May transfers

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  1. My donor started yesterday. Do the clinics give follicle updates to us? I am with Cornell.

    The estimated retrieval day is May 4th now. Everything is happening so fast.

  2. olga and Sunny!

    Congratulations on your donors starting stims. Glad you have company for cycling and the 2ww.

    Looks like my transfer will be near the end of May. Valentines baby?


  3. May & sunny - Yeah!!! We're looking forward to the great reports!!

    Dana - I'm glad I have some company for the latter part of May!

  4. May & Sunny, congrats on your Donor starting stims. I hope this is it for all of us.

    Sunny, I don't think Cornell gives a follie count they just say the Donor is doing fine or everything is going as planned etc. chara on the DE Cornell Waiting List Board should be able to give you more information as to what status reports she got when she cycled at Cornell.

    marinopoulos & Dana, the end of May will be here before you know it.

    Joey, how are you doing? Are things going well at Columbia?

    eb, how is your donor doing? Does your clinic give updates?

    AFM, I started patches and feel much better the Lupron was kicking my but. Today I made the mistake of going onto the PG Board and saw that 4 ladies I cycled with over a year ago recently had babies. Ugh why did I go there. I know with a shared cycle I only have 50% of this working so I am trying to stay calm and not get to excited about the prospects of this working. Mistake to check out that board.

    Happy Friday!

  5. Lany,

    I know what you mean about the 50% live birth rate. I think it bothers me more than the 5% live birth rate I had while cycling, because of the financial investment in one shot. I know there is a remote chance of frozen embryos, but am realistic that on shared cycles, it is usually an exception. Plus the clinic I chose has 10% live birth rates from FET's, so that is back to my cycling odds.

    I'm getting very excited though. Just more of an optimist than is good for me, I think!


  6. Hi Ladies
    Dana - did you mean %50 success or live birth rate? that's somewhat low compared to what I saw.
    Lany - are you having constant headaches on lupron?
    Sunny - congrats on starting the cycle

    AFM - our donor is scheduled to start tomorrow. I don't really want to know how she is doing because we got cancelled last month and it took me a while to recover from the disapointment. In other words, I feel I got a lot more excited than I should have....

    Anyway - great to know everyone is doing well

  7. EB, congrats on your donor starting her meds. Good Luck and try and relax this weekend.

  8. Eb,

    50% live birth. as opposed to 'pregnancy' which just means a heartbeat detected. After my losses, I don't want to hear of any stats other than live birth. My donor has a 75% live birth rate. I'm being treated for RPL, so we'll see.

    Yes, the clinic's success rates are lower.

  9. Dana - I completely understand where you are coming from regarding expectations based on previous experiences.
    I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you

  10. Wow ladies I was busy with family visit last two weeks and it seems like lot of activity in this thread. I guess all the either donors already started stims or will start in the coming weeks. I know my donor started lupron but not sure when she will start stims. I have to check with the coordinator.

    Dana- I completely understand. Yes I had ectopic and bfn with donor ivf before so I all I care is live birth.

    EB- I guess you will be the first or may be morrow because she is doing FET.

    Hope we all get positve news this cycle.

  11. Update ladies.....looks like my cycle has been delayed. My donor just went in for tests after 2 weeks of lupron and she's not surpressed and not ready for stims. So, she's back on Lupron for another week. And everything else gets pushed ahead another week as well.

    I feel terrible that she has to go thru another week of self injecting herself with Lupron and dealing with headaches. They will check her again next monday - hopefully everything looks well and I can start meds.

    Here are the new dates

    Est ret- 5/21
    Est tran -5/25

  12. Oh Joey, what a bummer. I thought we would be TWW buddies. Oh well I am glad there making sure everything is perfect before she starts. I forgot is she proven donor? My donor is supposed to start stims on Thursday its good to know there may be a chance she may be delayed. I like to know about all these possible disappointments before hand.

    Hang in there 5/25 will be here before you know it.

  13. joeykid- sorry to hear that is it delayed but not too long before 5/21 is here!

    davied- yeah on donor starting stims this thursday. When will retrieval be? My donor started meds yesterday so we should be in the 2ww together.

    koutsouraki- good luck! Let us know when your donor starts stims.

    hnrvrts- I know what you mean in some ways not wanting to know how the donor is doing. I feel like maybe the less detail I have the better and that way I won't get too obsessed.

    monx- I hope for a valentine's day baby! That would be very sweet!

    jale.alan- Looks like we are on a similar schedule! My clinic is suppose to call with reports but not sure yet how detailed they are since I haven't gotten an update yet.

    marinopoulos- How are you doing?

  14. briang - Oh, what a shame. Well, thank goodness it's just a week. We'll keep our fingers crossed!! Maybe it won't be too bad for the donor - if she's not supressed, perhaps she hasn't had the side effects either....Btw, that's so sweet of you to comitt to hanging in there with us late May gals!

    IVFgal - Wow, you've had a tough time with these donor Ivfs!! Well, this time's gonna be different!!

    Morrow & Eb - Getting close!! How are you guys doing? Any jitters? Words of wisdom?

    May - Have you decided to travel for the transfer? I don't think you should feel like you have to be there if you don't really feel the need.

    Dana - Did you say you had a more specific date yet?

    Lany - How did your appt go? What did your RE say about the lining question?

    AFM, nothing going on here...Lupron shots and estrogen patches & u/s on May 4th...Must say I seem to be a bit cranky but I'm not sure its the drugs or not

    Here's our list again....

    tamis61 - Transfer May 4th, using frozen eggs

    Eb - 1st week of May retrieval

    Vesselin - May 7 retrieval

    jale.alan - May 8 retrieval

    olga - May 12/13 transfer, using surrogate

    koutsouraki - May 15 transfer

    davied - Retrieval, May 13, ttc#2

    briang - May 21st retrieval

    monx - Retrieval, May 15th-27st, ttc#3

    marinopoulos - May 31 retrieval, age 44, ttc#1

  15. thanks for uplift ladies!

    la - I will still be your tww buddy - btw, my donor is not proven and 28 - My finance has the luck of the Irish so hopefully it translates to our cycle How are you feeling?

    marinopoulos... I start estrace and patches on the 4th too - well, if donor is ready for stims.

    I was super excited but the reality is that all sorts of 'stuff' happens during these cycles and well...if its a delay - I'm glad that's all it is.

    Hope everyone is doing and feeling great!

  16. I'm just staying 'loose' regarding dates too. As Joey just experienced, this is not an exact science. Though it would be getting close to an important family celebration if I am delayed a week. Would not go over well, my missing it--especially as family does not know I am ttc.

    Oh well, it has gone smoothly so far, and will focus on the best possible outcome for the three of us in our coordinated cycle.


  17. Joeykid- sorry to hear your cycle will be delayed. But it is only one week and and time flies.
    davied- my clinic informed that my donor is supposed to start on Thursday as well.
    olga- your donor has already started stims!!! how often would you get updates? My clinic said they will only provide updates after 6th day of stims.
    marinopoulos and Dana- how are you doing?

  18. Hey briang - sorry you got delayed but it shows that your clinic is right on top of it. Better it be caught now than later right?
    koutsouraki - great to hear about the donor starting.
    marinopoulos - no words of wisdom here...I am just keeping busy at work

    afm - if anyone watched the news about airforce 1 doing laps in downtown nyc freaking people out...well that was me, our building was right in its way. My desk is right by the window and all of a sudden I was looking at the belly of a 747 jolting upwards. We all paniced and ran down 22 floors. cycling wise...seem that everything is ok I think, the donor started this weekend ( I think) and I am on estrace. that's all from here

    For those of you on the east coast enjoy the warm weather - it's awesome.

  19. as i approach my flight to Prague I notice that this estrogen/lupron combo is affecting my moods. like crying during movies (uh, more than usual) and getting p-o'd with people on the phone who are not being helpful.

    and nausea, if i don't eat much. i am working night shifts, so if i want to stay on top of taking estradiol 3 times a day, i don't always eat with it.

    one more week till i fly, 2 weeks till my first ever transfer. i am nervous that i will miss something, like ensuring the right combo of progesterone routes, once i get checked. i guess it is one day at a time, and breathe....

    and in the back of my mind i am thinking holy ****!! what if this actually works? i feel a lot of responsibility now, this is so planned. and i am single (for now) i pray everyday for strength and to trust that we will be taken care of.

    hope everyone is doing well with their protocols, i look forward to your news.

    so be it

  20. ivf gal - great news on your donor starting her stims keep us updated on those fert reports! So, day 6 will be the 5th or the 6th?

    Dana... yes- you've got the right attitude. I got caught up with the exact dates that when it was delayed ....I started to get all superstitious and a lil depressed- OVER IT! You're right - can't get fixated on sticking to an exact protocol or schedule.

    eb- omg heard about the low flying plane. I would love to know who the idiot was that gave the green light on that pinhead decision >

    Eb & May - when do you get your first reports? - I'm so excited for you both.

    Vesselin- yes, the lupron estrace combo tends to make us a bit emotional Here is a little tip for eating with meds - try to carry Special K yogurt bars in your bag at all times. It will help with taking your meds and decreasing nasuea. Where are you cycling? I'm sure they have your protocol strictly monitored so try not to worry about missing anything.

    Morrow.... How are you?

  21. so beit - look for pm

  22. Hi ladies....nice to see the thread picking up momentum as May nears. So exciting

    marinopoulos and Vesselin Sorry to see that you now have to deal with mood swings. I hate that about the meds.

    May - you're up soon - any updates?

    AFM - no updates. I just know my donor started.Hopefully we know soon enough. About AF1 - well I now look at the videos and it's as crazy and it appeared in person when the plane started heading our way.

  23. hnrvrts- That's so crazy you witnessed the airforce 1! I am in NYC too but was not near that. How scary and insane!

    No news on my donor, just assume she is stimming away

  24. Hi Ladies,

    Some quick updates on my side: went in for lining check this morning, and it is already at 9.4mm after 1 week on the patch, but the donor just started stim on 4/23, so she won't be ready till May 4 or later. I asked the doc if the lining will be too thick or stale, but he said not to worry. But I am still concerned. Any idea, girls?

    The nurse still have me on 2 patches every other day. Does anyone know when I will get switch to PIO?

    Oh, does anyone know if yoga is safe for 2ww?

    I so wish I can be outdoor now and enjoy the sun.

  25. Sunny,

    Congratulations on a great lining! No problem keeping your lining perfect. You are getting close. How do you feel emotionally?


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