long 2ww, beta 6/12..anyone else waiting

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  1. Lee Ann wow an 18 year old and one that finshed school. Dont feel bad about the eating I am doing it too. I really have been craving starburst. and this weekend crabs.MMMMM I will be so happy if it is twins I cant wait to hear your numbers. I will be watching the board today

  2. Hi Sunshine,

    No results yet but I had my test done this morning. However, when I got up this morning and inserted my progesterone (I have to take it vag) I noticed some bleeding - a few drops of red/brown and then it turned to brown spotting and has stopped. I called the clinic and they said that they really can't say whether it is bad or not and they will try to get my beta results today at least rather than torturing me by waiting till tomorrow and they will see how the numbers are.

    I am feeling pretty nervous as IVF is not covered by med ins in Canada and we are out of $$ so this was kind of our last shot. I didn't go into work so I am just resting and googling pg stuff. Why can't everything just work??

    Have you had any spotting? I know that spotting does not necessarily mean that you are having a m/c but I know that it can be the start of one too so I am just praying and trying to stay calm. I am really trying to trust God and that He has a plan for me and that He knows best but I will be SO sad if it is not His plan for us to have this baby.

    Take care and hope everything is going well for you.


  3. Hi ladies -

    Follow up beta today was 243! Yay - we're so excited!!!

    Lee-Ann - Ugh, I am so sorry about the spotting. That is never what you want to see. Though I've heard that it can happen because the progesterone irritates the cervix, and there are plenty of women who spot right through their first trimesters. For your sake, I hope that's not the case, as I know you don't want to worry constantly, so hopefully this clears up right away! I'm glad that your clinic is going to speed up your blood work at least.

    Hope everyone else is doing well!

  4. Lee Ann I know that you are worried I would be to. I didnt have no spotting at all but I have read that it is common because when your embies are digging deeper they hit vessels and that is what can cause the spotting. When are you going in for another beta?

  5. Hi Sunshine & Michelle,

    Thanks for the responses and reassurance. I had my 2nd beta today and the clinic said they would try to call me with the results today but I haven't heard anything so far so I guess I will have to tough it out till tomorrow. Lord give me strength!

    Michelle, congrats on a great beta number!!! Very happy for you. When do you have your first u/s?


  6. Michelle great news on your beta.

  7. Michelle that is great news on your beta.

  8. Michelle that is great news on your beta.

  9. Sorry ladies about the xtra post but it got stuck

  10. Hi ladies,

    Well I FINALLY got my 2nd beta # and it was 3396 at 19dp3dt. The clinic says they are pleased with this number and that it has risen appropriately over the last week.

    I am very relieved - especially after the spotting yesterday.

    Ultrasound is booked for July 6th!!

    Hope everyone else is doing well.


  11. Lee Ann that is a great number I am glad that it is that high.

  12. congrats LeeAnn!! That is an amazing number!! I wish you a Happy and Healthy 9 months!!! YIPPPEEE....let us know how the u/s goes.

  13. Lee Ann look at your numbers that really went high are you hoping for two?

  14. Hi Sunshine,

    I did notice that my # was in the same range as yours now for the same dpo. I would be fine with 2 as long as they are healthy. I am not very big and have a relatively short body so I am not sure I'd be able to carry 2 full term. When I had my son, I got really big and towards the end and could hardly breathe and that was just one!

    However, our kids are basically grown up so this LO will be raised as basically an only child unless we have another one. And we don't have any more $$ for fertility treatments. So if we had 2 then they would have someone to grow up with which would be nice. Also, I am just hoping that this pg goes well and no m/c.

    I guess God knows best and I will take whatever He gives me. When do you find out? How are you feeling?


  15. Hi Lee Ann How are you feeling? I go on the 25th I cant wait to see what is in there and I hope to hear a heartbeat.
    azerty how are you doing what is going on with you?
    Jan how are you? are you still there?

  16. Hi Sunshine-

    Yep I am still here. Can't wait to hear how your u/s goes! Mine is July 1, seems so far away. I am getting another beta done tomorrow. I just want to make sure everything is still going the right way. :-)


  17. So today my beta came back at 9604 which is 25 dpo - do you girls think this may be high enough to be a possible multiple birth? I am still doubling 1.5 days which I think is pretty good.


  18. Jan that is high it is hard to say I will keep my fingers crossed for you. I go for my u/s on Thursday I cant wait to see what is in there. When are you ladies do? Hi Lee Ann how are you doing?

  19. Hi ladies,

    Jan, wow great beta. I am not sure if that would indicate multiples but it definitely indicates that things are progressing well - congrats!!
    How are you feeling?

    Sunshine how are you holding up? 2 more days to u/s? I have 2 more weeks!! ugh - my clinic does not do u/s until 7 weeks minimum. How far along will you be on your u/s? How are you feeling?

    afm - I am very bloated, tired and sometimes have 'afternoon nauseousness' instead of morning sickness but not everyday yet. I am back at work so that is distracting me a bit from obsessing over all my symptoms.


  20. Hi Lee Ann I will be 6 week and 4 days tomorrow when I get the u/s done. i am feeling ok I get the feeling that I am going to get sick alot but I dont. I do come close to it. I notice that if I wear a bra all day the (.)(.) are really sore I had to go out and buy xtra soft bras just so I can wear one all day. I have alot of gas built up but other than that I am ok. These past 10 days from my last beta has been looooooooooooonggggggggggggggg
    I know I am going to have problems sleeping tonight thinking about tomorrow and seeing if it is one or two... I really want 2
    it sucks that you have to wait till you are 7 weeks. you know what I did the last time. I called the ob that I was going to see and had an appt at 6wks and 5 days and they did a u/s first visit. So I got xtra pictures. I am wait till I am released at 8 wks this time to make the appt.

  21. Hi ladies -

    Sorry I have been AWOL lately - lots of catching up to do!

    Lee-Ann - Great news about your 2nd beta! I am feeling the same way as you - nausea strikes at funny times of day. For me, it's often after I eat, and I remember this from my first pregnancy, too. Gotta eat, so I'll just have to deal with feeling queasy!

    Sunshine - Ooh, I am so jealous that you have your u/s tomorrow. I have to wait until next week, 6/1. I am hoping the week passes by quickly! I'm feeling the same way about the bra - changed into a tank top as soon as I could today, and my shoulders feel so much better. I'm sure my size has changed already.

    Janet - That sounds like a high beta to me! Have you checked out betabase or babymed? How would you feel about twins?

    AFM, I had a third beta this week, at 23dpo, and it was 1511, which was an appropriate rise (though of course I still wish it had been a zillion, just to provide more reassurance!). So now just the wait until the u/s next Wed ... and we've decided to wait until then to say anything to our parents and close friends.

    Hope everyone is doing well!


  22. Well everyone I got the u/s and we are having TWINS
    The RE was shocked to see both heartbeats. She said she dont usually see heartbeats on the first u/s. Both babies are measuring 6wk and 2 day. I am 6wk and 4 day pregnant. Not bad me and Dh cant wait we are so thrilled...I go for another u/s on the 6th of July I cant wait

  23. My beta was 47. I wont lie and say that I dont feel devestated but I am remaining in prayer. Nothing is impossible to God

  24. Sunshine,

    CONGRATS!!!!! SO happy for you that you are having your little twins! Your next u/s is on the same day as my 1st. I am hoping to see at least 1 hb but 2 would be great too. Since my beta was almost the same as yours at 22dpo - maybe??

    that's great too that they were able to see both heartbeats - I am so pleased right now. I can't even imagine how you feel.

    Enjoy this time!

  25. Congrats Sunshine!! I am so happy for you, that is wonderful news.

    I wish I had better news to share.... I lost the baby last night. Not sure what happened since everything was going along so well. It came about so suddenly. Right now I am just trying to hold myself together.

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