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  1. Donnie - I saw you mention that you will have your third U/S. I had 2 with my RE after we completed the IVF and now I am at the regular high risk clinic. The saw me last week and I will not go back for another 4 weeks. They aren't scheduling an U/S until 18 weeks. Do you think this is a little unusual with twins? I just want to make sure everything is okay and it definitely gives you that reassurance seeing them. It' not that I am that nervous, I was just surprised since there are extra concerns with twins.


  2. Jo- I am surprised that your not getting one before then. I know our situations are different but because I am having twins and I am \"old\" I am getting u/s every 2 weeks till 32 wks and then get one every week. I would've thought at least every 4 weeks for most twins.

  3. Hi -

    I am seeing my ob every 4 weeks and my peri every 2 - 4 weeks so an appt at least every 2 weeks. We had some bleeding so they have been doing USs every 2 weeks or so with us. That being said the peri seems to be more cautious and want to do more than few USs.

    JoJo, did they do the 12 week nuchal fold testing? We do ours next week at 11w5d. The peri made it seem that they would do an US at each visit to check growth and overall progression, but I guess we will see at our appt next week how things are going.

    Is / has anyone gotten a doppler to hear the heartbeats? I couldn't resist, but won't have it for a few days. Something about knowing I can hear them will make me feel a bit better in between visits I think.

    Hope everyone is having a great day!


  4. May I caustiously join you. I am 6 weeks 3 days today. We did the first U/s today and found out its twins with HB of 131 and 128. I don't know the size they measured but RE did say everthing looks perfect. I can't wait to get through 12 weeks so I quit worrying about VT. My due date is July 9 I don't know what it would be for twins. How did you all figure that part out?

    I receive one more U/S by RE and 8 weeks 3 days and then I am released to OB. Did your Re suggest for you ladies to go to a Peri or your OB? my OB doesn't even see you until you hit 12 weeks. That was the rules a few years ago I need to call and see if thats still the rules. I hate the long stretch from 8 until 12 weeks with no U/S. DID you make your own appt. with your RE or does someone have to refer yuo. Maybe they willl see me at 10 weeks and I can get in there

    I am so excited to be on this board its like a dream come true. I felt like everyone was looking at me after the Re today because my smile has be so big.

    hope to get to know all of you.

  5. Hi A, I am glad to have my US this Wed as it has been 3 weeks from our last. Still confused if I am 11w tomorrow or 10w based on the twins measuring a week earlier at my 8w ultrasound. I am hoping the two are progressing and measuring accordingly. This time I will ask my RE to measure the heartrate instead of eyeballing it.

    Yes, I am still feeling good. If it were not for the bouts of sleepiness and my boobs and tummy getting bigger I would not believe I was pregnant.

    I am stopping the estrace and PIO on 11/24 which is my 12w mark (per the date of ET). That is the instructions per SDFC. There is no tapering off, just cold turkey. According to SDFC by 12 weeks the placenta would be developed and supplying the necessary e2 and p4 required to sustain the pregnancy.

    Hi Jo, I had 2 ultrasounds so far since the positive beta. First one at 7w1d and the 2nd at 8w1d (both done by my OB). I cycled out of the area so am being cared by my OB and not my RE. My RE is only in charge of my meds up until 12 weeks. All other care was officially in the hands of my OB when I had my positive beta. My RE does not believe in unnecessary ultrasounds in the first trimester unless I am experiencing any pain or bleeding. Since I have not experienced either she said she would see me in 3 weeks from my 2nd ultrasound (taken at 8w1d), which is this Wed (11w1d). I can't recall but I think in the 2nd trimester the ultrasound appts may be more often with twins, but not absolutely sure if it will be every 2 weeks? I will confirm with her when I see her this Wed.

    I would not worry too much about not having enough ultrasounds. If you are concerned, you should definitely mention it to your OB. The risks associated with twins varies by person. If you have had a hx of miscarriages or complicated pregnancies or other health issues then you may be considered high risk and need extra monitoring. If you have not had any issues, having twins is not necessarily more complicated for all women. I would talk to your OB or peri since they are the experts and will know how often and closely you should be monitored.

  6. Welcome Belle -

    I think all of us here worry about keeping the two we have and I sure hope the worrying stops even a lit bit once out of the first trimester. I have had several USs, already have seen my peri and will do my nuchal fold / 12 week US with him next Tuesday, when I will be 11w5d. I tend to worry as the days get close to US for some reason. The last was at 9w5d and all was good so hoping the trend continues.

    My care will def be managed between my ob and my peri. My OB actually told me he would be happy keeping the pregnancy himself, but knows I want the added care of the peri. He said if this was my first pregnancy then he would definitely split care since there are more risks (due to unknowns of first pregnancy coupled with age, coupled with twins) so being watched by a peri makes the most sense.

    I am happy to see the babies as often as I can.

    In terms of due dates, my OB said twins are typically delivered 37 - 38 weeks, with mine being closer to 37. So my due date is June 10, but will most likely deliver 3rd week in May, just before my 43rd birthday.

    Hope everyone is doing well.


  7. Belle, Congrats! and welcome to the group. I am looking forward to sharing this time with you.

  8. Hi Donnie -

    I just wanted to wish you luck on the US today and can't wait to hear how both babies are doing. Get lots of pics so you can share them with everyone at Thanksgiving next week.

    Hugs -


  9. Hi Donnie,
    Have a great time seeing those babies on the u/s today. Jane

  10. donnie-gl on the u/s today.

    belle-welcome to the group. have you had any m/s yet?

    AFM- sunday night I woke up with AF type cramps but no blood, lasted about 2 hours then as soon as it stopped a headach set in and has not gone away. this morning woke up to spotting again. thought about calling the dr but I know all he is going to say is to take it easy so may just wait till tuesdays u/s unless the bleeding gets worse. I will be so glad when I am past 24 weeks.

  11. Lori - sorry about what you are experiencing. I know it is hard to wait until Tuesday, but agree there is nothing they will be able to do at this point. Rest, drink fluids. I agree with you in that I can't wait until we are all much farther along. I don't think the fear will go away, but I do think the farther we get the easier it will be to feel some amount of peace.

    Let us know how you are doing.

    Hugs -


  12. Ladies...
    Thanks for the well wishes today. I will post later this afternoon/evening after our appointment. I have an ultrasound pic with both in the same view which was taken at 8w but hoping to get some even better ones today!

    Lori, rest up and take care of yourself, but don't hesitate to call your doctor if you are concerned to see what he/she has to say. Take care!

  13. So, I had an u/s done last week and my local ob/gyn wasn't going to have one done but dh and I insisted we have one done. Today, my NJ RE faxed in an order to have an u/s done this Friday. It's funny how my local ob/gyn is treating my like a \"normal\" pregnancy and my RE is not. It's so important that we play a huge part in our medical care. So on the bright side, we get to see our little beans again! Then I have a scheduled u/s in wk 12 for the nuchal fold testing. After week 12 my RE is done and it will all be in the hands of my local ob/gyn.

  14. JRM - my ob has been fine about USs and sending to my Peri. The OB handles plenty of high risk pregnancies, but was fine with me wanting additional USs and care by the Peri. It seems that Peris tend to do more USs as they are really interested in how the babies are doing in the inside, and not just weight gain, measuring size, etc. We saw the peri at 9w5d for the first time and he will be doing my nuchal fold test next tuesday.

    I agree you have to really be on top of things and be your own advocate when it comes to care.

    I hope everyone is doing well.

    Best -


  15. Hi ladies,
    I just returned from my OB's office and we had our 3rd ultrasound done at 11w1d. The two are doing great and seem to have more or less caught up so I am back to my original due date of 6/8/09.

    Baby 1 measured at 11w with a heartrate of 168 and Baby 2 measured at 10w4d with a heartrate of 174. It was so cool as they have progressed so much from the 2nd ultrasound 3w ago! They now look like babies and one was moving its hands and legs like it was running...can't believe there is so much activity and yet I cannot feel them. My OB says the one that is 11w was crowding the one that was measuring at 10w4d. It was remarkable!

    My OB wants to see me back in 4 weeks but my DH and I are going to be on vacation that week so are going back in on Wed 12/23 instead. In the meantime, I am going in for my NT scan at a different facility on 12/4 so at least I will have another peek at the two in 2.5 weeks.

    This appt was a big relief for me. I feel more confident that we are less at risk now of having a VT now that the two are measuring appropriately and have strong heartrates at 11w1d.

    Only one more week of estrace pills and PIO shots!!! Yay!!

    Hope everyone else is doing well!


  16. Donnie YAY! Two healthy little one's growing perfectly.

  17. I've been reluctant to post on any pregnancy boards as things got off to a bit of a rough start, but I'm 14 wks with twins today. My due date is in May, although I know with multiples due dates can be pretty speculative. Today is my last day on HRT -- my clinic had me start tapering off at 12 weeks. For all that I've felt better since I started reducing the HRT, I admit finally going off entirely makes me nervous. That's also because it has been two weeks since my last U/S, and as the U/S tech said on my last visit, I'm going into withdrawal . The last U/S was for the twins' NT, and the results were fine. Still, I feel as though I haven't seen them in so long, and my imagination gets the better of me.

    Anyway, I did have one question for you ladies: a good ttc friend of mine has expressed surprise that my OB/GYN hasn't referred me out to a perinatologist or high risk OB yet. Aside from the twins, I'm 48 and have asthma (and had surgery for mild Asherman's Syndrome before my IVF). My suspicion is that that's because there's nothing for one to do at this point. My last bloodwork was fine; so far, the twinkies have looked fine. Once they get bigger there will be room for all kinds of mischief, but that's for later. Have any of you who are still less than 4-5 mos. been referred out to perinatologists yet?


    Maggie (in VA)

  18. Hi Maggie -

    Congratulations on making it this far. I know what you mean about going through withdrawls when not seeing the little ones! I will actually be doing my NT scan through my peri and will be seeing him on a regular basis throughout the pregnancy. The OB is fine with this and it gives me comfort in knowing I have so many ppl looking out for me. I know some women see them earlier than others. The Peri said it is better for them to do all the USs, so that may be why? I wish you continued success in this pregnancy. When in May are they due? I am due June 10th, but we are anticipating them around the 21st of May, or there abouts.

    It was interesting about tapering off the meds. Our RE does it cold turkey, which has me leary. I am talking to the Peri about it next Tuesday when he does our nuchal fold testing to get his input on it. I will insist on an US soon after starting meds I am sure.

    Is anyone getting a doppler to listen to the heartbeats in between visits?

    Best of luck and look forward to getting to know you over the coming months.

  19. Hi Maggie and Congrats! Welcome! I too am worried about going cold turkey off my meds. I do know they will start to reduce my viodot patches from three qod to two qod. I worry mostly about the dexamethazone which is a steroid. What if I go through withdraw? scary. But on the bright side these wonderful docs have done something incredible. We are pregnant! jane

  20. So, gymtourl, you went to a peri independently -- you weren't referred by your regular OB/GYN? My working assumption has been that the OB/GYN would refer me out to a peri if either complications arose or if they felt I was at a point in the pregnancy where preterm labor or other problems were so great a possibility that they wanted me to be in relationship with a peri already. I have an OB/GYN appointment Tuesday, and I'll ask him point-blank about that.

    My due date is 5/19, but the PA at the OB/GYN's office said that was a date for a singleton, that I was unlikely to make it that long. When I went in at 11 weeks, they tried to hear the heartbeats on Doppler, and the OB said she could hear a hint of them, but couldn't draw a bead on them. They had to give me a U/S (let me tell you, that scared the living daylights out of me, even though the doctor was saying she wasn't surprised, not to worry, etc., etc.). The U/S tech said my placenta was anterior, which was probably why the doctor couldn't hear them on Doppler. Later another pregnant woman told me she went through the same thing. Why do the Doppler at that stage if you're just going to scare the heck out of mom?

    Well, <*blush*>, when I learned some clinics withdrew their patients cold turkey, I wrote my clinic (I cycled overseas) to find out what their protocol was. If they had told me to quit cold turkey, I would have called my OB/GYN to find out whether they agreed with that. Since the clinic gave me a schedule for tapering off the medications, it wasn't an issue.

    I look forward to talking with you ladies more!


  21. Hi Maggie,
    I am stopping my estrace and pio cold turkey next Tuesday. Our re says that it should be fine since by 12w the placenta is developed enough to supply the needed estrogen and progesterone. In regards to seeing a peri, I am not seeing one and when I asked my ob about it yesterday she said I would only be referred to a peri if a complication was seen during my ob's monitoring. The practice also deals with many high risk pregnancies so feels that having a peri at this stage is not necessary since I have had a smooth pregnancy so far and since it is my first pregnancy I have no hx of previous complications.

    I think if you are concerned then i would tell your ob that you would like to work with a peri (in addition to your ob). ultimately it is your health and state of mind so if you feel better seeing a peri your ob should understand.


  22. Maggie- welcome to the group. I saw my ob at 5.6wks due to a bleeding spell. he said that he wanted me to see my peri when he came to where my ob is (he comes here once a month). i saw my peri at 7 weeks and he said he will see me once a month till 32 weeks and then he will see my weekly. he will also be the one to deliver me as I cant deliver where I live. he also said that due to being high risk, age(47) and twins he wanted me seeing the ob here every 2 weeks as well as u/s every 2 weeks. I would definately ask your ob about seeing a peri because our age unfortuantley puts us in a whole nother catagory.

    As far as meds go-I stopped my dexamesthasone sunday and have had a headache ever since. not sure if its from that or not but its driving me crazy. I was supposed to stop my pio yesterday but decided that I am going to go every other day for a couple more weeks since I have the meds and I am only 9 weeks. I know I stopped it last time at 9 weeks but this time I'm nervous about stopping it since theres 2 babies inside.

    9.2 weeks

  23. third u/s today at 9w4d. Now my dates are changed to 9w5d b and 10w a but that would be impossible for baby a to measure 10 weeks today. I'm not going to put too much into this scan since I'm not sure this tech was as accurate as the others. both were moving all over the place and both had great hb in the high 170/180. anyway next scan is at 12 weeks. hope everyone is doing great. jane somewhere between 9.5 weeks and 10.

  24. jrm-this early into the pregnancy the babies are going to flucuate alot. sometimes measuring ahead and sometimes behind. since its only by a few days your due date wont change. its just the babies that are changing so rapidly most likely.

  25. Lori, you set my mind at ease. thank you.

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