Long wait..finally got son

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  1. Hey we had our ds on Nov 26th. Thank goodness we did a scheduled c-section because he had the cord twice around neck. Plus I ended up with pre-eclampsia after he was born (possible I had it before birth but OB didn't know). The last would explain why he was so small.
    Beckett Jonathan P.
    6lbs 1oz
    18 /12"

  2. deb - congrats!!! hope you are both doing well!

  3. Many congrats! little boys are the best!


  4. Congrats!!!! So glad you had the c-section. Whew, close one there. Hope you are feeling well. Love the name. Great choice.


  5. Congrats! Littles boys are so much fun. Bigger boys even more fun!
    Susan, Cooper and Porter

  6. I love the name Beckett. Congrats to you.


  7. Congrats on your son. I also love the name Beckett.

  8. Thank you ladies. DS is doing great. Me on the other hand am dealing with PPD and eclampsia. I am freaked out that my Lexapro and ativan are harmful to baby. So I think I am going to discontinue bf'ing....so hard. ugh.

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