long 2ww, beta 6/12..anyone else waiting

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  1. 2nd beta came back lower than the first.


  2. Kate, I am so very sorry. I will be thinking of you and praying for you. Take good care of yourself.

    ((((BIG HUGS))))


  3. Kate, sorry...Remember...you did all you could...don't blame yourself...it just wasn't your turn this time. I know how you are feeling...Be good to yourself today.

  4. I'm so sorry Kate!!

    AFM-- I got a BFP, BUT.............my Beta was 22. Since I'm only 10DPT, my RE said this number was totally fine and appropriate. The nurse told me the same thing and said it's where I should be based on my numbers. I go back on Monday to make sure they are doubling. The nurse told me to be optimistic at this point and don't worry. I do believe them, bc when it isn't good, they've told me flat out, it looks like a chemical etc....

    So I'm not thrilled, but not sad, I'm hoping I can pull through this one!!!

  5. Lee Ann Congrats. i am happy for you That is great

    Foggy I am glad that you are on the Beta board and got a BFP I cant wait to hear your numbers again I am keeping my fingers cross for higher numbers.

    Debill you are sneaky to have your blood drawn but if I worked in a hospital I would do the same I am glad to see you are BFp and I cant wait to heart more of your numbers too

    kate - danmar Cindy Suzie I am so sorry i know how you feel I hope that you find a way to do it again.
    Afm my beta today was 1132 I have to go back in monday to do another beta.

  6. Sunshine...I think you are having twins!!!! Has your clinic mentioned this due to the high betas!!!

    AFM My beta came back today at 119, which has doubled since Wed . I need to go back next Friday to see if it is doubling ( my clinic does not know about the first blood test). Wow..I'M PREAGNANT!!!!!!
    May we all continue with positive thoughts, babydust, D

  7. Hi ladies,

    Froggy and Deebil - congrats!!!! So happy for you - will keep you in my prayers for increased second betas - mine isn't until next Wed as my clinic waits 7 days for a second betas - arg.

    Sunshine - your numbers are crazy (but good) - I think you are having twins too!

    Here is the updated chart:

    Suzie 06/08 - FET - 4 embies bfn
    Natalie 06/08 - blasts? bfn
    Mustah 06/10 - FET - 2 frozen blasts
    Sunshine - 6/10 - 2 embies - +HPT bfp beta 687
    Leelee 06/10 - FET - 2 good 3day embies +HPT bfp beta 138
    Mrs. Polo 06/11 - 3 blasts (2 hatching, 1 about to)
    riservetarsiacra 06/11 - 3 good blasts bfn
    plewin - 06/11 - FET - 2 good blasts bfn
    Deebil 06/12 - 3 great/good 2 day embies bfp
    Froggy 06/12 - FET - 2 good blasts bfp
    Smudge's mom - 06/12 - 2 good 3 day embies
    Laura 06/15 - FET - 3 good embies
    Michelle 06/15 - FET - eSet with blast + HPT
    Dedaki 06/15 - 3 good blasts

  8. I am so sorry Suzie, Natalie, Kate, Cindy, & Danmar - please take care of yourselves and lean on those around you to get through this.

    Congrats Sunshine, Leelee, Deebil, Froggy, & Michelle - very exciting! Those beta numbers all look good. AFM I cheated and took a HPT test this morning and it came back positive! Now I just need to see how my beta comes out on Monday.

  9. Kate and Danielle - I am so sorry that this cycle did not work. Hugs to you both and best wishes for whatever is next.

    Jan - Congrats on the +HPT! We both have our betas on Monday. I don't think I'll be able to relax until I know that things are doubling as they should.

    Leelee - Great news about your beta! But torture that you have to wait so long for the second! You need to see if samar can sneak you into her hospital, lol.

    Sunshine, samar - Congratulations to both of you as well! Such happy news.

    Froggy - Hooray for your + beta! I can totally see that it would be 22 at 10dpo - that's when I first got the faintest + on an HPT (and I started testing at 8dpo like a ninny), which made me think that my hcg must have been right around the cutoff for the test (25). Fingers crossed for Monday! Wow, lots of us testing Monday, huh?

    AFM, just hanging on until Monday like so many others on this board. Picked up enough progesterone from the pharmacy today to last another 10 days. I decided to be optimistic!

  10. My cycle was a BFN. Congratulations to everyone with a positive. Try, try again.

  11. azerty- looking forward to hearing your beta.

    malin_o- I am so sorry about your BFN.


  12. Smudge's mom - Oh, I am so sorry about your bfn. Hugs to you.

    AFM - Beta was 112! I go back on Wed for the repeat. I'm feeling pretty grateful right now.

    Jan, Froggy, Laura - Hope you all hear good results today, too!

  13. congrats Mrj!! That number is phenominal!

    AFM-- I'm out..Beta dropped and it's another m/c......

  14. Congrats azerty! My beta came back good also!! 70 from Friday and 165 from yesterday. It actually is a little hard to believe.

    Sorry about the results Smudge's Mom & Froggy. My thoughts are with you.

  15. Hello Ladies... I had my beta today but likely won't get results until tomorrow... I'm quite certain that it is a BFN though because I took 2 hpt's on the weekend (one Friday night and one Sat morning) and they were both BFN's - not even a hint of a second line...
    Congrats to all of you who have had BFP\'s!
    DH is keen to do another fresh cycle but I'm not feeling very upbeat about things at this point... I'm sure I'll feel better next week.

  16. Froggy - Oh no, I am so sorry that the number dropped. Please take good care of yourself and know that we are all sending good thoughts your way.

    Laura - I will still have my fingers crossed for you until you hear back from the lab. Stranger things have happened. But I'm sorry you haven't had a + hpt.

    Jan - Great news - I'm so happy for you!

  17. Laura, Wait and see...it could come out a low +

    Smudge's Mom & Froggy..I am so sorry, be good to yourself, you did all you could.

    AFM waiting till my second beta on Friday but feeling preggo, nausious already!!!!

    Suzie 06/08 - FET - 4 embies bfn
    Natalie 06/08 - blasts? bfn
    Mustah 06/10 - FET - 2 frozen blasts
    Sunshine - 6/10 - 2 embies - +HPT bfp beta 687
    Leelee 06/10 - FET - 2 good 3day embies +HPT bfp beta 138
    Mrs. Polo 06/11 - 3 blasts (2 hatching, 1 about to)
    riservetarsiacra 06/11 - 3 good blasts bfn
    plewin - 06/11 - FET - 2 good blasts bfn
    Deebil 06/12 - 3 great/good 2 day embies bfp
    Froggy 06/12 - FET - 2 good blasts bfn
    Smudge's mom - 06/12 - 2 good 3 day embies bfn
    Laura 06/15 - FET - 3 good embies -HPT
    Michelle 06/15 - FET - eSet with blast + HPT
    Dedaki 06/15 - 3 good blasts +HPT

  18. Debill I am glad to see your numbers going up. The woman who drew my blood today said that they were high numbers so I will see on the 25 when I go for my u/s. Today my beta was 3687 I hope it is twins.
    Lee Ann I am sorry that you had to wait so long for another beta but it is almost here…
    azerty congratulations on the positive beta
    Smudges mom I am so sorry take a little break we are here for you.
    Froggy I am so sorry I hope that you do not give up
    Jan that is a good beta congratulations
    Laura I am sorry please try again my thoughts are with you

  19. Hi ladies,

    Froggy, I am so sorry that your numbers went down. My thoughts are with you.

    Deebil, good luck with your beta on Friday - I am still waiting for my 2nd one -Wednedsday cannot get here fast enough. I think my RE is some sort of "tough love" RE or something.

    Michelle - congrats on your beta!! I will look forward to hearing your numbers on Wed too.

    malin_o - so sorry that this wasn't your time. Take care of yourself

    Jan - congrats too on a great beta and on it doubling - very happy for you!

    Laura - praying that you just have a late implanter and will get a better result on the blood test

    Sunshine - I think twins are looking good based on your numbers - at least you know things are moving along nicely - do you have a lot of pg symptoms?

    For the ladies with positive betas, what day past ovulation were you when you had your beta? I know that it's difficult to compare but I am curious how mine measured up since I have to wait so long to know whether it is doubling - I was 138 at 12dp3dt or 15dpo. Based on this, I would expect it to be over 1200 on Wed? Does that seem about right?

    I am finding I have to eat at least every 2 hours or my stomach starts churning and I feel light-headed. Also, have already gone up a cup size and have some serious bloating although have not gained any weight yet. Also, I am very tired and have cramping and aches across my abdomen off and on on top of a wicked back-ache. My symptoms didn't kick in this quick when I had my son but then again I wasn't really paying attention then.

    Would love to hear everyone's symptoms and the dpo of your betas.

    Hugs to everyone,


  20. Hi Lee Ann let see if I get this right my transfer was 5/29 with 2 5day blast. So ER was on the 24. My first beta was on the 10
    So the 10 being 17dpo is that right? if it is my beta is 687 second beta on the 12 which would of been 19dpo at 1132 and today which was 3687 which would of been 22dpo. Is this right? As for symptons my boobs are so sore and I want a nap everyday even though i sleep to like 10 or 11 in the am, other than that I am having a lot of lower back pains which i usually dont have. My first pregnacy that was twins I was hungry every 2 hrs but this one I am not I am eating alot.

  21. Hey Lee-Ann
    My beta's- 70- 14 dpo, 165- 16 dpo, 408- 18 dpo. Don't have any soreness in my boobs which is totally weird b/c they are always so sensitive to any hormonal change. I am much more tired than usual and definetly can't skip any meals. I also have backache and mild cramping.

    I found this site on beta's that is kind of cool.



  22. Janet i went on that site and this is what it said about my beta\'s

    DPO Beta Doubling time from previous test
    17 687 (none)
    19 1138 65.92 hrs
    22 3687 42.45 hrs

  23. Hi Sunshine and Jan,

    Thanks for posting those numbers ladies. I have been nervous but mine seems reasonable in relationship to both of yours (except I am probably not having twins like Sunshine) The symptoms seem pretty similar too.

    I am such a nerd but I actually calculated what my beta should be tomorrow based on that site and the average doubling times - I am thinking around 2200 - hoping and praying that it will be in that range or at least a range the clinic is happy with as they obviously have much more experience than me. Of course I won't get the results until Thursday. But everything still feels like it is progressing so I am hopeful.

    Sunshine, how many children do you have? You already have a set of twins? Wow. You must be very busy. I wish I could sleep till 10. I am back at work all this week so have to get up around 6am :<

    Hope you guys have a great evening. Will let you know my ##'s when I get them.


  24. Lee Ann no I dont have twins I was carrying them and lost them at 11 weeks. I have a 10 year old. I wish they didnt take so long getting back to you with your beta. I cant wait to hear what it is. My clinic they get back to you that day. I really hope that it is twins again. This time I am not doing nothing. We went to the store yesterday and my husband made me ride in a cart because it was too much walking for him. LOL We agree I wont do anything until I make it past 14 weeks. Ya no cleaning for me. So I stay up late on the puter and sleep late and then I want a nap. I have not been taking one but after an hour of waking up I am tired again

  25. Sunshine,

    I am so sorry about your m/c. That must have been so hard. Wouldn't it be wonderful if you got twins again? I will be praying for you.
    Glad to hear you have a 10 year old though. I have an 18 year old son - he just finished high school today and has his commencement this weekend.

    That's great that DH is taking such good care of you. Probably a good idea. I am taking it quite easy too - after ET, I took it very easy for 10 days then went back to work but I refuse to work any OT and if I don't feel well, then I just go home. It's a desk job so not too bad - at home DH is taking care of the house and cooking so that's very nice. Of course with all his cooking, I am eating so much I feel like a cow

    I will post as soon as I get my numbers. Fingers crossed and lots of prayers for all of us to have a healthy 9 months!


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