Mirena causing dip in supply?

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  1. From all I've read a Mirena shouldn't have any effect on my supply, but since getting it four days ago I've been struggling more and more to produce enough milk for my 3mo and tucked into my freezer stash tonight.

    The only things I've done differently recently are get the IUD and increase the frequency of my workouts a bit in the past week. DD hasn't been nursing like she's having a growth spurt, but maybe I'm just oblivious....

  2. Are you pumping and bottle feeding her or just nursing? If you are just nursing, just keep an eye on the diapers. That is the best indication. IT could be a growth spurt so you dont have as much left to pump. Is the Mirena hormonal?

  3. I'm both pumping and nursing and typically have 4oz or so for the freezer each day beyond what she's taking (she's fed on demand); of course that's been dropping and I needed to pull 4oz from the freezer for her last night.

    Yes, the Mirena is hormonal (progesterone) but it's supposed to be very localized, low-dose, and compatible with BFing.

    I'm struggling again today, nursing and pumping as much as I can (trying to do as much stimulation as I can stand), hoping like crazy it's a temporary dip.

  4. I ended up with a period right after getting it and typically that would cause a decrease. I have had mine since April and haven't had any problems since then. I nurse on demand while at home and pump at work. Make sure you are drinking plenty of water with the workouts. That could be some of the problem.

  5. I had to throw out my progesterone only pills (Errin). They definitely decreased my supply. After that, I spent two days pumping after each feeding set (I have twins) and the supply was back up. I pumped even if nothing was left. I read that somewhere, probably on these boards. Don't worry, it will come back up.

  6. oh Kasamanli...I hope it is just temporary. How was today?

  7. JC, I'm definitely trying to increase my water intake. I'm currently at between 8 and 10 cups per day (not bad for someone who usually hates drinking water) but could probably add another two to that total.

    dorifi, the Mirena is only supposed to deliver up to 20 micrograms progesterone per day (versus 0.35 milligrams and more in progesterone-only pills -- that's 350 micrograms!), and of those 20 micrograms, only a percentage gets into the bloodstream, so really it shouldn't be the IUD I guess.

    Joanne, thanks for asking. I'm still struggling, but haven't had to pull more from the freezer. I'm now desperately hoping that it's a growth spurt and that we'll get back to putting a little away again. I just feel more comfortable knowing that she's had all she can handle and isn't going hungry. I hope you and the boys (and darling R of course!) are doing well.

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