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  1. How did you get the twin discount while your still pg at BRU? I thought you had to show birth certificates as proof?

  2. I purchased the first little rattles for the girls today. I seem to be the only one here that is not prioritizing things to buy. lol. Hope everyone is doing well. The babies are kicking even harder. It's tough sometimes turning from side to side at night.
    Lori how are things going with you?
    We are ready for the second snow storm here in central PA.
    Jane 21w1d g/g

  3. Anna,
    I just picked up the Snap n Go Double last night for $40 (about a year old). I called Baby Trend this mng and they confirmed that it works with the Chicco KeyFit 30. Tonight, my DH and I are going to look at one being sold on Craigslist for $100. The seller had her daughter using it for 4 months only and has the original box, manual and has sent me pics of it... it looks brand spankin new so more than likely I will buy it. I will keep my eye out for a gently used 2nd Keyfit 30 seat or else register for a new one.

    Thanks for the suggestion for the Britax chair when the babies outgrow their infant seats.

    Many places will give you the twin discount if you buy 2 of the item and you can get the discount prior to the babies being born as they know you have to buy before then. They want to encourage you to buy 2 so they will give it to you. One boutique baby store in our area has the twin discount but it only applies to select baby items (cribs, baby bjorn, etc).

    Anyone looking at the BabyBjorn Babysitter Balance or hear anything about it compared to other bouncies? I am thinking of buying one (registering for it). It is pricey but I like how compact and portable it is.

    Also, my round ligaments (near the pelvis) have been really sore lately...anyone else? I am 23 weeks today and have read that in the next 4 weeks the babies will double in size, so I am guessing that is why I am feeling the pain in my ligaments these past few days.

    I have a funny story to share. My DH felt the baby kick the other night for the first time. He pulled his hand away and said \"Ew, that's gross\" (he is watching too many alien movies) and then asked if he could feel again and put his hand back on my tummy.

    23w (g/b twins)

  4. Jane when is the storm supposed to start for you? we're supposed to be getting it tomorrow morning. been doing good as of sat's peri appt. how are you doing?

    Donnie-does BRU give you the twin discount on baby clothes as well? as for the two of everything since we just had DS 16 mos ago there are things we'll only need 1 of so wasn't sure how that would work out. guess whenever i am able to get there I will just talk to them and see what they say.

  5. LOL Donnie, I can never get my husband to put his hand on my belly. Same reaction, \"eww that's gross!\"
    Lori the snow fall started at 2pm today. Glad to hear you are doing good. I am fine and have been doing little to nothing. So, no more braxton hicks at this time but baby b used to be laying side to side at the top and my doc said that could have been setting off my contractions. Baby b moved a few days ago and hasn't been a trouble maker since then.
    Donnie yesterday I started to notice some pelvic discomfort. I am just over 21 weeks but at 5ft 4 things are cramped already. Last night my sides pulled every time I rolled from side to side. Pillows are my new best friend. I have them scattered throughout the house.
    Jane 20.1 gg

  6. Jane when is the storm supposed to start for you? we're supposed to be getting it tomorrow morning. been doing good as of sat's peri appt. how are you doing? Donnie-does BRU give you the twin discount on baby clothes as well? as for the two of everything since we just had DS 16 mos ago there are things we'll only need 1 of so wasn't sure how that would work out. guess whenever i am able to get there I will just talk to them and see what they say.

    Hi Lori,
    Looks like they only offer a 10% discount when you buy 2 of the same at the time of purchase and only applies to furniture, bedding sets and baby gear (no clothing). I have not registered for the discount pgm there but here is what their website says:

    Does Babies \"R\" Us offer a multiple birth discount? We are pleased to inform you of our multiple birth discount. Babies \"R\" Us defines a multiple birth as parents with two or more babies the same age. We offer our customers 10% off two or more of the same items purchased in the same order (e.g. two cribs, two bedding sets, two strollers, etc.). The discount can not be combined with any other offers, including sale priced items, and applies to the following categories only: furniture, bedding sets and baby gear, including car seats, strollers, travel yards, highchairs, swings, gates, exersaucers/walkers and backpack/carriers. Double strollers and matching infant car seats are also eligible for the multiple birth discount. This offer is not available on any special purchase items. Corporate sales do not qualify for the multiple birth discount.

  7. Lori, as far as I know, BRU will give you a twin discount on large items, like furniture, strollers, etc. while you are pregnant. The only ones I have heard you have to show a birth certificate are when you are getting discounts on some formula, diapers, etc.

    **I did try a few weeks ago to get a twin discount on some blankets and small items and they said it had to be larger items only. Maybe you could call your local store and they could explain the multiples discount better?

  8. Wow! Donnie, I think you and I were posting at the same time and I just read what you said. It looks like I must have gotten one past them combining the twin discount and the coupon?? Always worth trying!! Their system certainly didn't stop it or anything!

  9. Jane- My BHs have calmed down a bit too. Im wondering if it is because she flipped and her head is no longer on my cervix. still staying in bed or recliner for the most part. only get up if I absolutely have too. After 28 weeks tho Im going shopping at least

    Donnie thanks for the info. I'll definately be asking about it when I go there.

    just saw on the news that our schools are closing at 12 tomorrow due to the storm. supposed to start in the morning. still need to have dh go to the store so theres food here.

  10. Wow! So much going on this thread that I can't catch up.

    Question on the car seats as I'm expecting that my babies will be on the smaller side since I'm petite and DH is avg height. If one goes with a Snugride or other specifically infant seat which will fit them better, does that eliminate the value of the Britax which as I understand it can be extended from infant seat into later growth seat? I've placed my order for Baby Bargains book today. (yeah!) Then maybe I'll be able to contribute some thoughts (but you all might be done with your purchases by then)

    Irish - congrats on passing your glucose test!! I'm not sure what that means for your anemia but I hope that gets better too without hurting the glucose issue

    Amshel - thanks for the tip on the Parenting Multiples board. I didn't know that section existed.

    After attending a Superbowl party, I learned that I have access to free second hand bouncies, activity mats and maybe even a pack n play and exersaucer(?). I was just going to take them vs. register for new ones. Right now, they're in people's attics and I was planning to get them maybe even after the babies are born as we don't have space. My guess is they're all less than five years old and either are second hand or maybe third hand. I take it the bouncy covers are washable? I don't think I need to be concerned about latest/greatest or \"best\" rated bouncy - do I? Also, do you think \"third-hand\" is too yucky by then?

    I hope to see my peri tomorrow, snow permitting. I had a minor feeling faint episode while sitting on the train. Also, I noticed pressure in my heart/breath at times. It happened tonight and I was just sitting on the sofa. I wasn't short of breath, and I can't describe it exactly. Maybe it was more laborious breathing? Anyway, seems like it is too early to have this issue. Does anyone else have the same thing and is there a solution?

    Went to a doctor who diagnoses issues for physical therapists. It wasn't really necessary but I figured head off any problems before I gain more weight. He said the pain in my butt (which is now manageable) was the sacrum muscle. He gave me prescription for a brace (only ~$35) and for some physical therapy sessions. I might go to one or two. The doc I saw doesn't actually conduct the p/t, he just diagnoses and prescribes

    Had a REALLY good interview today and I think they want me to freelance if the client approves. Sort of a mixed blessing I guess. I told them I could do 3-4 days per week up until end of April. I think they need to be done by mid-March though which means lots of job pressure. Also, they didn't discuss salary and the recruiter keeps trying to lower my expectations (I think so she can get her cut). Plus, it's a complex issue the client is trying to solve. Will see what happens as I meet with the client next Friday since I\"m away T-Th. I suspect they'd rather I meet with him on Monday but I'm not sure if I'll be ready by then.

    Still can't decide on nursery colors/decor. Was contemplating leaving the walls moss/beige colored since it's done and more selllable and because I saw some photos in the Restoration Hardware baby catalog that used that as a base with baby blue and baby pink and white accents. I didn't love it though and DH said it wasn't what he had envisioned so I guess that's out. We're back to the lavendar vs. yellow battle.

    Hope everyone is well! THANKS!

  11. Donnie, JRM, funny, I've been getting DH to put his hand on my belly when we watch TV. a) it keeps me warm and therefore warms up the babies without overheating them and b) I think it's good to help bond him with the pg. He hasn't felt a kick yet. I, on the otherhand, keep saying \"ooh\" when I get a kick. I can't help it - it's just a gut reaction from the surprise. I hope that doesn't happen during a job interview.

    DH likes to go to the doc appts with me. On the one hand it's supportive. On the other hand, it's somewhat routine now and I hate asking little embarrasing questions in front of him and I hope the time out doesn't impact his work.

  12. Curious - in terms of carseats, it is a mixed bag. If the babies are small or premature then a lot of women I have spoken to felt the britax seats were too big and they ran out and got the snugride or other seat that fit the babies better (I think the britax and other conversion seats kind of squish them rather than let them lay flatter, not sure?) Also, with the britax I think you are forced to take the baby out of the seat, even if sleeping, so having a true infant seat and some type of snap n go is just convenient. These are just things I have heard and make sense when I think about it.

    I also get heart palpatations, or what feels like a racing heart, mostly at night, anad mostly when sitting or laying down. They go away on their own and from my Dr tells me they are common and simply has to do with all the blood flow going through the body. I would ask your Dr about them - always a good idea - in case anything else is going on.

    I had to take my wedding rings off finally - they weren't tight, but were getting hard to get off and didn't want them stuck there. I am going to just wear my plain band for the duration. I don't really notice any swelling in my feet, thankfully, but hoping the swelling in my fingers isn't a bad sign of things to come.

    Since I work from home not many ppl realize I am pregnant, but word is starting to spread amongst my clients due to me missing some trade shows (Donnie I am envous of your desire to continue traveling so far along - I can't imagine even trying to make it through the airport). Of course, as people find out they mention it when we talk and ask how I am doing, and how brave DH and I are doing this so late in life, etc. And you would be amazed at how many of them either have twins, know people with twins, are a twin, etc. It is crazy, fortunately most of the stories are good and I think they feel sorry for me so I am doing more business than usual.

    I hope everyone has a great day!

    22w6d BG twins

  13. Thanks amshel. Let me clarify my question. If I buy a snugride now, does it still make sense to buy a britax when they outgrow the snugride. Or would I be paying a premium for a feature I wouldn't need; the expandability from infant toddler convedrsion

  14. When the babies outgrown the snugride they will still need a conversion seat and the britax is highly recommended. If you go to they can make lots of recommendations on car seats - they go so far as to be able to recommend based on the type / year of your car as not all are the same and will work differently. I just recently learned they recommend kids to be rear facing until about 3 years old? I never knew that and not sure how I feel about it either? The britax won't be a waste and you can sell your snugrides most likely so not out the full cost. A lot of the conversion (infant to toddler) seats will take them to about 4 years old I think. We decided to put our real money into those and were lucky enough to find a great deal on the snugrides with a snap n go and double stroller that will also hold the infant carseats for less than $200. We will probably end up getting rid of the seats and snap n go at the same time and keeping the double stroller unless we find something better that we like when the time comes.

    Def check out the web-site above - there is lots of info there with a lot of great resources.

    Hugs -


  15. I purchased the Britax Marathon for my daughter after she outgrew the snugride and she still fits into it perfectly and is almost 4 years old. We will move her into a Britax Regent in a few months, which can last up to 80 pounds and still is a 5-point harness, and use the two Marathon's for the twins once they outgrow the Snugrides. I found all of the Britax seats were cheaper at and they offer free shipping. We really, really like them.

    Also, Amshel, I have the racing heart, too. I have a mild heart condition, so I went to my cardiologist and had it checked out to make sure all was well. He said (along with me peri) that with the increased bloodflow when pregnant with multiples, it is common for your heart to have to work harder. But, just to be safe, make sure they are checking your blood count/iron levels. Mine were low and if you google it, apparently a racing heartrate can also indicate anemia, which is easily fixable with iron supplementation.

  16. Thanks Amshel and Irish! Will do on the car seats

    Thanks for the tip on checking iron. I had asked my peri if they can tell if I'm getting the right nutrients from the urine analysis and she said they basically just look for dehydration (and maybe one other thing). I'll ask about iron next time. I have to take that darn glucose test in 4 weeks. While I think it should be fine, who knows.

  17. Ok girls I have a Little dilemma and not sure what to do. part of me says ignore it but then theres the paranoid part. Ok as of sat baby A had flipped so she is now breech and my BHs have seemed to ease up since then which is a good thing. yesterday they started back up again altho not as many as before. I felt \"wierd\" all day too. not sure how to explain what I am feeling. anyways, then I realized I hadn't really felt the babies much so I went and took a bath figuring that would get them going but it didn't. poked and prodded on my belly but again nothing so when I got out I drank a cup of OJ. About 30 mins later I did feel a couple kicks but nothing like they've been doing. I checked hrt rates. Hers was good in the 150s but his was down to 110. I haven't checked them today cause I don't want to make myself more paranoid. I have an u/s scheduled for tuesday. today is pretty much the same way. Their barely moving and Im drinking the heck out of OJ and staying off my feet and again I feel \"off\". have had a few BHs but mostly just feel crampy like before AF. My dr is off today and I called to see if I could move my u/s from tuesday to today but they said they were full. should I just ignore things till tuesday or what? I don't want to become a pain to the drs etc but just not sure if this is normal. any suggestions?

    21.2 wks b/g twins

  18. Lori, When we were in Florida from like 17-18 weeks I felt less movement. When I came home I had a peri appointment and heard both hb with the doppler. I cried a bit thinking something had happened to them. I think baby a had turned her feet to my back so when she kicked I didn't feel her as much. It's going to be a long weekend if your freaking out now so if I were you I would try to talk with a doc today or tomorrow to see what he suggests.
    I have noticed a change in the past few days with myself. I am slower, bigger, and getting out of breath easily. A little more on the bitchy side. Yeah, that's how I would word it. I have been craving fatty foods. My five year old has been home from school now for two whole days. TWO whole days. I'll have you in my thoughts.
    Jane 21.3 gg

  19. Lori - if you are going to worry all weekend then I would simply go to the emergency room and get checked (if the peri really can't squeeze you in.) Worrying won't do you any good at all, and getting checked will give you peace of mind.

    I notice changes in my little ones as well, but not using a home doppler so don't keep up with the heart rates. Since you are using the home doppler and the rate is slower I imagine that is contributing to your feelings.

    Tuesday is a long way away, and there is no reason to not get checked, even at the emergency room, if it will ease your mind.

    Keep us posted.

    Hugs -


  20. Ok DH brought home fish and chips for lunch. After I ate the babies got really active so I think all will be ok till tuesday.

  21. Lori - glad Fish n Chips did the trick. It sounds yummy, but no where near to get any, so now I am jealous.

    Get some rest and enjoy all the movement. Some ppl say the movement gets annoying after a time - I don't care when it is, day, night, etc., I just like feeling them move knowing they are OK.


  22. Hi Lori, Just catching up on your post and replies. I am glad to hear the babies are active again. I am 23w2d and I feel the babies passivley throughout the day, but there are times when I do not feel anything for hours on end. I know it is hard not to worry, but try to stay relaxed, drink your fluids, eat your protein and never hesitate to contact your doctor if it gives you the peace of mind you need.

    Take care!

  23. Fish and Chips!? What I would do for that right now. So happy to hear things are good. All of us worry more than most due to the road it took for us to get to this point. Like the rest of us it's always hard to just sit back and enjoy the pregnancy.
    Take care everyone.
    jane 21.3 gg

  24. Lori, glad it was a false alarm. Those dopplers are notoriously off with twins, too. I'm not always sure I'm getting the different babies h/bs. I think at this point, they're shifting positions and some positions mean we feel them more and others less so try not to worry about it and just keep your regular appts. Sounds like they are monitoring you pretty closely because of the BH.

  25. Hi Ladies,
    Does anyone know to what extent the babies can move within the uterus?
    For example, 4 weeks ago the boy was on the right side and the girl was on my left. Can they switch positions (move from left to right or now have one at the top and one at the bottom of the uterus)?

    I know they can move within their amniotic sac, but did not know if they could switch without getting tangled.


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