Lovenox and Baby Asp. (m/c mentioned)

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  1. Any ladies done this following transfer? How was the lovenox? For those with recurrent m/cs was this the ticket? Anyone do lovenox before transfer?

  2. Trina... I tested negative for blood clotting disorders and anti-body panel. After my 3rd m/c, my RE put me on Lovenox as precaution for subsequent pgs.

    Any ladies done this following transfer?
    BA taken from start of meds, and Lovenox start day of +beta.

    Originally Posted by salex
    How was the lovenox?

    Hmmm... I'd rather not take it b/c it's one extra shot that has a pretty thick needle, and it causes burning and bruising. BUT, if my RE thinks I should be on it, I just suck it up and just do it.

    Originally Posted by salex
    For those with recurrent m/cs was this the ticket?

    I\'m not sure... My RE isn't sure either, but he wanted to cover his basis. He said that eventhough I tested normal, sometimes when a woman is pregnant, she can have spontaneous microscopic blood clots early on that could cause demise to the embryo/baby. He'd rather be safe than sorry and didn't want me to have another m/c b/c he wasn't thorough. I did have m/c #4 and #5 while on Lovenox. For current pg, I was on Lovenox until end of 12 weeks and will discontinue BA a few days before delivery. Honestly, I think my problems are AMA and aneuploids... Of the 5 m/cs, 1-3 were tested, and they were aneuploids. #5 was from a DE cycle, but I think that's probably aneuploid too.

    Originally Posted by salex
    Anyone do lovenox before transfer?


  3. thanks christyen-best of luck to you with everything.

  4. Hi Trina.

    After two chemical pregnancies I had a repeat pg loss panel and tested positive for anticardiolipin antibody (a blood clotting issue). It was decided that in subsequent attempts I'd start lovenox upon positive beta. On the suggestion of a hematologist, I asked the RE if I could start the day of transfer, since my losses had all occurred so early. He agreed and I started lovenox (and baby aspirin) the day of ET.

    That is the one successful pregnancy I have achieved. It is confusing that I had many complications that pregnancy that could have been associated w/ blood clots, yet none were fine and I later no longer tested positive for the blood clotting antibody.

    However, I later had a natural pg and though I took lovenox, I didn't take it as early (started after positive pg test). That pg ended in m/c.

    I am currently pg after an IUI (converted from an IVF) and started Lovenox three days after the IUI. We shall see.

    Hard to say if lovenox is what did it, the doctors don't even know. But at this point I am too scared not to be on it.

    The shot itself is not fun, I find it to be one of the more difficult shots b/c it is a dull needle that is hard to get in and causes lots of bruising. But in the grand scheme of things I guess that isn't much to complain about. Good luck!!!


  5. it worked for us! i took ba through 35 weeks and lovenox through 37 weeks. cosection at 39 weeks..... baby boy!

  6. Thanks, everyone. 3 of my 4 losses have been really early, so I am hoping to start immediately or right after transfer.

  7. Any ladies done this following transfer? How was the lovenox? For those with recurrent m/cs was this the ticket? Anyone do lovenox before transfer?

    I\'m homozygous for two clotting factors (MTHFR and PAI-1). Dr. Etingin thought it was kind of a grey area, whether Lovenox would help (the official treatment of choice with low homocysteine levels would have just been baby aspirin and Folgard), but since we'd been TTC#1 for seven years and I'd had so many miscarriages, she figured it was worth a try and there wasn't really a downside. I started BA during stims and Lovenox just before transfer.

    My first time on this adjunctive treatment, I did have another miscarriage, though the pregnancy went further along than any previous pregnancies. Second time, I had a live birth. Third time, I am now 31 weeks pregnant.

    Was it "the ticket?" I have no idea. Maybe it was. Or maybe it was just random luck. All I know is that I'd just reached the point where I had to try anything within reason that may work. I didn't want to wonder "what-if?"

    (As to how the Lovenox comes in pre-filled syringes that are dull as all hell and more often than not the injections hurt. But it's a small price to pay in the event that it might actually help. I recommend lightly poking yourself to find a spot that will hurt less--some injection sites will hurt way more than others--and inserting the needle and injecting very slowly. It burns.)

  8. **Success mentioned**

    I had 4 m/c all before 9 1/2 weeks. I was tested for absolutely everything and nothing showed up. I did 3 IVF's and 3 FET and they all failed. My 4 pregnancies were all natural. After m/c #4 I started taking baby aspirin as a "what the heck". When I got BFP #5 I asked my OB to put me on Lovenox and he agreed. I now have 6 month old ID twins. During my pregnancy my OB referred me to a Hematologist who disagreed strongly with my use of Lovenox and thought I should stop taking it, but I refused and my OB agreed to let me stay on it. I truly credit it for my miracles. Good luck to you!

    BTW, it does burn a bit going in and you will bruise, but in my opinion worth every bruise!

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