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  1. Anybody use Lovenox during their pregnancy? I was just told that I need to be on Lovenox starting in October for my transfer, and I am a little nervous. Any experiences with it would be great!


  2. Eventhough I tested negative for autoimmune, I still kept on m/c. My RE put me on low dosage Lovenox for precaution. It's a one a day shot in the belly. The needle is dull, so I ice the area before injecting. I don't do much vigorous activity while on Lovenox either b/c I do bruise easily while on it.

  3. I took Lovenox from the beginning of my cycle until 6 weeks post partum on my successful cycle. I had an early m/c on my fresh DE cycle. Then they tested me for everything and found out I had a clotting disorder. So I did Lovenox for the FET and just gave birth to a beautiful girl from that cycle. I took it once a day at first, but they upped me to twice a day mid-pregnancy because pregnant women clear it faster and it doesn't stay all day in your system. It's freaky to do it at first, but eventually it just became routine, like brushing my teeth. I always flicked the air bubble to the top and expelled it first (some people inject the bubble, but I don't). Then I pushed the needle in slow and then injected slow. That seemed to be the least painful way to do it. I never iced the area before or after. It bruised at first, but I got better at it eventually and stopped getting bruises from it. The MFM told me I could do it in my hips when my tummy got big and there was less loose skin to pinch. But that hurt and bruised much worse, so I went back to my tummy even though it was harder to pinch. It was all very worth it to get my little girl

  4. Thanks skanavi and gfarangitakis!

    I am feeling a little less nervous about the shots. I know the needle is very small, but did the medication burn really bad after administered? I was on a blood thinner a few years ago after a surgery, and it burned after the shot.Just one more thing to add to this crazy cycle!
    Thanks again!

  5. It usually burned a little after injection, nothing that bothered me really, but I could tell where the injection had been. I think it helps to inject slowly. Some people ice the area after, that might help, but I didn't need it.

  6. When did you ladies start on Lovenox? Cycling with my own eggs, I use to start early in the cycle. With DE, I was told day after transfer. Is that what most of you did as well? Thanks!

  7. I started Lovenox when I started BCP's, so that was the cycle before the DE cycle. Since I have the prothrombin gene mutation, I am at higher risk of deep vein thrombosis, especially when pregnant or on BCP's. For that reason, I was not allowed to take BCP's without being on Lovenox. (Although I was on BCP's for 20 years before they found out I had a clotting disorder, go figure).

    I think if your clotting disorder is only a danger to the pregnancy, and not to you, then starting right after transfer would be fine.

  8. I will be starting day after transfer as well. I think I am more nervous about these shots then the PIO shots. I have done the PIO in the past, so I know what to expect. Trying not to stress it!

  9. Dina: Thanks and congratulations on your little girl! I hope I get to the stage where I have to worry about my tummy getting bigger

    Amy: No worries; if you're used used to Lupron or Gonal-F shots in your tummy, it's not too bad; you get used to it; just burns a little and bruises a bit. It's in a pre-filled syringe. Good luck!

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