Malaria prophylaxis and ttc

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  1. I just booked a trip to Belize and part of it is in the jungle. They recommend malaria prophylaxis, so that's now on my to do list this week. I'm on a ttc break now, but may get started again shortly after the trip if I get matched with a donor. Has anyone dealt with this? Any problems that you're aware of with ttc'ing? (since I'm using a donor, I don't need to worry about effects on my eggs, just on my uterine environment.)

    I'm going to ask my RE as well, but thought I would tap into the group's collective wisdom...

  2. Hi Kate -
    Do you know what kind of treatment specifically they will be suggesting? Aren't there a few different drugs that can be used? Quinine for example? I know when we were there, the mosquitos were pretty bad. It was my least favorite part of Belize. And, as much as I didn't want to do it, I had to use the "real stuff" which meant DEET. I am one of those who mosquitos zero in on, so I tend to get bitten quickly and A LOT. DH didn't have nearly the trouble I did. I couldn't go outside without protection, and I certainly wasn't wearing sleeves and pants in June. We did not go into the jungle, so I can't speak to that...but I'd definitely plan on using repellant along with whatever else they put you on. My biggest concerns would have been with using something like DEET either when I was already pregnant, or if I was using my eggs. I would imagine from an endometrial/uterine standpoint that prevention wouldn't have too much of an effect. What are the chances you'll have a period between the trip and when you'd start that DE cycle?

    Not much help, I know, but I'll be curious to know what you find out. And I am SO GLAD you are taking this trip! It's going to be fantastic for you!

  3. Thanks Morrison - yes, I'm quite giddy about this trip. It will be my second "last big trip before I have a child" - the first one was a little over two years ago, but you know how that goes...

    I have an appointment with my travel doc in a few weeks, so I'll find out the recommendations then. And I emailed my RE to find out his take on it.

    I'll definitely have a period in between the trip and cycling - but I know that some prophylaxis for malaria requires being on it for a few weeks after being in the affected location.

    I'm probably just being a worry wart, but at this point in the game there's no reason to take chances.

  4. I know that there are some anti-malarial drugs you can't take within 6 months of pregnancy - larium for example. I'm not sure that it's the case for all of them - I think that some of the older drugs that are harder on the stomach and that you have to take every day get through your system quicker so are more likely to be OK, but the newer ones that you take once a week are not advised. Not sure whether that's to do with development of eggs or flushing them out of your body generally though - I would think a travel medicine specialist can advise. Have a good trip...

  5. I took an anti-malarial drug while in Nicaragua during a 2WW after an IUI. The only malarial drug recommended for Nicaragua (which may be the same one recommended for Belize) is safe for during pregnant. I think it was Cloroquine (sp?), but the info is on the CDC website. I asked my RE about it and he was fine with me taking the drug. Have a great trip!!!

  6. I know that when I went to Africa after an IUI, I had my beta a bit early to start on the pills, then started another cycle (superovulation) about three weeks after I got back.

    I checked the CDC info about anti-malarials . . . none is safe in the first trimester. I'd have to look up what I took . . . it was three years ago . . . but it was the more expensive shorter-term one that does not have a rare but noted side effect of psychotic delusions. I think I took it for about a week after I returned.

    My RE was fantastic about double-checking my research to be sure that I would be safe.

  7. Thanks everyone. I still have to see the travel clinic doctor, but my RE thinks that the malaria prophylaxis shouldn't be a problem, because I'm doing DE and it will be out of my system before I even start synchonizing my cycle with the donor.

    Decembrists - I think it is the same drug that they use all over central america - which looks like the least toxic.

    OK, now I can really start to look forward to my trip!

  8. Be careful if you take a daily oral anti-malarial. I took one (Malarone) for two weeks when I went to Vietnam and Cambodia on a trip right before my first IVF cycle was scheduled. I had an ototoxic reaction (which means it damaged my inner ear) and had to postpone my cycle for a year because the side effects from the inner ear were so bad I couldn't deal with anything else for a long time. The symptom to watch for that no one told me about is "ear ringing" or tinnitus during the time you're taking the med. If you experience this, call the doctor that prescribed it. It is a fairly rare reaction, but something to be aware of. Good luck with you cycle. I'm starting a new cycle as soon as AF arrives. Keep us posted.

  9. Penelope - thanks for the heads up on tinnitus. That's awful about what you went through. Good luck on your upcoming cycle.

    The travel doc I saw today did prescribe malarone because I only need to be on it for a week after the trip (as opposed to Cloroquine which requires continuing the medication for four weeks after you leave the area of potential exposure). So I'll be off the medications for about a month before my transfer. And I'll douse myself up with DET in the jungle... This is what I get for liking 'adventure' travel!

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