be that rare oddity. So I was just wondering if anyone else every miscarried when doing donor IVF.

  2. i'm soo so sorry to hear this, you must be crushed.

    have you been tested for immune issues to ensure that you're not rejecting the emby?

    also, have you had your DH's sperm testing for dna, fragmentation etc. if the sperm are weak it can negatively impact the emby too.

    hang in there, i've done 3 ivfs so far but never made it to ET so no m/c.

  3. I'm so sorry for your loss. I m/c early on too. M/cs in general are not rare. It occurs in 25% of all pgs, and DE pgs are not immune to m/cs. I hope you'll find success...

  4. I feel your pain. I had a initial successful cycle with my second donor cycle. We saw the heartbeat twice last at 8 weeks 6 days and thought everything was on track. Then at what I thought was 11 weeks I started to bleed. I had a d&c and are awating the results.

  5. Thank you all for sharing. I was so upset when my Doctor told me it's not common at all! I'm sure you all agree that these specialists' bed side manor leave something to be desired!

  6. I'm so sorry for your loss. Your doctor is wrong about it not being common. I've seen lots of m/c's with DE, including mine on my fresh cycle. Losses occur at about the same rate as they would for the donor's age. So that would be about 10% for me with my 22 year old donor. I had a repeat loss panel done after my DE loss and it turns out that I have a clotting disorder. Have you been tested for all the clotting disorders and immune issues? My RE said my loss was probably bad embies and I was in the 10% category, but it could have been the clotting disorder. There are lots of reasons for losses and that's why it still happens with DE. My FET with Lovenox resulted in a perfect baby girl, so there is hope for success after a DE loss.

  7. Can I just say what an idiot thing to say by your doctor!!!! I can imagine how much greater that would have upset you. I'm so sorry for your loss.... big hug out to you.

  8. I m/c'd my donor egg twins at 11 weeks. I was told yes these things still happen with DE. Sadly as much as we would like to think it DE isn't the magic bullet. GOOD LUCK next time. I am so very sorry for your loss.

  9. I had a chemical pregnancy on my fresh Donor Cycle -dr said it was rare too.
    Went to 2nd FET before succeeding w/twins. My doctor said in the end it was just a matter of finding a viable embryo. Keep at it and best wishes for success!

  10. No offense to anyone's doctor, but I am at a loss as to why a doctor, especially one who specializes in human reproduction, would ever tell a patient that it's rare to have a miscarriage or chemical pregnancy. Even a fertile 20something probably only has about 60-70% chromosomally normal eggs retrieved on a donor IVF cycle.

    I will also add that the physical appearance of an embryo is not a foolproof indication of whether or not the embryo has genetic abnormalities. So if your RE was telling you the embryos you transferred looked "perfect" or "great", unless you had CGH (a form of PGD that tests all chromosome pairs) done on them you do not have a true gauge of the accuracy of that statement.

    I am sooo sorry for everyone's losses, but you can rest assured that it's luck of the draw, and it's quite likely that if you have any frozens left from your cycle, the majority of them are normal and you have a good chance of success with a FET. I am saying that taking into account that as some other posters mentioned, you need to be sure there are not other factors that are causing the cycle to not work, like clotting disorders or lining issues.

  11. I second vman. And so sorry you're having to go through this.

    I too had m/c with DE at 7 wks, small embie growth prior which my OB felt was consistent with a clotting disorder... which led to a workup that found I had clotting and immunity issues. (I even lost the twin with my successful cycle) It's just as common as m/c rates are with the "normal" population (donor age related).

    Have you been worked up for any of the mentioned contributing issues? Perhaps a new physician is in order as well? Best of luck to you.

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