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  1. I am in shock. After 2 years of ttc, I just got a voicemail from my RE that my first beta came back postitive. I've been spotting heavily since Friday, including some red blood, so I was 100% sure the IVF had failed. In his message, my RE said my numbers are a little low (though he didn't specify) and to up my progesterone from 1/2 cc to 1 cc. What does this mean? Does it mean I may be headed toward miscarriage? FWIW, even if I do miscarry, at least I will know my body is capable of becoming pregnant--which is more than I knew before. THanks so much.

  2. sorry to hear about the concerning bleeding.

    each clinic seems to have different ideas about what is "low" for a beta.
    many clinics want the 1st beta (approx. 14dpo/14dpiui/11dp3dt/9dp5dt/etc) around 100.

    i had one clinic tell me anything over 0 is positive, and also anything over 5 is positive.

    i hear commonly anything between 50-100 is a good 1st beta.

    maybe you could call to get the number if you want to know...but usually they consider the next beta number(2days after the 1st beta test)to compare the "doubling" time.

    good luck!!!!!!

  3. Thank you--I called the nurse and she called me back and said the beta was 52. I would be less nervous if it were higher, but I guess I still have reason to hope.

  4. My clinic said anything over 50 is good for a first BETA...I would say dont worry its positive...Things can always go wrong but I've seen people with way lower Betas come out with a healthy baby...Good luck and keep us updated!!

  5. When and what did you transfer and what day was your beta after tx? They are having you up the progesterone as that is a big part in sustaining the pregnancy. If that number is low then they want you to up that to help things until the placenta starts creating progesterone on its own - it is just a boost. I agree that the the 2nd number will mean a lot and that it should double in 48 - 72 hours.

    Wishing you the best.


  6. Thanks all! I transferred two 3-day embryos 11 days ago--so I guess I'm the equivalent of 14 dpo.

  7. I had a beta of 45 at 11dp3dt (so the same day as you tested) and I had a healthy baby boy. We were extremely nervous the first few weeks as the beta is quite a bit lower than most, but in the end all was okay.


  8. My 14 day beta was 46, but has consistently doubled every other day for a week now (94, 238, 675). The original, low number has us concerned, but the nurses insist that the doubling is the most important thing and everything is fine. The u/s will tell us more, but the wait for that is difficult. I hope your numbers continue to rise and I'm glad to see that other people with low first numbers had success. Thank you for sharing.

  9. My first beta which was 10dp5dt so 15dpo was 65. I was freaking out as they were looking for 100 for the first beta but it doubled as it should and my daughter is 8 weeks old. Hang in there.

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