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  1. Hi, babynamers. I've followed this forum for years. It doesn't seem as active as it used to, but I'm hoping to get some feedback.

    I am 34w+ with a baby boy and I have NO idea what we are going to name this child. This pregnancy has been slightly complicated, and my last pregnancy ended in disaster at 26 weeks, so I (and my doctors) don't really expect to make it to full term. I'm thinking I'm looking at a range of anywhere from 2 to 5 weeks at this point.

    When we first found out it was a boy, I went through the SS top 1000 and wrote down any name that I remotely thought was a possibility. Gave the list to DH and he said "No Way" to a few, "Maybe" to a few, and then we put the list away and haven't thought about it since. I just had another look last night, so below is the long list. I can't say any really "grab" me or stand out as the right name for our little boy yet. I'm not opposed to waiting til we see him, but I have to narrow it down to 2 or 3. I can't wait and choose among 20 names!

    A bit about my naming "style": I tend to like short (one or two syllable), "spunky" names. I'm not a fan (for myself) of the "classics" (e.g. Joseph, Michael, Benjamin, etc...). Not that they're not nice, just not me. On the other hand, I don't want one that is too trendy or very, very popular. And I also don't care for "made up" names or creative spellings. I'm not big on "fancy" names, and while I'm not opposed to nicknames, I'm not inclined to choose a name based on the nickname I want to use (i.e. I wouldn't choose 'Nathaniel' in order to use the nn 'Nate'). That said, I don't think nicknames are inevitable (I have a friend Elizabeth who has never been anything but Elizabeth). Finally, I'd like a boy's name to sound 'strong', though not necessarily 'macho' if that makes any sense. Yes, I have a few 'outliers' to those preferences on my list, but in general...

    I have a 4yo DD, Annika Ela. My twins, born 10/4/07 were Cole Kaya (d.10/26/07) and Lina Belen (d.01/11/08). My DH is Turkish, and we will likely have one 'American' and one Turkish name. Have not ruled out a Turkish name as first name, but following our pattern til now, will likely use the American name as first. I am of Norwegian descent (3rd/4th generation) and wouldn't mind a scandinavian flavor, but don't have any on my list.

    I have a few short/4-letter "C" names on the list, and I worry that they are too close to Cole.

    Our last name starts with a "C" that is pronounced like a "J" (Turkish). It's 2 syllables with a Z sound in the middle.

    Ryan - This is my DD's frontrunner. She's been calling him Ryan for awhile (after Ryan Seacrest - LOL). I think it's a nice, solid name. It was on the common side when I was growing up, I think, so maybe I feel like it's a little boring? I just noticed that while it's "only" #16 on the SS list, it's been top 3 or 4 for the last few years in CT, where I am, so I'm turned off by that.

    Cameron - Eh. I like the nn Cam a lot, but not that wild about Cameron. I like the name Camden more, maybe. But DD's BFF's baby sister is named Camdyn (and they planned to use the name for a boy as well), so I don't think I'd go for it.

    Ethan - I like this one, and I think DH does too. But it's #3 on the SS list - too popular right now maybe. Though I just noticed that it's "only" at about 18 or so on the CT list for the past few years...so maybe it's not so bad in our area.

    Evan - Like it, but I have a vague childhood memory of a brutish kid with this name, I think. So I'm a little turned off.

    Julian - Like it, but maybe not "strong" enough.

    Tristan - same thought as Julian? I like this one more though.

    Jesse - LOVE this name for a boy, but it wouldn't work with our last name at all. Bummer. Can't bear to take it off the list though.

    Cody - Like it, but maybe too close to Cole? Also maybe a little too "cowboy"?

    Micah - Like it, but don't like the nn Mike at all.

    Tanner - I'm not crazy about the last name as first name theme, but there's a Turkish name Taner, so it might be a nice synergy (Taner is pronounced "tahn-air")

    Elias - Maybe a little too "fancy" for me

    Corey/Cory - Maybe too similar to "Cole"? Also, it does remind me a little of "the Coreys" - there were 2 or 3 child actors named Corey that kind of went on to get themselves in trouble, I think.

    Simon - Nice name, but just doesn't really "feel" right.

    Sage - I really like this, but I don't think this is one of DH's favorites.

    Cade - Another one too close to Cole?

    Noah - Again, doesn't really "feel" right, although I like it. The Turkish version of this name is "Nuh" (pronounced "Noo" with a bit of aspiration at the end), which I think is awful.

    Owen - Nice, just added this yesterday. Not sure how strongly I feel yet.

    Rylan - A nice version of Ryan, but maybe a little too close to "made up" territory? Too feminine?

    Noel - Just added this too. The name of the DS of an old HS friend I connected with on FB (not close at all, I don't mind using it). I'm warming to it. But is it again too close to Cole?

    So there they are. I told you there were a lot. How are we ever going to narrow them down? The Turkish list is even longer!

    Any thoughts on the above, or suggestions for other names are appreciated!

  2. You have a lot of nice names on your list. I love Ryan . I almost named my son that but I used it as his middle name instead. Bradley Ryan.
    I like almost all of the other names you picked, especially Cameron, Corey and Simon. I noticed you have Cade on the list, did you consider Caden , Caiden ?
    That was my cousin's first choice for a boy's name but they ended up having a girl.

  3. You have a lot of nice names on your list. I love Ryan . I almost named my son that but I used it as his middle name instead. Bradley Ryan. I like almost all of the other names you picked, especially Cameron, Corey and Simon. I noticed you have Cade on the list, did you consider Caden , Caiden ?That was my cousin's first choice for a boy's name but they ended up having a girl.

    Thanks for your feedback, Stacy. I'm not crazy about the name Caiden/Caden. To me the "en" just feels like a superfluous syllable. And the Caden/Jaden/Braden/Aiden combos just make it feel too trendy to me. I have to admit, Cade on its own though is growing on me the more I think about it.

  4. Hi,
    I like a lot of the names on your list. I am only 16 weeks but I am in total denial about having to pick a name too- I don't even know what I am having but I can't think of a single boy or girl name that I like.

    Anyway, back to you and your names...

    I really like Ryan- and I like that you DD has a connection to the name as well.

    I like Noah too but I can understand why it may not work.

    I like Micah as well and don't think that you would have a nn as Mike- it just seems like a good name on its own and not at all related to Mike.

    Have you considered Callum? Feels like a strong name to me.

    Best of luck,

  5. I am a fan of many of your names-I think it's cute that your DD has clung onto Ryan. If you like names that begin with "C" what about Connor or Carson? I think on your list my two fave ate Ryan and Ethan. JMO...best of luck-it's always hard....what are you going to do about the middle name?

  6. I like the idea of going with a Scandinavian name as the first name. Just a couple of more common ones that come to my mind: Carson, Skyler and Soren. Where I live Micah is never shortened to nn Mike.

    You have a bunch of great names on your list already. I hope you find the one that just feels right!

  7. Hi! Interesting list. I'm going to give you a bit to chew on regarding name popularity, plus suggest a few other short, spunky, not really common names. I'm having problems with my "h" key, so I apologize in advance if you notice a few spelling errors.

    Ryan - This one is still pretty common. For the last few years, the trend hasn't been so much to give everyone the same name, a la Jennifer in the 1970's, but everyone has the same set of sounds. eye-an and ay-an are the biggest ones. Aidan, Brayden, Caden, Hayden, Jaden, Ryan, Logan, Brendan, etc. It is still a very good name, but common.

    Cameron - This one is split pretty evenly among boy and girl. Lots of Kamryns and Camdens and whatnot out there. Cameron is a real name. Camden is a noise that sounds like a name. Not bad, but this will be very generational. Cameron on a boy peaked about 5 years ago and has slowly been going out of favor.

    Ethan - This one is everywhere. It has than N ending again. My cousin's kids are all under 4 and they went with Ethan, Carson and Dylan. Like I said, it isn't the name. It's just the same sounds over and over again.

    Evan - Another good choice if the -N doesn't bother you. 36% of boys were given names that end with N last year.

    Julian - Very stong, very uncommon.

    Tristan - Very strong, more common than Julian, and often mispelled to Tristran, Trystan, Tristyn, etc. The more Ys you see, the more likely it's a girl.

    Jesse - This one has always seemed a little cowboy to me, probably due to Jesse James association.

    Cody - Comes across as a nickname to me.

    Micah - Micah rarely becomes Mike, and this is a very good choice if you want something uncommon.

    Tanner - I don't get the last name thing, either. Tanner - one who turns animal flesh into leather. Cooper - barrel maker, Carter - essentially "trucker". Again, while Tanner isn't that common, the genre of occupation last names is everywhere and will make this very dated.

    Elias - Too fancy? How about Eli? My son is Elliot, which is another possibility.

    Corey/Cory - Prefer the spelling Cory for it's simplicity, but this is another name that feels like a nickname.

    Simon - I love Simon. Wish I could have used it. It has that pesky N again, but has not been taken up by the masses.

    Sage - I've only ever seen this on girls, also with the spelling disaster versions of Saige and Sayge.

    Cade - Too close to cad. Also, has that dirt-common "ay" sound in the beginning, making it way close to dirt-common Caden, not to mention dirt-common girl names Kaylie, Katelyn and Cadence.

    Noah - I love this one, too. It has risen in the charts lately, but is not super-common.

    Owen - Pesky N again

    Rylan - Fake name alert!! This one will be really dated.

    Noel - I love this one, too. Yes, it is sort of close to Cole, but I don't know how much the twins come into conversation. It is different enough for day to day use.

    Suggestions that are short, spunky, and go well with Annika:
    Asher (Ashton is common, though)
    Finn (climbing charts)

  8. niki.v, thanks for your thoughtful feedback. I don't know why I haven't picked up on the "n" ending thing. I'm not a fan of "Caden" because of the "en" thing, but for some reason I don't see Ryan, Owen, Simon, or even Ethan in the same category. Maybe because they're older, more established names.

    I do like Cade though, and it's been growing on me. However, I recently looked up the meaning - and I don't even want to write it here because I'm trying to forget I know it! (not very flattering). ha ha.

    As for the Cole similars...it's not that the twins necessarily come into conversation a lot. Well, right now they do...it's still pretty recent, but I guess as time goes on they won't. It's more of an emotional thing for me. I don't want to feel like I'm not giving him his own "space" in our family...if that makes any sense. It's hard to explain.

    In talking it over with DH, he seems to be leaning toward using a Turkish name as first name, which would break with the pattern we've used so far, but I'm not totally closed to the idea. It's important to find the "right" one though (pronounceable in the US, since we live here, and is interesting without screaming "foreigner"). I'm trying to work up the energy to post a list of those.

    I'm also mulling over your suggestions. At first glance, Isaac is the one I'm most drawn to, but it sometimes takes me awhile to warm up to a name.

    Josie: I actually like the idea of a Scandinavian name, too - haven't ruled it out. Soren is one of my favorites. I also like Stellan. I like Carsten better than Carson, but not so crazy about either. (oh look, there's all those "en" names again).

    I'm glad to hear from several of you that Micah doesn't usually get shortened to Mike. My DH doesn't seem crazy about that one though. Too bad, because I really like it.

    This is really hard!

  9. My friend's son is Micah and has never been called Mike! Here are a few names that I love:


    I know, they're all over the place...

  10. I grew up with a Micah. He was always Micah, not Mike. I like that name.

    Off your list I LOVE:

    Simon - If I had a baby tomorrow I'd name him Simon. Fabulous name.
    Owen- This was on our list for our DS (but doesn't work was our last name)
    Issac- If I had twin boys this would be the other name LOVE it!
    Noah- Good name (not as many around as you'd think)
    Elias- I knew one, good name, but I also like Elliot better
    Julian- I like this too with the nn Jude
    Soren- I like this one too (He's on Charlie and Lola- her invisible friend.)

    Instead of Noel, how about Nolan? Also how about Quincy or Quinn? DS has a friend named Quincy and one named Issac. I'm a little jealous of their names.

    My son's name ends with an N. At the time I didn't think it was common but it's shot up. (He's Nathaniel but goes by Nathan or Nate). All his friends are named Evan, Ethan, Caden, Brayden or Aidan.


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