may/june 2010 twins

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  1. lil mama!
    It\'s great to have you join the group. A big welcome to a twin mama. Your a few weeks ahead of us so you can give us some tips and heads up. jane 7w6d

  2. Hi ladies. I haven't posted in a while. I have made it to 15 weeks, but I began bleeding last Friday and they admitted me overnight.I am currently on bedrest for at least 2 weeks. It turns out I have complete placenta previa.I am going to try to go back to work the week of Thanksgiving, but the doctor said if I bleed again,then I cannot go back to work. The positive is the babies are still doing well. I feel very depressed about not being able to live normally, however.

  3. hang in there manricotesti...give your body the rest it needs...there's still time and the placentas could still move upwards...hang in there!

    check out your local resolve group--they may have a good support system to even have visitors and bring meals and stuff while you're on bedrest...maybe a card game with a gal that understands is what your spirit needs...

    hang in there!

  4. Yeah! second U/S today and it went great! twins both measure 8w 4d with a hb at 172 and b hb at 168. Who would have ever thought that I would be telling the world about baby a and baby b? They were moving around it was incredible. I have to pinch myself. Jane 8w 4d with twins.

  5. that is great news on the babies. I am the same way - who would have thought we would actually get 2? My husband and 16 year old son (who goes to US with me when DH can't) don't grasp how they keep track of whcih is which so I have to explain it every time. Are the babies caught up - I think last time they adjusted your date? I can't wait to be out of the first trimester - only a few more weeks to go.


  6. my u/s at 5 weeks put them back a few days and now they are right on track to conception date. They were moving! On a cloud 9.

  7. Irish, I agree with lil mama. rest. I understand your feeling depressed as it was so difficult to get here. we all just want it to be a normal pregnancy and smooth sailing after all we have gone through already. Thinking of you. Jane 8w 4d

  8. Jane,
    Great news that the twins are doing well. And, seems as if they have caught up? At my 2nd u/s mine were both measuring about 5-7 days behind so I am hoping by next Wed's u/s they catch up too.

    I am happy they are both doing well!

  9. hi girls, hope everyone had a great week and a better weekend. we are due for alot of rain this weekend so will be staying in most of it. babies are doing well. had another u/s yesterday babies are measuring 8.3. and 8.5 and I was 8.2. hrt rates were 178 and 181. you could see their little arm and legs buds and they were moving all over the place. the last 2 days I have definately popped out a little more. cant wait till I am showing really good. right now just looks like to all the new people.

    Lori 8.3 weeks w/twins

  10. Hi all,

    I will have to come back to do personals, but just wanted to let everyone know my u/s on Wed. was great. Babies measured 8w5d and 8w6d with h/bs of 186 and 188. I was 8w3d on u/s day. RE said things look perfect. I get to do PIO shots every other day now, but they added in oral progestrone pills 3x a day. I go back for b/w next week and hopefully they will lower meds again then.

    RE also told hubby that being the h/bs are so high - the babies are probably girls - so he will really be outnumbered since we already have 2 DDs from previous cycles. He did disclaimer it with the fact that the high h/b = girl is only accurate 50% of the time

    Take care everyone!


  11. Hi Tweety and congrats on the great u/s. We are researching this wives tale of hb determining sex of babies. We have great names for girls and are coming up with nothing for boys so to me that means we will have twin boys. Of course we won't have an answer till our next u/s. I think I'm going to resort to the magic 8 ball. jane

  12. jane - Murphy's law seems to appear at our house often too so yes of course if you have girl names the babies would be boys. Ha Ha - Are you going to find out for sure? Dh wants to know, I'm not sure.

    Lori - I'm glad to hear everything is going well with the babies.

    Donnie - I hope the twins are doing lots of growing and will be right on track the next u/s. I will keep my fingers crossed for you.

    manricotesti - hang in there and rest. My sister had placenta previa with my niece and the placenta moved up and she was even able to have a vaginal birth. It can happen.

    lilmama - thanks for the hope regarding the morning sickness. That is one symptom that would be nice to not have. Wow - I can't believe you are already to a point that they will be able to tell the sexes. Can't wait to hear what they are!

    AFM - Just hanging in here until next appt. - which is only b/w on the Nov. 18th. We are going to start looking at minivans since are family is growing. Hey - anyone have any inventive ways to share the news with family that you're having twins. We will probably announce on Thanksgiving to DH's side of family. Not sure about mine.


  13. tweety make the key word \"two\" on thanksgiving. For example, \"would you like two drumsticks, would you like two glasses of wine? see if anyone picks up on the insanity. If it takes them a while say \" one of something is great but two?!\"
    I am going to find out the sex of the babies. I like to be prepared. but lets face it ladies, we are having two boys. lol
    We have the sienna van and love it. perfect van for a big family. We drive from PA to Fl twice a year and have had no problems with it. I love our van.
    Hope everyone has a nice relaxing weekend. Take care Jane 8w 5d

  14. tweety-congrats on the good u/s report. at this stage I dont think that the hrt rates really mean alot yet.

    Question for everyone- does anyone's stomach feel \"sore\"? Not crampy but sore. Mine has been that way all day long so I am assuming that it is my uterus stretching??? it doesn't hurt its just sore and I've done absolutely nothing to it. the fatigue seems to be getting worse instead of better and omg and I the biggest b*tch to my DH. I know Im doing it but just cant seem to stop myself. no matter what he says its wrong and ticks me off. anyone else feeling this way?

  15. Lori, My DH has told me I'm all over the place with my emotions. One second hugging him and laughing the next second I'm on a war path. My insides aren't sore but I do feel \"stretching\" or something like a mild contraction. Lets face it our uterus is on double time now. As far as my fatigue, I have really been feeling it the past few days. I have spent the day resting and then did a trip to the grocery store and that took it out of me completely. I have found that fresh fruit is saving me.

  16. Lori - I feel sore all the time and I just assume it is stretching. I get tired easily and by night time I am miserable. I am fine in the emotions dept, although at night when DH wants to lay in bed and work when I need to sleep I simply want to kill him. I end up falling asleep and then he wakes me up and we end up arguing over it. And noises drive me crazy, sounds of commercials on TV, useless noise, certain types of music just drive me nuts. I am not as nauseous these days, but I still can't seem to figure out much to eat. Watermelon is the best, although hard to find, ice cold salads are yummy, and fruit smoothies and luigi ices are yummy. Have put on about five pounds, can't zipper my jeans, but did find one of those bands you can wear to get a few more weeks out of my normal jeans, which is nice. Taking a shower wears me out - I think from the heat and steam. By the time I get out and do my hair I have to lay down for a bit. Speaking of hair, does anyone color their hair? DH and I are having a disagereement about that - I desparately need to get my hair done, but he says no way. I will have the peri tell him it is ok, but wondering what everyone else thinks.

    Hope everyone is having a great weekend.


  17. Tweety,
    we plan to let our family see our ultrasound pics which show both sacs in the same picture.


  18. Hi Anna,
    I have read that highlights are fine but not full head dyes in the 1st trimester.
    Glad to hear you are finding some foods that agree with you. Btw, are you using hair elastic bands to lengthen your waistbands or did you buy something specific for this?


  19. Hi Donnie - I bought a BeBand at target. It goes all the way around your stomach and flattens and keeps the pants up when the won't close. It can also be used if maternity pants are too big before and after pregnancy. It was nice because I could wear a long shirt and no one could tell the jeans were unbottoned and not zipped up all the way. I did get a pair of maternity pants, but they were just too big and would have needed extra help anyway. This way I can put it off until probably after thanksgiving before wearing them out.

    Your US is almost here Donnie - I bet you guys are excited for Friday!


  20. Hi may I join you ladies? I am 12 weeks - due May 30th (40 weeks) but told it will be more like the end of April. We conceived our first time with IVF where we transferred two embryos. (Our babies are fraternal twins.) We lost our first son at 23 weeks (about 5 years ago). I had a placental abruption and he died right after birth but the chances of that happening again are less than 10% Everything looks great this time and I thank God for that everyday!

    Anna -I was reading through some of the most recent posts and noticed that you bought a band from target. I am thinking I need to do that because the elastic hair band just isn't cutting it anymore!

    I look forward to talking with all you girls. It is nice to have a group of ladies who understand what you are going through. I don't know anyone who has had twins recently (some who did 20 years ago - but that doesn't help me much!)

  21. Welcome JoJo - the band I got at target is great. It is comfy, and makes things so easy while trying to continue to wear my pre-pregnancy jeans for a few more weeks. I would be afraid of the hair band thing - seems like a disaster waiting to happen.

    Best -


  22. welcome to the group jojo.

    hey girls- had a scare last night and still scared to death. I was laying here watching tv when all of a sudden I started having really bad AF type cramps. i immediately went to the bathroom to check but thank god no blood. this lasted for about 2 hours almost to the point where Iwanted to go to the er it was so painful but I know at this stage there is absolutely nothing that they can do. the cramps are alot milder now and still no blood but I just dont know what it was and I dont have another u/s for about 10 days. again not that thats gonna change anything. do you ever get af type of cramps? this wasn't ligament pain or even close to the soreness I've been feeling. now Im gonna worry till the next u/s that something has happened to one of the babies. please let me know if this is normal.

  23. Lori -

    I get the same thing sometimes and like you, worry about it, even when they subside. The fact there is no bleeding is a good sign. I sometimes think they are cramps, with gas mixed in, just making everything in the belly feel worse. I would reach out to your dr., but I am sure they are going to say it's normal and if no bleeding, don't worry.

    Our US is the 24th and I know I can't wait for that one, and then the following one about 2 weeks later as I will then officially be out of the tww.

    Rest as much as you can.

    Hugs -


  24. Hi Donnie - I bought a BeBand at target. It goes all the way around your stomach and flattens and keeps the pants up when the won't close. It can also be used if maternity pants are too big before and after pregnancy. It was nice because I could wear a long shirt and no one could tell the jeans were unbottoned and not zipped up all the way. I did get a pair of maternity pants, but they were just too big and would have needed extra help anyway. This way I can put it off until probably after thanksgiving before wearing them out. Your US is almost here Donnie - I bet you guys are excited for Friday! A

    Hi Anna,
    I will have to check out the BeBand at Target. Thanks for the tip. I just started to use a hair elastic band for a pair of pants and it seems to be working really well. I am surprised! I will be able to wear my pre-pregnancy pants for another month (depending on how much weight I gain between now and then). I went into Gap Maternity store this weekend to buy some jeans and cords for later use and the lady said I was very small for being 10 weeks and that I should be able to wear my current clothes for another month. We'll see...

    I actually go in for my 3rd ultrasound on Wed. It was Friday but my DH is traveling so we had to move it up 2 days. I will feel better once I see the two again to make sure they are progressing as they should.

    How are you feeling?

  25. Hi Donnie - I am jealous of you staying so small - definitely won't be the case for me. I will be happy for the be band to get me through another few weeks.

    I am glad you were able to change your US date so DH can be there. And you will get to see them both two days earlier. I can't wait for next Tuesday to see ours. From there - another week and a half to be out of the first trimester - another milestone to make.

    Are you still feeling good? I have more and more good times during the day, but not consistently enough to know when it will happen or for how long.

    I bet you are excited about getting off the meds - did they say to stop cold turkey or taper down? I am going to talk to my peri about it as well as the RE - not sure who I trust at this ponit.

    Hugs -


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