Long-distance IVF

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  1. I was just hoping to hear from those of you who have done IVF away from home (like more than a short drive away). I am planning on going back to the clinic I was successful with in 2006, but now I am a few states away. I was just wondering at what point in the cycle do you travel to the clinic location? Do you head there before you start stims? Or did you do stim mostly from home, have a local lab communicate bloodwork results to the IVF clinic, and fly out before retrieval? I would love to hear how it works! The details are all a little fuzzy from the first time we did IVF, and it seems so much more complicated doing it all from a distance.

  2. I live in Oklahoma and I am currently in the Czech Republic doing a DE IVF cycle. Here in Zlin they have the DE girls stay at least 9 days and the OE IVF girls stay 21 days (they do all monitoring here).

    I know some clinics in the states will do out of town monitoring for IVF cycles in other states.

    I guess it all depends how "out of town" you are.


  3. I think it varies. I live in Ottawa, Canada and am doing a cycle with Cornell in NY. I've started up here, did my baseline scan here a couple of days ago (on long lupron, starting stims today) and then travel there tomorrow to be there for about 2 weeks total, for most of the stim cycle. They like to monitor pretty closely at Cornell - some clinics are different. I gather that ultrasound machines and labs for bloodwork vary so there's something to be said for having most of it done in one place to get consistent readings.

  4. Yeah, I was thinking it might just be easiest to be there for the whole stim section (knowing me, I would stress the entire time about the information getting from a local lab to my IVF clinic). Thanks a ton for the info!

  5. I have traveled to CO from NY for two cycles now. Where I cycle (CCRM), they have you start off your monitoring locally and fly out to CO after both your suppression check (before starting stims) and 1st stim check (after about 4-5 days of stims). I think it is a good idea to have at least one stim check at home, to make sure you are responding to the stims before flying out to the clinic. I wouldn't want to fly all the way out just to find out that I am not responding and have to cancel.

  6. i live in hong kong and did my first ivf in toronto (back in 2001). my cycle started march 3, and i left hong kong for toronto on feb 28. they wanted to check out progesterone levels before my cycle started, and get paperwork and payment taken care of, and make sure that i was informed and aware.

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