Long lupron vs MDL flare

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  1. Has anyone done the long lupron protocol and later the MDL flare? Did you get more mature eggs? Hoping to get more mature eggs this time even though I responded well on long lupron...
    But have had low fertilization rates. Last time got 17 eggs, 12 mature, 5 fertilized.
    Hoping to get more mature eggs/embryos to work with!!

  2. My maturity rates were the same on both protocols, but I went from no fertilization on long lupron to 100% fertilization on MDL.

  3. No change with me for both the maturity and fertilization rate. Did they use ICSI?

  4. Thanks andpapaf- That's hopeful news
    JayJay- Did you get more eggs on the MDL vs long lupron? Did you have better results with MDL or Long lupron?

    For us, yes, they used ICSI.

  5. I don't remember exactly how many eggs they were able to take out for either, but there was not much of a difference. Even when I cycled using the same protocol (I've done a total of 11 fresh IVFs), I never got exactly the same amount of eggs.

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