McDonald cerclage anyone?

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  1. Can those of you that have had this cerclage tell me about the procedure? Did you have a spinal? How long did it take? Did you spend the night in the hospital after? Were you on bed rest for any period of time after? I'd appreciate any detail you can give me. I will be getting the cerclage preventatively in a few weeks. Thanks!

  2. is a great site with most of the members have mcd's. I hAve a tac so no help!

  3. Happy to are my answers:

    ~Yes, I had a spinal...piece of cake and I laughed afterward that I was actually worried about it! I felt a pinch (like the kind in your arm when they take blood) and it was over.

    ~Normally, I'm told the procedure should be 30-45 minutes from start to finish. I experienced unexpected complications that started with the discovery of a polyp on my cervix. So mine eventually took double that time.

    ~Well, I am a teacher and it was already summer break. So I wasn't working anyway. But from what I remember if I'd been at a job I'd have had to be on complete bedrest for the first 48-72 hours. Then light duty for the first week. After as usual.

    Good luck! I'm sure it'll go well.

    ETA: I was not an overnight procedure. In/out day surgery for me (but then again I was scheduled first thing in the at 7:30 am out by 1:30 pm).

  4. hi there
    i had a spinal-very quickly done and hardly any pain.About 30mins
    i was in hospital overnight, but only because it was done late, with my first pregnancy it was done early and I was out the evening
    It takes about 4hrs for the spinal to wear off and the numbness in my legs went away after +-4hrs and then I walked to the bathroom
    I was off work for 3days and then back to work 3days a week-im fortunate to work flexible hours.
    went on maternity leave at 30weeks and gave birth at 38w6d c/s
    wishing you well, you will be fine
    en05ek1 xxx

  5. I've had both a McDonald and a Shrodikar. For both I was put out instead of a spinal. I did it in day surgery through my peri and stayed there for a few hours until the cramping got better then was driven home for strict bedrest for 1-2 weeks.

    I think the Shrodikar is a better cerclage than McDonald but I have a very weak cervix and it took the Shrodikar to keep things going over the McDonald.

    Be careful about how soon you return to work. My first time I returned after 1 week off and it was too soon as it really hurt to sit for more than a coupe of hours. The last time I took 2 full weeks and it was much easier to have that cervical rest. I guess others take much less but for me it hurt to sit with any pressure on my cervix.

    For me bedrest meant only 1 time up and down the stairs each day so I had my meals brought up during the day so I could stay in bed.

    Good luck!


  6. david_k,

    I just posted in your other thread. Yes, I had a McDonald placed this time around. My surgery was first thing in the morning and I was released in late afternoon. I had a spinal with no other sedatives because I have very bad reactions to anesthetics.

    I'm a teacher. I had it placed on a Thursday and went back to teaching the following Thursday. I could have gone back a day or two sooner according to the Dr., but she also said if I was more comfortable waiting a few extra days then that's what I should do. It's hard to take it easy while teaching, so I decided the few extra days was worth it for my peace of mind.

    It's been almost 6 weeks since my cerclage and my cervix is still looking good. The fact that I have placenta previa this time around and it doesn't appear to be budging yet is a different issue!

    ~ Katy

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