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  1. hiram- I am doing the flare protocol this time. Start lupron on day 1 of cycle and follistem day 2, I will be on max dose 300 am 300 pm. Praying so hard for good results , poor response and cancellation is an emotional nightmare. I hope I get enough so I can fertilize some with donor sperm. My re said we could do that- that is my backup- hoping if fresh embryo's from dh don't work then maybe I would have some blasts from a donor sperm. If not then I know my eggs r ****.

    Beverly- I hit the road running within 2 weeks of my m/c. I chose an agency got all ou r birth certificates, started the application, and then just decided I would try ivf again, and then if no go move to donor egg, and even maybe donor embryo first. I m still interested in adoption, but have decided to give it "good old college try". Don't be surprised at yourself if u have some conflicting emotions. I am glad u r on a path right now.


  2. Jen- I hope the flare protocol works for you. I think the back up plan is a good idea.

    Bev- I'm sure the adoption path is very stressful and slow. I guess everything worth having is hard. (just wish it wasn't this hard ) Are you planning a home visit soon?

    Hope everyone is hanging in there!

  3. hiram-Jen- Hello girls! It is a very hard road to be on right now. I am trying to get every thing together before I send my application off to the agency. I hope things workout. I am just scared. Good luck Jen! You do it girl! I am excited for you! hiram, hang in there girl! Bev

  4. Bev- How exciting! It sounds like you are well on your way. I can't wait to hear more.

  5. Bev excited to know you have submitted your application. Praying things move quickly for u.

    I have been back on BCP since beginning of june b/c af came early and would have screwed up mu cycle start etc and dh is gone out of state for a week in july so very important timing is perfect. I just ordered my backup sperm from fairfax cryobank. I just got approved for a medical loan, only 12,700, I wanted 16k so I had extra for drugs, but we r really maxed out finances wise. We make 6 digit salaries but due to some bad decisions we r maxed out every month and also owe taxes of 20k, 2 mortgages, and 60k in credit card debt. I am very scared but know my window of opportunity for another child is very close to closing so I just have to go for it. If it doesn't work then we will have to wait awhile to try an egg donor cycle. Praying for success before we have to file bankruptcy.

  6. Jen- Who did you get the loan from? Since capital one stopped doing fertility loans I don't know where else to go. Sorry about all the debt issues. Hopefully you'll be able to get out from under it soon. At least you guys have very high incomes and that should help you get on your feet sooner rather than later. How are the bcps treating you?

    Bev- How's the adoption process going?

    AFM- We've decided that we are going to move forward with another round of IVF sooner rather than later. I'm going to redo my bloodwork come next cycle and try to apply for the shared risk plan and see what happens. If they don't take me then I'll apply for the discount plan my RE offers. It's on a sliding scale for people who have low to moderate incomes.

  7. HAPPY 4TH OF JULY LADIES!!! All is well and the adoption process is slow because we are trying adoption/foster parents. So, we have to get approved for a lot of stuff... ahhhh I am excited for you both Jen-hiram and I wish you the best of luck. I kinda wished that we would do another cycle but I am so scared that it will happen again(m/c). Keep in touch... Love Bev.

  8. hiram- the clinic I am using uses ARC- but you then apply for a loan thru separate companies, I used it is financed thru GE and there is also health one financial you can use. I took my last bcp yesterday so hopefully af will come b/w wednesday and thursday. I ordered my drugs today- they will be here tomorrow- 4200 worth- uggg.

    Bev- i think we will also try the foster to adopt thing- i just can't do more than one thing right now- I am exhausted been working nights fulltime and so busy with my grandma, pets, and DS. If this is a negative- then I will start moving on it- as I know that it will be a long time before I can start a donor egg cycle- and the thought just scares the sh*t out of me too. Just praying and praying this will work.

  9. Jen- I haven't been here on forever. How are things going? Did you start your cycle? What's going on?

    Bev- Any news to report?

    AFM- I retook my cd3 tests and everything was fine, including FSH (YIPPEE). Dh goes in for his SA on Friday so we have our fingers crossed. Once we have the results we'll be able to apply for shared risk.

  10. hiram- well I cycledi and it sucked- only got 3 mature eggs- r immatureai used healthy ds, only 1 good embryo, 2 decent- obviously egg quality issue, BFN.

    So I am looking at embryo adoption thru my clinic, they have some beautiful blasts from donor egg cycles for 5k. Also DE at CNY split cycle only 6200, fresh only 11k. I hope to be doing something by november.

    Glad your bloodwork came back good.

    I am fine emotionally ready to move on.

  11. Jen, what clinic are you going through that DE costs $5000? I just completed a cycle in the Czech Republic that I think failed. Thanks!

  12. Iheart- sorry u think your cz cycle failed.

    CNY in syracuse NY does split cycles for 6200 and single cycle for 11k. Donor embryo at my clinic is 5k, and that is for blasts that were created from a donor egg cycle.

    I think there r affordable clinics in the US- but CZ prices hard to beat.

    If u don't mind me asking- how was ypur experience and what did they tell u or show u were their success rates.

    I think I am going to cycle at southeastern fertility clinic in Mt Pleasant SC. Split cycle is 14k, and single 21k however their success rate is 67% for fresh donor egg cycle and over 50% for rozen embryo transfer.


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