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  1. sunshine, you should win a prize for that!

    still waitin, baby was so active this morning, no real contractions, tomorrow is my u/s. i will bring my bag to hospital. i think my mum and sis will now have to change their flights, stay another week.

    hope e/o is well

  2. Hi all! Our baby girl was born February 2nd at 3:38am! She was 8lbs 8oz! Everything went so smoothly, we are thrilled! PM me for name and details!

    khitam- CONGRATS!!!! Connor is just beautiful!!!

    Vesselin- Hang in there! Hopefully soon!!! Can't wait to hear the good news!

    Will try to post more later, just been so crazed and just in shock! But all is good.

  3. congrats olga! hope all is well.

    me, still waitin, feeling some contractions, if nothing happens by mon will try a cervical gel and go from there. baby moving fine.

    will post again

  4. Congratulations olga! (though a little early in Feb!)

    What was it like to look into your dd's eyes for the first time? Burned in my memory forever. I imagined my dd saying '''so THAT's what you look like Mommy!'.

    Enjoy the realness of it.


  5. hang in there marinopoulos!
    yes, i am still 10 days overdue. trying a cervical dilator, but am thinned out 50%...we will break water and do pitocin wed or thurs if no action by then. i just hope my mum and sister can meet baby before they have to leave!

  6. Sunshine,
    Your words are glowing with your happiness. What an entrance into this world.

    marinopoulos and Vesselin,
    Thinking of you in the final stretch.

    I started estrace today. Hope fourth try lucky with DE.


  7. Dana - thank you, i am truly glowing w/happiness. So glad to read your update. I'm praying that this time everything works out just right for you!

    Vesselin - Wow, 50% is great. You are so close now. Contractions could start anytime now. how exciting! Cant wait to hear news!!

    May - Congratulations!! I'm sure you feel so happy now after all the waiting! Gosh isn't it the best feeling ever? I'm so so happy for you. Thanks for posting the good news. Cant wait to hear more!

    marinopoulos - So you are in the homestretch!!! yay! Your heartburn and that relentless gas pressure will be replaced with other little irritations of healing after delivery but the really cool thing is that you wont even care because of the precious baby you will have soon. Wont be long now.

    afm - My parents kept our handsome little prince, Connor while we had a fun evening out celebration Saturday night and then Connor and Daddy and I watched Superbowl Sun night.....well Connor slept in my lap! Then Monday morning, we got to try out our cool travel system. We bundled up our little guy and took him on the Metra downtown and walked to Daddys office. I was so proud strolling him down the street to the office (even though he was cacooned under layers). When we arrived (and unwrapped him, lol) everyone there was so excited to see him and he was a perfect angel all day. Daddy carried him around to offices all over the building to show him talk about a proud daddy...omg. Kris has turned into photographer of the year! It couldnt have gone better! I'm just loving being a mommy!!!

  8. Sunshine!

    What a lovely post. It brought tears to my eyes. Enjoy! Enjoy! Enjoy!


  9. Hi marinopoulos-I just popped on and noticed how very close you are! I am so excited for you and can't wait to hear when you deliver. I will check back in.

  10. hello ladies!

    just got to my computer so i can tell you that my baby boy was born on feb11, 2 weeks overdue! he weighed 8lbs 3 oz and is 53 cm. ( 2 feet) still waiting on a name...we are patient

    he is a sweet angel! so cute! i will post a few pics shortly. he is great at breast feeding. because of several factors relating to myself (some unknown before birth) i ended up having a c-section (and blood transfusion, antibiotics, etc...) but my baby is healthy (always was), alert and did i mention cute?

    any one left in our group...? marinopoulos?

    and good luck to you dana.

    we are in baby world now!
    yes, liked your story sunshine.

  11. Vesselin - Great news! Congratulations. 24inches?? That's a long baby! Hope you are feeling ok & recovering quickly. You sound so happy

    Still hanging on here.

  12. Hi All,

    So glad to hear about all of the new babies! Congrats to all of you. I think about you all of the time. I am beyond busy with twins and a crazy family crisis. Too much info would be more indentifying than I would like. I hope things settle down soon and we can keep in touch as the babies grow.

    My girls are doing well and are very cute, of course

    Sorry so short and not personal. I so wish I had more time.


  13. Vesselin- omg omg omg i'm so happy for you!!!! Sounds like a rough time you had. I know you must be so happy he is finally in your arms. I was just so excited to read your good news this morning. I imagine your mum and sis could not be there? well, your son is wonderful...can't wait to hear more from ya. Hope you have a speedy recovery!!!!

    Dana - I've been thinking of you everyday and continue to pray that this cycle will be the one! Please post with any news.

    rewebis - glad to read the girls are well. sry your having a family problem. that must be beyond stressful right now. Hang in there, girl! Do you have full or part time help now? One new baby is life changing, two is.....wonderful and oh so much work. I had twins 13 yrs ago and i don't think i slept at all for a long time, lol, but omg you are so lucky to have two. Your happiness is and will be honestly double in so many ways, having two to love. That is not just some corny saying, it is the honest truth!

    marinopoulos- you must be close now. how exciting. Have you managed to get things ready at home? How are you feeling these days?

    may- How is that baby girl? Have you settled back in yet?

    Hope eone is doing well and i'm so happy to read all the healthy baby news. I took Connor to be circumsized last week so we are trying to recover from that (poor guy). It was a fairly quick procedure, thank god, cause i was in the waiting room crying and praying. We had some more close family over Sunday evening. Exhausting but nice. We will see Connor's dr again on Thursday but all is well.

  14. omg..! this is too crazy! our babies look like they could be twins! are you sure you did not go to the Czech Republic last may?? and our birth stories...very similar! i ended up being induced after 2 weeks and needed pitocin (again OMG!!! the pain never stoppped!) had an epidural, wore off one side twice then baby got stuck and i was out of energy after 3 days of cervidal labor. i asked for a vacuum but MD said baby was too high so ta da! emergency C-section. baby had to be pushed back UP to get him out (poor little thing) while i lay unconscious on table losing blood! (spinal could not be placed correctly so had general) he was never in distress, thank you Creator.

    i want to post photos, so i will try this Flicker thing that you have.

    hope all is well with you and family

  15. removing link

  16. Vesselin- omg he is sooooo great!!!!! i had tears when i read that and then the pics......omg he is so beautiful!!!!! i feel like i know you and we've never met. The one pic called big blue eyes....he looks like connor but connor even has the same exact little swing with the butterflies and stuff and he loves the mirror thingy. i just cant believe how alert alexander is already! amazing!! he seems to have a bit more hair but otherwise, so close and your labor, that epidural thing that everyone says is so wonderful was nothing but miserable for me. How does it feel to be home w/him? i cant believe we had the same due date, so the boys are really the same age...technically. i wasnt in czech rep in may lol but boy oh boy that is amazing. you look so happy in your pic. thanks sooooo much for sharing that! He is so great!!!!!!

  17. Vesselin- CONGRATS!!! Just beautiful! I hope you are doing well and enjoy this precious time!!

    Hope all you mamas are doing well! Our baby girl is thriving and we're having a lot of fun. She's already almost 3 weeks old! Time is already flying!

  18. Congratulations, new Mommies! Happy Birthday, 2010 Babies!

    Third try to transfer, still no development of the lining. The RE's are talking about Asherman's after my M/C and D& C from my cycle with you.

    My Dr. advised me to seek counselling to deal with the high possibility that I will not be able to carry another child.

    Will wait 6-9 months now for a hysteroscopy (or more), then if there is any chance, treat me for several months, then attempt an FET again.

    The live birth stats for FET's at my clinic are 18%. On top of that, the chance of live birth is 30-50% with Ashermans.

    Of course, there is the small chance my lining could be fixed---just not getting any hopeful comments from the Drs.


  19. Hi Ladies - Finally, she is here. Our baby girl was born yesterday, weighing in at 8lbs, 7 oz., at 41wks, 4 days & sports a full head of dark hair! Everything actually went according to plan! We had a water birth w/ no medication. It was definately hard, but I feel pretty darn good now. She is beautiful & looks just like daddy! Leaving the hospital tomorrow.

    Dana - I'm sorry things haven't worked out the way you wanted. Hugs!!

    I hope everyone else is enjoying their new role.

    I propose we start a new group under Parenting after IVF or somewhere like that. Anyone game?

  20. marinopoulos- CONGRATS!!! SO happy hear about your baby girl! Our baby girl was 8lb 8oz and also born with a full head of dark hair! Enjoy this wonderful time and get as much rest as you can! I am totally up for continuing on a new thread, especially since it will be nice to talk to other mothers who used donor egg. Please let me know or PM me about where to find the new thread. Thanks!!

    Dana- I am so sorry. You've been through so much and you are so strong to keep continuing and fighting. Have you ever considered surrogacy? I used a surrogate so if you have any questions you can PM me.

    Hope everyone is doing great and their little ones are thriving!

  21. awesome marinopoulos on your baby girl!
    i would like to continue to chat with you ladies too. esp since i am a single parent and have to reach out for support. i had a baby blessing gathering here which was nice, and offers of help.

    where should we take our chat to?

  22. Thank you re the offer to share info/support about surrogacy olga. I wrote you a message, but it was rejected as your mailbox is full. Will resend it when there is room, ok?


  23. Dana- Sorry, I haven't checked my PM in a while so didn't realize it was all full! I emptied out some space so feel free to PM me now.

    Should we start one under parenting after donor conception? I am open to any other categories as long as we can all find it.

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