may/june 2010 twins

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  1. Just wondering if there are others out there that are due may/june with twins. I am 5wks6days and just found out today that we have 2 beating hearts. would love to talk to others on this journey ahead of us.

  2. HI Lori, I was looking for someone to share this time with. My conception with IVF and Donor eggs were on sept 2009. I just had an u/s done this past friday and yes, just as I had suspected there are two little strong heartbeats. I should be 7 weeks but I guess with twins sometimes they mature slightly slower so now I'm 6 w 3 days. How did you conceive your twins? talk to you soon. Jane

  3. Hi Jane, mine was an FET with our 2 remaining embryos from our ivf in 2008 that resulted in our ds.

  4. Hi Jane and Lori. I am 8w4 days with twins from FET DE cycle in September. Due date is June 12, although won't go past May 28th, which also happens to be my birthday. I have been pretty sick so far and looking to be out of the first trimester. I have another US on the 10th with the peri and then 12 week scan on Dec. 3rd. At that point maybe I will be able to relax a bit.


  5. Hi A- I've had quite a bit of m/s as well but actually am enjoying as I know each time I get sick that its a good sign that all is progressing well. My edd is 6-22 but when you adjust it for twins it comes as 5-31. I see my peri on sat so I guess will get a better perspective on things then. cant wait for him to find out I'm having twins. other then getting sick what are you other symptoms? mine is extreme hunger and fatigue. i've also noticed over the last few days that I am starting to get dizzy alot more.

  6. Hi there,

    I am also pregnant with twins. We conceived through IVF and transferred two 6-day embryos and both stuck. I am due May 6th, but will most likely deliver in April.

    Now that I am in the second trimester, the morning sickness is somewhat better, although it never really went away with my prior pregnancy, so I don't expect it to be completely gone. I am still fatigued, but what I have noticed more is the sciatica and back discomfort. It seems strange that despite such a small weight gain that your back can already hurt, but I suppose they are growing and moving everything around in there.

    Feel free to message me if you ever want to chat. I have had some anxiety over the changes we are facing with two more children and I know it has helped me talk to others that have gone through the same thing.

  7. Hi Ladies

    Just wondering if there is room for one more?

    I'm 6w5d and yesterday's ultrasound showed two beating hearts!!

    Baby A measured = 6w4d yesterday and Baby B measured = 6w3d so both are right on target. They didn't tell me how many beats/minute, but i should find that out when i go over the results with my GP.

    Soooo exciting!!

    Congrats Ladies

  8. Welcome Irish and Amy - the more the merrier in my eyes. And Lori is probably greatful to finally see some other twin moms joining - I am sure she thought she was the only one for a while.

    I am so hoping the MS goes away at some point, I certainly don't feel like myself at all. I will also be glad when I can stop taking all the meds - but still have about another 3 weeks to go - our RE keeps us on meds until 12 weeks.

    Irish - you talk about the back, etc., but for me sleeping has already become difficult. I am not sure why, but laying flat has bothered me almost from the beginning.

    DH has been great, and I have older kids - teens - who are gems and excited about the twins, so that has been an added blessing as well.

    Best to everyone - looking forward to getting to know everyone over the coming months.


  9. Wow! Glad to see the room fill up with so many twin pregnancies due around the same time. I go to my first ob/gyn (local dr) on monday and am sure they will do an ultrasound. I had my first u/s a week ago and found two little strong heartbeats. So far it's my \"healthy\" appetite that lets me know I am pregnant with twins. My 5 year old was watching me look through a pregnancy book and saw a picture of a baby in his mommies tummy. He then asked me \" how did the babies get in your belly, did you eat them?\" poor kid is terrified he may be next. Anyway, I have had no ms but slight nausea and at this rate would welcome a little morning sickness. I am about 7 weeks along and my jeans have been put away as of today.
    Lori amshel amy manricotesti I am looking forward to sharing this wonderful journey with you all.

  10. Hi everyone,

    I am also pregnant with twins and due June 20th - though I'm sure it will be earlier. We have had 1 u/s so far and both babies measured on target with h/bs of 124 and 126 at 6w3d. RE said everything looks good. We will have another u/s on nov. 11 at 8w3d then 1 last one during week 10. After that, I will start seeing OB instead of RE.

    I am hoping after the next u/s that they will start weaning me off of the PIO and delestrogen shots. I have nausea on and off throughout the entire day, but haven't actually gotten sick at all - thankfully. I am also very tired and hungry - been eating about 5 or 6 times a day - which seems to also help the nausea.

    Hope everyone is doing well.


  11. hey everyone good to see us filling up altho I've already talked to a few of you on another thread. hope everyone is feeling good. just think we're over halfway thru the first tri so for those of us with m/s maybe it will ease up soon altho I am just grateful everytime i get sick. never thought I'd be happy to throw up. its not everyday so lucky in that aspect. I see my peri on sat and then my regular ob next tuesday. hope everyone has a great day.

    7 wks1day

  12. Hi Everyone!
    I was just wondering how many twins were through IVF Donor/ own
    Mine were 2 fresh donor through IVF using DH sperm.
    Jane 7 w

  13. Ours are from FET with de / DH sperm. It was our 2nd cycle and 4th tx.


  14. My twins are from a Fresh IVF cycle with our own embryos.

    Previously- 2 ivf ectopic pregancies - Then had a tubal ligation...worked like a charm for this ivf!!
    14 frosties on ice


  15. Hi everyone,

    My pregnancy is from a FET transfer of 3 Day 3 embryos. I previously had a vanishing twin pregnancy and that was also from a FET. I have actually had much better luck with my FET cycles than fresh ones. The embryos are our own.

    Hope everyone is feeling okay. I still have nausea all day long.


  16. Hi Girls, well I had my appt with my peri this morning. We saw both babies again. baby A measured 7.2 168bpm Baby B measured 7.3 171bpm. He said that I will get u/s every 2 weeks (yippee). he said there was still a risk of losing one or both but right now things are looking good. I have to go to boston in a month for a 4d u/s at his office. he said that even tho I wont be delivering where I live that I can see my regular ob here and I'll see him once a month when he comes here till 32 weeks and then after that they will make me leave the island and go to boston. he said that he would suggest a cs because of the risk of delivering vaginally and baby b flipping and coming out breech. I do want to deliver vaginally but I also dont want any risk to either baby so I think I am just going to plan on a cs. I asked him about weight and he said he hated numbers and just to listen to my body and eat when I am hungry. he also didn't recommend an amnio unless they find a reason for it cause he said doing the amnio on twins gave me a 1 in 50 chance of losing them and again we're not willing to take that risk. overall the visit was great and my regular ob even popped in the room with us for a few. I'm so excited that I'll be getting so many u/s. guess there is an advantage to being \"old\" and pregnant with

  17. Lori, That's great news. I know when I was pregnant with my 5 year old at the age of 37 I had 9 u/s for a normal natural pregnancy. I am hoping that they monitor my little beans twice as much. I will not get an amnio unless there is a real need for it. The donor eggs are from a 22 year old healthy girl. but I'll play the old lady card to get an extra u/s and extra doc visits. As far as my weight, I feed my cravings if they are healthy. I try my best to keep it sensible and balanced but lets face it ladies there are two in there and I knew it from one week after tx. I out ate my dh at a sit down meal. Take care everyone. Jane 7w 2 d

  18. Jane- I out eat everyone right now altho there are times I feel like Im starving but after a couple bites cant seem to finish it and then Im hungry again 30 mins

  19. Hi ladies -

    I just can't seem to eat much. I get hungry, but can only do a bite or two. Honey nut cheerios for breakfast, egg salad, chicken salad and salads are about all that I can eat. Even then the evenings are miserable and I have to take Zofran again.

    We go back to the Dr. on Tues, actually seeing the peri for the first time. I still get so nervous and worried each time. Can't wait to be out of the first trimester. We will def have a c-section as my other 3 have been as well - I have a 21, 16 and 15 year old.

    Hugs -



  20. Anna, Maybe a citrus sorbet would help. Honestly though, when I was pregnant with my five year old I would get hungry then as soon as I was ready to eat the food the feeling of nausea would sweep over me. It's nice to see moms to be in here that have adult or close to adult children. I hope you get to feeling better soon as I have read about your struggles with nausea.
    Lori, Girl, we should do lunch!
    Jane 7w and almost 3d.

  21. Well, I thought the nausea was getting better but I guess not. I was up most of the night feeling sick. Oh well, I just figure it's reassurance that everything is going well.

    Lori - Congrats on the great u/s and h/bs.

    I will have u/s this week and another in 2 weeks. Then I switch to OB so I don't know how many I will get after that.


  22. hi ladies,
    I was told about this thread from Jane (daffy125) and have been lurking trying to decide if I should join now or wait until after the 1st trimester (when I am more confident that VTS will not occur). I have finally decided to join...if I may?

    A bit about me:
    I just turned 44 and have been TTC for 3.5 years (multiple IUI w/clomid, 5 IVF cycles with own eggs) and this Sept I was lucky enough to get pregnant after my first fresh IVF-DE cycle. Currently I am 10w (if you go by last menstrual period) but based on the ultrasound at 8w1d the two were measuring a week behind (b1 at 7w3d, b2 at 7w1d). So, I have adjusted how far along I am by a week to 9w, so I can track the development progress of the growing embies.

    I am on PIO shots and cannot wait to stop the poor butt is sore from being a pin cushion for 3 months!

    I have only had 2 u/s: one at 7w1d and the 2nd one at 8w1d (2 weeks ago). I go back in for my next u/s in about a week and a NT scan the 4th of December.

    I have been feeling good with minimal symptoms: fatigue, hungry more times throughout the day, and pants are getting tighter to button (I am down to the last of my 2 lowrise stretch jeans!). But, m/s symptoms (yet).


    p.s. Hi Anna and Jane!

  23. Hi Donnie - I am glad you joined. I think we will be spending lots of time together over the coming months.

    I met with Peri today - OB couldn't get me in for an us to check on SCH so they scheduled me with the Peri instead since he will be sharing care with the OB anyway. Both babies are doing well, measuring 9w5d and 168 and 171 for HBs, so happy about that. The SCH is small, but just having it adds to the risk of miscarriage, although he said he feels we will see it getting smaller and smaller over the coming weeks. Will continue taking it easy for the next few weeks, which is fine based on how I have been feeling. I am beginning to wonder if I will ever start to feel well, but I do keep hoping.

    It was nice to have the tummy US vs. vaginal, completely different. Could see the arms and actually looking like a baby. I go back on the 22nd for our NT scan, although they did the bloodwork today. When we go on the 22nd they will be able to give us the results based on the nuchal fold measurement with no waiting, which I thought was pretty cool. He also gave me the name of a nutritionist, although said not to worry about it until the MS runs it course. I asked about eating and drinking and he said that the babies are getting what they need regardless of what I am eating or drinking so not to worry about it for the time being. If it becomes a problem he says my body will let me know. That was nice for a change since all I do is worry about what I am not eating and not drinking.

    I hope everyone is doing well. Can't wait to hear everyone's news as we all move forward!

    Hugs -

    9w5d with twins

  24. Donnie,
    I am so glad to see you here too! Jane 7w 6d and an ultrasound tomorrow.

  25. Hi Girls,

    May I join?

    I\'m 15 weeks with twins--my very first BFP after 4 years of was our last IUI before IVF...with severe was a long shot but it worked!!!

    I too had TERRIBLE morning sickness--I ended up in the ER once (for fluids) and vomitted ~10 times a day during the first trimester...but have hope got so much better end of 11 weeks onward...I've been off the zofran since week 12 (with 1 exception)...and now only lose my lunch 1-2 times a week...REALLY strong lemonade seemed to help with the nausea a little...for me anyway...

    I\'m due may 5th...but scheduled to have them no later than 4/ peri appt is 11/23 (we find out the sex)...I also have an ob appt 11/20...

    I hope you gals continue to do well!!!

    take care

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