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  1. thanks for the suggestions marinopoulos...out of your choices i like sabrina the you are having a girl?

    and yes, declan is unique, i do know a few boys with that name, one being the son of a guy i dated for a while (***** guy!) so i wouldn't want the reminder of him, or any other old BF for that matter (cuts out quite a few choices! ha ha)

  2. Vesselin - Thanks for the input. Of all the names, I like the way Sabrina goes w/ our last name the best, so that's a real possibility. Elena won on my poll, followed by Annalise. I am hoping we'll be able to figure it out after she is born...I still like to think it could be a surprise b/c I sort of wanted to wait to find out, but they say its a girl, which is totally fine.

  3. marinopoulos- I like Sabrina a lot! Also, Annalise I like because it's my nieces name.

    dana- so sorry about the lining. I hope the estrace helps!

    Vesselin- wow lots of names to choose from! I like Jordan and Sloane, I like Logan, Joshua, and Zachery. But you've got some great choices!

    rewebis- can't wait to hear how the twins are doing!

    AFM, still waiting patiently. We are hoping to go on our due date but could be longer. I am just enjoying Chicago and doing some work remotely, and seeing movies and going to great restaurants. We are officially 39 weeks today!

  4. May - It sounds like you are enjoying yourself there. That's great. I went to the art museum there many years go. If you haven't been, its excellent! Of course, you have other things on your mind though Gosh it should be any minute now!!

    I'm glad to hear you both like Sabrina! I've liked Annalise since h.s.! So for a looong time! It's defintely not as rare s it used to be. Oh, the indecision!!!

  5. Hi everyone! I just got done catching up on reading how everyone is doing here and i'm so excited to read all of the great news on delivery and approaching delivery. How very exciting. I couldn't help but post to congratulate all of you and wish you all good luck in this incredible life changing time we are all going through. My due date is either Wed (27th) or Thurs (28th) but my Dr will let me go until 41 wks which would be Feb 4th, i guess. I can relate most with Vesselin because my baby is high. I've been having excruciating pain in my lower left ribs. A while back, i thought it was trapped gas but the dr said it was the uteris stretching. It feels like a hot poker. I do not feel the baby has dropped and the cervix is still thick so i may not go this week as planned although i am praying that i do. I want to meet this little baby so bad. The wait seems forever. I am still teaching (private piano lessons) because my studio is here in my home and as long as i do not sit too long I am still ok to do this and it passes the time. I plan to teach soon after the birth as well if i am able. Kris (that is my fiance) is insisting that i stay away from the office downtown. (i generally do the office work for his computer business 2 full days per wk) but he thinks i'm better off at home even though I feel so strongly like i should be there taking care of things i am perfectly capable of logging on and working remotely from the comfort of my bed (where i am now). It's true it is hard to take the train & walk to the office but i'm getting ancy.
    i am hoping for a vaginal birth. i will use pain medication for comfort as needed during delivery. we have decided to name our son Connor. if it had been a girl, it would have been annalise or angelina. The nursery is ready. Everything for baby is 2nd hand except the stroller/infant seat system (britax chaperone) and the carseat (britax boulevard), pack n play with newborn napper & changer and a monogrammed diaper bag from my sister. i also acquired an entire closet full of 2nd hand materity clothes which have come in handy as well. I've packed my bag for the hospital and i made a care basket for my fiance filled with his favorite snacks and things in case we are laboring long with a mushy card that i wrote all sorts of emotional things into. I was hoping delivery might happen this weekend while he was here but no such luck.
    Connor is moving a whole bunch and we talk to him and read to him. I don't know about you guys but the wait seems too much to bear. I wish i had a fast forward button!! I crave chocolate chip pancakes like all the time! The entire pregnancy, i wanted to eat everyday at the golden nugget. they are all over chicago so i was only able to go on the days i went to work in the office downtown but their pancakes are to die for. I miss that now most of all about not going downtown.
    Well, again, I'm just so very happy for everyone here. I can't wait to read about all of the deliverys as well as all those first baby moments. Good luck and God bless you and your families!

  6. marinopoulos,

    I like these names:


    Having 2-3 names left and choosing after you meet your baby is a good idea. I and everyone I knew (except my Mom!) thought I would have a boy and I had a girl. So I had a 'backup' name. Yet the name is perfect.

    I laughed at your comment about the name choice reminding you about someone in your past. I had a tough time with girls' names for that reason.

    First there is the tough time deciding on a name.....then you need to decide on the spelling! LOL

    I go in 1/28 for my next lining check--hopefully will be good to go.


  7. Sunshine,
    Thank you for the lovely update. Soon, my friend, soon.


  8. welcome back sunshine!

    yah, and 2 annalise's!

    how is the rib pain? mine has subsided but still hurts in pinpoint areas. everytime i push on that side the baby moves. i think i am pushing on the uterus only but because of fluid, baby feels it.

    just had a couple 'lower down' cramps that radiated into my butt. went to prenatal yoga today, i am the next one due, but i look smaller than some others (esp the woman with twins at 32 weeks!)

    i know i shouldn't be doing this but today i vacuumed my whole place and moved parts of my bed into another room for my mum. she and my sister are flying in on wed. they are so scared it will be -40 C (and it just may it is only -20!)

    it is whole sleep schedule is off because the baby plays when s/he wants to play, so i end up getting sleep about 3am on. but i should go...

    can't wait to hear more birth stories!

  9. dana- good luck with your lining check tomorrow, i will keep my fingers crossed for you!!
    Vesselin- rib pain is not constant but depends on my position or activity. When it gets bad all i can do is lay and wait for it to subside. wow, awake at 1am? sounds like you are getting close though, they say you will be cleaning, shopping & getting things ready when you are real close like you get a second wind or a burst of energy. Hope everything goes well getting your mum and sis there! My parents are in Puerto Rico til Tuesday.
    olga- what do you think of this cold weather we are having here in chicago? im glad you are enjoying the resaurants though, they are incredible. Fogo de caio is my favorite. Fiance and I booked a room at the hard rock hotel on Michigan ave. in feb for valentines day. How are you feeling? any changes?
    afm-just got back from the dr. im heartbroken cause just as i thought, cervix is not ready, baby has not moved down and he wants to see me monday morning. Why is this waiting so hard?
    well, hope everyone is doing well. Can't wait to hear updates!!!

  10. Quick update..... Girls arrived Jan 20th via c section and we are all healthy and doing well. Both girls were 4.5 and 4.8 lbs. And went straight to the regular nursery . Pm me and I will send you pics and names. I'm averaging 2 hrs sleep a day but it's so worth it.

    Who's next!?!?!?! Love all the names you gals have selected~annalise and winter to name the favs

  11. omg, how very very exciting. I am just so happy for you. You must be home now if you are not getting sleep? I'll bet it's great though. Enjoy those babies!!!

  12. briang- CONGRATS!!! FABULOUS NEWS!! So glad everything went well and you have your beautiful twins! I will PM you with my email!

    khitam- It's been getting COLD here!! We enjoyed being the city and now we are out in the burbs where my surrogate lives. When is your official due date! I hope you go soon!

    AFM, I am still WAITING! My GC is contracting but nothing major yet! Our due date is tomorrow but I have this feeling we aren't going to go until Feb. Her doc wants to induce next week if she still hasn't delivered by Monday. Will keep you posted!!

  13. congrats briang!
    hope you have your baby soon sunshine and olga!

    for myself, due date tomorrow, just had a pelvic exam, midwife swept membranes, felt baby's head engaged or fixed in pelvis, and cervix is 1cm and soft. she gave me a bag of raspberry leaf tea too. if nothing happens this weekend i will have an NST tues, then u/s next friday. hope something starts soon!


  14. Congrats briang! I am so happy to hear that the girls are doing well. No time in the NICU. Their weights were very close to my girls. They have already grown A LOT in 3 weeks! I will PM you. Maybe we can share tips on efficient feeding strategies!

    Everyone else... so close! Can't wait to hear all the exciting news.


  15. Congrats briang, I am so happy for you! Two beautiful girls so very exciting.

  16. CONGRATULATIONS and CONGRATULATIONS briang. Happy belated birthday to your two girls. Now enjoy!

    Should be a few births withing the next week.

    Despite prayers and good wishes, no good news here. My lining is not responding at all to the estrace tablets. I've been taking them sublingually and vaginally.

    Will find out tomorrow if this cycle will be cancelled too, or what. I would have been delivering soon too. Rough time.


  17. take care of yourself Dana

  18. Dana... So sorry to hear it.

  19. Thank you. I wish you well---just had expected to be expecting by now.

    Cycle is cancelled. Will find out within 10 days if I have to have a second D & C before next FET-which would likely be a few months.

    May you have an easy delivery and a baby(ies) who learn to sleep through the night within three months.

    You've had a long road to get here. Enjoy.


  20. Sorry Dana. Praying for you.

  21. well, i am 2 days past the official due date...went to prenatal yoga again today, hey, i may even make it till next sunday's class!

    i did lose my mucal plug..very interesting, and am getting intermittent tightening. baby moving lots. so, i shall see what happens overnite, got my bag and car seat ready. my doula said to call when i feel i need her, but, it would be hard to say..when is that? i guess i just need to relax and go with the flow...and then at some point go over to the hospital. i just don't want to be getting into such a focused place and then have to get in the car...change locals...kwim? it will unfold as it will...

    so be it!

    how are you olga? it will be good to hear your news, and gl to other upcoming births

  22. Vesselin- SAME HERE! We are now going to have a February baby! My GC is still not having signs of labor But we see the OBGYN today and he will tell us if he wants to induce this week. I've been going a little stir crazy waiting but just have to keep being patient. It's tough after so long wanting this!! Anyway, hope we both have our babies this week!!

  23. He was born Saturday morning at 3:49 am Jan 30, 2010 (fiances bday). I simply couldn't wait anymore and so i looked up old wives tales on putting yourself into labor. Turns out the ones i used worked like a charm. took castor oil thursday night and went into labor friday morning at 3 am. contractions continued (at home) til 6 something then stopped completely. but this was exactly what my body needed to begin to process...dialation...etc. so fiance stayed home from the office friday just in case. we practiced two more techniques...spicy food (volcano tacos for lunch from taco bell and then sex which proved to work within an hour as i lost my mucus plug (yes, very interesting indead). by now, im ready to go but kris (fiance) really doesnt want to miss bowling since he is really into it this year so as i figure (hope) that one more shot of the castor oil will be the finishing touch, i wait til 7 pm to take it as he is leaving. contractions start at 8:30. i text him and tell him to finish up and get home. contractions become much much more intense. we leave for hospital at 11ish. get there at 11:30ish. ck in and get into hospital gown, lay down for internal exam (im dialated to 6) get iv, water breaks.....holy cow, lakes and rivers omg! now it is midnight and it is kris's bday. he is so happy. they get me to a birthing room, order an epidural but it only works for my right side so i am in excruciating pain til about 3 am. they finally fix the darn thing but dialation has stopped so they start pitocin. baby is too high up and hasnt moved down so they are getting ready for c section which is something i was praying i wouldn't need. just then baby moves down a bit but......his heartbeat plummits over and over. something is very wrong and they cant find my dr. they finally get him, he freaks out and is mad at everyone in the room, throws my legs up in the thingys, tells me to push like only 2 times and uses this vaccuum suction thing on babys head and baby is out in a matter of seconds. cord was around neck but he is fine and healthy and they clean him up and give him to me and this is literally honestly the happiest moment of my entire life. i can't believe after going through so so much to get him, he is finally here and how very perfect he is. i am so incredibly in love with him! i bonded immediately. i couldnt put him down. we are home. he is sleeping in his cradle next to me. im in bed and engorged with milk cause im trying to dry up (not breastfeeding) but have never been happier. Kris is at work but harriet (housekeeper) is here to help me out and i may teach 3 piano lessons this afternoon while kris takes the baby to the airport to pick up my mom and dad. they absolutelly cant wait to meet him. we chose to honor my father by choosing my dads first name (alan) as Connor's middle name. when i told my mom over the phone from the hospital, she was balling. So happy ending for me or beginning depending on how you look at it. I wish the very best to all of you guys. Vesselin and may you must be sooooo close now. i cant wait to hear from you. Dana, i'm sorry about your news but i'm praying for you and things will get better, it's a long road as we all know too well. God bless you ladies and your families!!!

  24. and thanks for your story, i will check out those pics. can you tell me what your due date was? yea! your baby is here!

    i had an NST today, no issues, got my membranes swept..should i try castor oil too? but it is still early. i am only 4 days overdue. my ribs though! excruciating pain!~ i think something has separated but can not get an xray. well, maybe labor pain will top it...

    olga, hope all is well.
    i think i will post a pic if i figure it out, then delete after a bit.
    here is hoping we go into labour soon!


  25. Vesselin- my due date was jan 27th. but baby is full term at 38 wks and i was so huge and uncomfortable i simply did not see a need to go much past 40 wks so i am glad i did what i did (out of desperation). Yes the rib pain was the worst. i still have it after he is now 4 days old in that same spot but now it feels like a broken rib. i also imagined a torn or detatched uteris...its hard to say but you just know when something hurts that bad that there is something "not right". had the baby come out underdeveloped in any way, i would have felt horrible about "helping myself along" the way i did but i was assured that the baby would be as good as it's gonna be if born at that time so my suggestion would be to maybe ask your midwife about it. I did a ton of research on the topic online before i did it. Either way i know the wait is so hard. I'll keep my fingers crossed that you go into labor today! Feb 3rd seems like a great day for a birthday!!!

    olga- haven't heard from ya, any news yet? I'll bet the days seem long esp. away from home in anticipation but you will all be worth it soon. i'm still on cloud 9!!!

    afm-still enjoying baby and will take him to ped. today if they have availability. im healing but so happy, i hardly notice any physical pain or uncomfort. i just take care of myself and keep thanking god like 10x/day for this incredible miracle. I'm so grateful that i live in a day and age that such medical technology is available to me. The road was so long and hard but i am already starting to let my mind occasionally wonder how long it will take to get enough money together to try to create a sibling for Connor. Years i'm sure and that may be too late for me but it is a possibility. I only had one embryo to work with and it was only average in quality but obviously one less than perfect embryo is all it takes sometimes to create a perfect wonderful baby if it is in god's plan.

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