Mid December transfer (child and m/c ment)

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  1. I'm 42 and my husband is 47 and we have a son of two years from a previous IVF with ICSI. We had a positive cycle in May this year which ended in a miscarriage at 8 weeks. Went for a scan this morning and they saw quite a few large follicles (20 mm, etc). My retrieval will take place on Thrusday. Anyone out there about to have a retrieval or transfer?

  2. Hi, I'm 39 hopefully having ER early next week ..possibly Monday. I also have a son from a previous IVF cycle who just turned 1. First time I'm on a Lupron Flare protocal (I think they call it) cycle this time around. Had a canceled cycle in Sept after ER -the eggs never fertilized. So I'm hoping for a Christmas miracle here.

    Drama_Primary, sory about your m/c in May. Sounds like you're on the right path this time, good size follicles. I wish you the very best of luck this week.

  3. Hi punam - sorry to hear about your cancelled cycle. Let's hold thumbs for our Christmas miracles! I've been on Gonal F this time round and Menopur the last 4 days. I also did acupuncture 3 weeks before starting the treatment this time as I did with the cycle when I conceived my d/s and the present picture looks VERY similar (many large follicles) to that successful cycle. I forgot to do the acupuncture beforehand with my cycle in May and I had much fewer and smaller follicles to work with in the end.

  4. B- Good luck today and let me know how it goes-M

  5. Yesterday (Tuesday, 22 Dec) we transfered two blastocysts. Ist Hcg test is on 1 Jan 2010.

  6. Hi there punam,

    I had my retrieval on Thursday and we got 10 eggs of which five fertilized. By Saturday they were all two cell divisions and three of them were grade 5 and two were grade 4 (grade 5 being the best). Looks like my transfer will be on Tuesday (thus it will be a blastocyst transfer). Is your retrieval still on Monday?

  7. Embryo update: Yesterday (Sunday) our embryos' status was as follows: one 8 cell (grade 5), one 7 cell (grade 5), one 5 cell (grade 5), one 4 cell (grade 5) and one 8 cell (grade 4). My transfer is early tomorrow morning! Did you have your retrieval today, punam?

  8. Did a hpt today (1 Jan 2010) - BFN. Also did an hcg blood test today - BFN. I am so devastated. This was my last IVF. I really thought I was pregnant - had a few good symptoms (must have been psychosomatic).

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