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  2. Hi marinopoulos and Deb,
    I swore off these bulletin boards yet I can't help but want to join! I am still waiting my official approval of my donor but if that does well next week then we are scheduled for a May 12 or 13th transfer. As I already told marinopoulos I am also using a gestational carrier so I guess my role is more "manager" but still hoping this first DE cycle finally ends this miserable IF journey.

  3. Hi Ladies...I was intially on the April thread but got cancelled. We're back in with ET scheduled for first week of May.
    Wishing everyone good luck

  4. Hi Ladies!

    I wrote personals to everyone and a munchkin erased my message. Grrr!

    Was probably being too wordy anyway! LOL

    Look forward to cycling with you and continuing onto the parenting boards together!


  5. Yeah! Hi Eb, Dana!

    I started Lupron today. I've read that some pple have a tough time with the side effects. I've never taken it before. But I'm looking forward to knocking off the bcps on the 14th.

    Anyone else starting Lupron soon? Does everyone have to take it?

  6. Hi marinopoulos!

    I start BCP next week and not sure when I will start Lupron. I'm hoping the emotional side effects of both pass me by, as I have enough of a challenge with that already.

    I'm pleased I'm taking Lupron, as when cycling, I lost two beautiful (and expensive) cycles due to ovulating . Wouldn't want this to be fouled up---especially with the low live birth rate for the clinic's FET's.

    Anyone else travelling to do their cycle? I would like to do a day or so of sightseeing in NYC, seeing as I will be travelling so far. Hopefully this cycle will be succesful and I will not need to return! LOL

    In hindsight, it would have been a good idea to cycle in
    San Diego, because I could spend a couple of days at the zoo! Hmmmm, does NYC have a zoo? LOL


  7. Dana- I live in NYC and yes, there are zoos! One is in central park and then the Bronx zoo which is suppose to be fabulous. Where are you cycling?

    marinopoulos- great you are starting lupron! I never had any major side effects with it but I sometimes got headaches. My GC is starting lupron monday! It's weird because we haven't even signed our contract with our donor but seems like the clinic is pretty confident she'll pass since things are moving forward.

    Eb- Hello! Glad we have another May ET!!

    I realized this morning that our ETs will all be around Mother's Day! Hoping this brings us a definitive entry into motherhood.

  8. Dana - I was in NYC for 10 days for my 5th IVF in Nov. 08. I highly recommend the Metropolitan Museum of Art. It was awsome! Go early, stay late. I also enjoyed the Tenement Museum. But I did a bunch of things, The Asia Society, The Guggenheim, The Morgan Library, another art museum right next to the Guggenheim. And the Cooper-Hewitt National Museum of Design. You can do alot in a couple days!

  9. hi ladies,

    i have a DE retrieval date of May 7 in Zlin, Czech republic, and live in Canada. my first and last fresh transfer. will be doing DS too. i am 43, it is now or never! took lupron a few days ago, some hotness, could not sleep 1st night, maybe a few headaches. i am so happy to have found this board, a few women are having retrievals the same day as me, same clinic.

    got my donor info, and although it was not a priority, she has many of my physical characteristics. most importantly she is a proven donor, and as a side she is working on her Masters. my DS is a young university student, similar characteristics.

    i hope it works, and good luck to everyone here.

  10. Thanks for the recommendations! The Bronx zoo and museam of Art. That might be all my body and pocketbook can handle!

    I am cycling in Syracuse. Vesselin, I am using DS too. A bit controversial, as one of the children has autism, but I want my children to be half genetic siblings. They will of course be 'full' siblings, because I will raise them together.

    AF arrived today, so I will start BCP by Wednesday at the latest.

    marinopoulos, your cycle has been delayed in the past, right? Anyone else's? Booking plane tickets is the part that stresses me a little. Not knowing about doing a 3-day vs 5 day transfer. I read too many posts about DE cycles cancelled within a couple of days of their estimated transfer.

  11. Wow we've got a great group of May transfers on this board!

    Welcome Eb, Dana and Vesselin.

    marinopoulos hope the Lupron is not giving you any annoying side effects - especially headaches

  12. Hello all,
    Can I join the group? I received my protcol and tentative dates last week. Our transfer wil be May 15th. one more month to go..................

  13. Can I join you ladies? Estimated retrieval is May 8th. Am on Lupron now (started on April 6th).

  14. Welcome Sunny, koutsouraki & Vesselin!

    Wow, we have so many with retrieval/xfers so close together! It will be very exciting!!

    briang - Thanks for asking. Not having too many side effects yet. It seems my bbs are a little tender though. No headaches, thank goodness!

    Dana - My cycle has been delayed due to previous donors dropping out. But it is really tough trying to schedule the plane tickets. I did have to cancel/reschedule an airline ticket with my last IVF, lost a couple hundred bucks. But with this, I'm hoping it will work out. You might have to leave a little early just to leave a window there, or buy a ticket on short notice, unfortunately.

  15. nice list - seem to be growing fast.

  16. Hi Ladies, may I join. I am cycling at Cornell after 7 failed IVF cycles there with my own eggs, TTC #2. My Donor is supposed to start stimming on April 30th with a tentative ER date of 5/13 or 14th forgot which. I started Lurpon on April 9th so here we go. Does anybody have any suggested lifestyle changes that would help to have a successful cycle?

  17. Oh I'm so sorry! I posted this on the wrong part of the forum. I delete the content. I'm not donating, I getting donor eggs. I apologize!!!!!

    I read the rules for the egg donor part of the forum and it says it is for the donors only.

    If I AM in the right place, I'd like to join the group. I'm getting a doner egg (frozen) transferred on May 4. I'm on my second try DE now.

    I'm having trouble figuring out the boards.....

  18. Welcome Morrow!

    The boards are rather confusing, aren't they? Stick with us! You will be leading us into +++ betaland, right?

    How close to transfer did you/will you start Lupron? I am 4-5 weeks away and have not started yet.

    Dare I say, I am getting really excited??? How about you? I have not cycled for almost a year. May is a bad month for me losses, so I am looking forward to having a different memory. Can you believe I was even contemplating today what I would do if I conceived triplets?


  19. marinopoulos, thanks for starting this thread. Where are u cycling now?

  20. Lany - I am actually cycling at a small clinic in Charleston, SC. They had a 78% success rate in 2008 & we found a local donor through an agency. Our 1st 2 donors fell through, one in Houston w/ Houston clinic, one in Calif. w/ a great San Diego clinic. But we couldn't find another Cal. donor that wouldn't cost too much. (We live in New Orleans & our local clinic doesn't do DE)

    I really liked Dr. Davis & I really felt that he genuinely cared for his patients. I miss him! Just wish I could have said "I got my baby from the Upper East Side" LOL.

    Dana - What's your retrieval date??

  21. marinopoulos,

    I will know this week. For now it is tentatively May 15th-27st.


  22. Wow! WE have a great group of May transfer gals! Welcome all!

    Hi ivfgal, sunny, LA & Morrow.

    Morrow you are definitely in the right place and in fact, if marinopoulos chart is correct looks like your the front runner for retrieval date! EXCITING

    LA, my er is the 14th so looks like we will be going thru the 2ww and all other stressful waits together. my only advice and I'm not sire if I mentioned that to you already - is acupuncture. I'm starting that on 5/2. Let me know if you want more info.

  23. Thanks marinopoulos for making the list! This looks like a great group!!

    I am stilling waiting on the last test result for my donor before she gets the green light from my clinic, which is driving me a little insane. I just hope we can get our contracts signed and done early next week because she is suppose to start her drugs April 24th! My surrogate gets her baseline on the 21st. I still can't believe we are doing this! Glad to have good company while we venture into this new stage!

  24. Hi marinopoulos,

    I am ttc #3. I've been doing IF tx's for nine years now. Five m/c's, last m/c at 44.5 (two years ago) DE was proposed to me after last m/c, but beta had been 307 at 14dpO and strong heartbeat at 7 weeks, so thought if I had recurrent m/c support, the next pregnancy might work. Sadly, didn't conceive again. Took seven months to be emotionally ready to send in the DE apps. Mix-up in communication, so didn't look at DE pool until Feb. If I could have cycled locally with a split anonymous donor (Canadian laws prohibit), I would likely have gone ahead sooner.

    I've only been 'ok' and starting to get enthusiastic about DE since I was matched. Other than my first m/c with my EX, I have been alone ttc with some not-so-supportive medical aid, so yes, I would have loved to have built my family with a loving DH from BMS. I'm grateful ART is an option though, or I would be childless---and knowing how important family is to me, probably depressed and/or bitter.

    Hugs to those ttc #1. When ttc sibling(s), I find you feel sad for yourself and your child who wants someone to grow up with. Both scenarios are painful. There is a strong possibility of coming out the other side with DE though.


  25. I feel similar to you monx, in that I am just starting to feel better about DE. I am still very say about my eggs and still don't believe that all of them are bad. My RE said I could continue with my eggs but given what I've been through (2 IVF ectopics, 2 IVF m/c, one failed cycle with surrogate) that it does seem time to move on. But I think I am having to dig really deep to find acceptance and also gear up to love a donor egg child. It's a tough road and I hold on to the fact that everyone DE parent says once the baby is born you fall in love. But right now that is still abstract to me.

    UPDATE: My donor got approved today Yippee! She starts meds April 26th!

    As for a little more info about me, we are still TTC#1 for 3 years. I am 37 and exhausted.

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