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  1. Hi,
    My DD is 11m and although she was 5w early due to IUGR she had been meeting most of her milestones on time, if not a week or two later. Maybe I'm just worrying for nothing, but she's still not crawling, she can't go from laying down to sitting up or sitting to laying down, and she doesn't pull up at all. She doesn't say any words, but she does babble and knows a couple signs(although she doesn't use them unless promted several times).

    If I lay her on the floor she'll roll all over, and she'll stay standing if I prop her against a table. She can pick up tiny objects and use a sippy cup just fine too.

    I canceled her every other month PT check-ins after the doctor said I didn't really need to do that anymore. Now I'm wishing I would have kept up with it, if anything to ease my mind. Am I worrying for nothing or do you think DD should be further along in those skills?

  2. Ripps,

    My dd was also a 35 weeker. She never was never much of a crawler. At 15 months still did not walk. Then at 16m she just got up and started walking.

  3. Hi, Rippster. My DS is similar in that he doesn't pull up, go from laying to sitting, sitting to laying, etc. He's 10.5 mo but he was born at 38w so I can't really say he was early. I worry a lot but my ped says that he is ok on milestones (at least at his 9mo checkup). He didn't roll over until 6.5mo and didn't sit up until 7.5 but it seems like once he learned something, he got it and did it consistently (like aspasiavasilaki's DD) so I'm hoping and just giving him all the opportunities I can to help him develop. Sorry I'm not of more help - just know you're not alone.


  4. My DS is 13 months old (38 weeker). He started doing a commando crawl sort of thing at 10 months. At his 1 yr appt (a few weeks ago) he was not getting himself to a sit or pulling up at all yet but his fine motor skills and cognitive milestones are all fine.
    The pediatrician said that it's pretty likely that DS is just going to be late hitting gross motor skill milestones but he's having us get an early intervention assessment (he's also having us visit a neurologist because he thought there was a possibility of some poor muscle tone in one of his arms). He basically said that he thought it was worth looking into now instead of just waiting to see what happens and dealing with it later.

    A week after the appointment DS started getting to a sit on his own (and does it a thousand times a day now) and he's also had a lot more interest in getting onto his hands and knees. He now attempts to \"climb\" us or pull himself up onto things - still can't really do it, but at least now seems interested and motivated. I can post back again after our assessment next week if you are interested in hearing what they have to say.

  5. Rippster, if it were me i'd get it looked into. the crawling isn't considered a milestone at all- as some crawl and some don't- but sit to lie/lie to sit and pulling to stand are milestones i'd think he would have hit by now. i believe pull to stand is a 9 month milestone and the sit/lie transition is earlier. can't hurt to have a PT eval.

  6. Thanks for all the input ladies. I'll definitely be asking the doctor about it. I don't usually obsess about this stuff, but I just started noticing the differences in my friend's kid and DD. I know I shouldn't be comparing them, but it's hard not to sometimes.

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