Med Q: Asthma/Steroids/Dosage - 6yo ds

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  1. Hi Ladies -
    I had to call the dr's office over the weekend due to some issues with my son. I got a different asthma dr than the one I usually see. He made the comment 'He is on a lot of medicine for such a young boy". This is what we take:

    Advair 115 - 2 puffs 2x/day
    Prevacid 5mg - 1 tab @ night

    We were on prendasione this last week and of course, xoponex via a neublizer due to asthma/croup (A lovely combination! UGH!)

    Anyway, does the Advair and Prevacid seem like alot? We've had to up our dosages from the Advair 45 and Prevacid 4mg recently...

    I am a bit worried about growth, etc. He is only 41/42 #'s, about 44 inches, and is 6 this August. Skinny, but all muscle due to gymnastics, etc.


  2. Prednisone bites. I hate it but it works. I'm a little ticked at our asthma doctor as he doesn't have DS on anything except prednisone when the asthma gets bad. I had alot of leftover pulmicort so I decided to give it to DS daily until it runs out (it also expires in a few months). DS is doing much better. When we run out I'll watch DS closely to see if it should be back to a daily control med. I dislike having to use prednisone as much as we did this past cold season.

    We aren't on the other meds but based on how DS does when the pulmicort runs out we might end up on them. We tried Singulair and it seemed to work but it also had side effects I did not like.

    Why is your DS on prevacid? Does he have reflux? I didn't think it was an asthma medication.

    I can't comment on it if it is too much. I wonder if you need both Xoponex and Advair together as control meds long term(definitely if you are going through a bad spell if you needed prednisone)


  3. Hi Lauren -
    Sorry about your DS. Hopefully when your pulimcort is out, his asthma will be under control. It is such a crazy disease - I feel like I can't get my hands around it since it is always changing.

    We are on prevacid since DS's asthma is exercise and cold induced. I'm not sure if it really works, but don't know of an alternative.

    I hate having him on so many meds. They have to be having some kindof longterm affect not to mention his irritability, etc.


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