long 2ww, beta 6/12..anyone else waiting

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  1. Hello Ladies!
    It looks like my beta is later than all of you - but I'm anxious to find out about your results! For some reason, I dont feel too stressed this time around - and am really telling myself that there is only so much that I can do to affect the outcome - the rest is up to God!
    Lee-Ann - I am under the care of Dr. Hitkari at Genesis but Dr. Yuzbe did my tx...
    I will be checking in this week to find out what happens!

  2. Hi ladies -

    May I wait with you, too? I am on day 2 of bedrest after yesterday's transfer, and I am already going out of my mind! (Being stuck in bed doesn't help.) Already plotting when I can start to POAS and really ramp up the insanity.

    We did IVF in 2002 and have a DD who will be 2 next month. Yesterday we did an eSET with a 5-day frozen blast. Of course, I'm nervous that we've cut our odds by only transferring one embryo, but for a variety of health reasons, we didn't want to risk having twins.

    BETA is 6/15, which feels so far away right now ...

    Good luck to everyone!


  3. Hi Ladies,
    I am on just PIO injections till my beta, I will POAS probably starting tomorrow (7dp2dt) I always do...I don't like waiting to hear the news over the phone although I do hold out a glimmer of hope for the phone call when POAS is BFN. The vague nausea left for a day (which worried me) and now it is back..I have sore boobs too...but I know it can be from the drugs but I hope it is from a BFP.....
    Suzie and Natalie good luck on Monday hoping to hear BFP...I'll be hoping and praying!!!!!
    Sunshine...I think 2dt are fairly new...research has been done and it concludes that with some embies they grow better in their own enviornment rather than in the dish...I hope it works!!
    Lots of babydust to all...D

  4. Hi everyone I got time to check in Fridays and Saturdays I am busy. Well I POAS thursday and got a neg. I POAS Friday and got the faint postive line. I did it again this morning and it is darker. I am not feeling much except sleepy and back is killing me. Other than that I will POAS again Monday.
    Beta is Wed. 5/10/09 I am on the PIO shots and let me tell you my butt has more knots than I dont know what. I cant wait to see what my Beta is.
    samar Icant wait to hear what you POAS is. I tested day 7 and got the postive. Good Luck I cant wait.
    Welcome azerty and IVFnew nice to have you with us.
    Chastity when you do we are here the only thing that you have to watch for is a chemical pregnancy. So just make sure if you POAS you take plenty of them to make sure it is not the chemical.
    Lee-Ann thank you for adding me in I cant wait to hear something from you. well Ladies I am going to bed I will check in tomorrow I have more time
    Good luck to all of you and keep spreading that baby dust around

  5. Hi!

    Its been 5 or 6 years since I have done an FET and I can't remember - do you usually get AF in a BFN cycle before your beta? My beta is tomorrow and BFN on all HPTs - yet AF was due 4 days ago. I guess progesterone and Estrace delays AF until you stop the meds?


  6. Congrats Sunshine!! I am a day behind you for Beta..I am too scared to POAS.

  7. Hi Suzie some women get it before there beta, some the day of and some dont until you come off the meds. Each case is different it all depends. Cindy I understand you are afraid to test early and that is fine. I dont have to worry about a chemical because I did donor eggs so mine is different. Wait to the beta or the day before let us know if you do it sooner

  8. I did donor eggs as well but have had 2 chemicals using donor eggs...

  9. Hi ladies!

    Sunshine - congrats on your ++++HPT!! I also cheated this morning at 9dp3dt and also got a faint positive line

    So I am cautiously hopeful. There was definitely a faint line there this morning and DH agreed that it was there - but now about 6 hours later, it's gotten fainter. Does that normally happen? I will try again tomorrow morning and pray that it gets a bit darker. The only symptoms I have had is some seriously swollen bb's and my back is also killing me! wierd - wasn't expecting that.

    For those of you that have gotten a faint positive in the past, do they usually turn into a BFP?? I didn't have a trigger shot as I had a FET and last time for my BFN cycle, I didn't even get the faintest glimmer of a line (same test) so this is definitely different.

    As for meds, I am on baby aspirin, prednisone (steroids), oral estrace and vaginal suppository progesterone (3 x per day) - apparently all will continue until 10wks if +.

    Cindy - I don't blame you for waiting - I really wrestled with whether or not to this morning. It's a tough call cause it can cause a lot of anxiety either way. Good luck on your beta!

    Suzie, I will keep praying for you that you just have a late implanter and that you get a positive result on your beta.

    Deebil, good luck with your POAS - let us know your results - fingers crossed!

    Here is the updated list:

    Suzie 06/08 - FET - 4 embies
    Natalie 06/08 - blasts?
    Mustah 06/10 - FET - 2 frozen blasts
    Sunshine - 6/10 - 2 embies
    Mrs. Polo 06/11 - 3 blasts (2 hatching, 1 about to)
    riservetarsiacra 06/11 - 3 good blasts
    Deebil 06/12 - 3 great/good 2 day embies
    Leelee 06/12 - FET - 2 good 3day embies
    Froggy 06/12 - FET - 2 good blasts
    Laura 06/15 - FET - 3 good embies
    Michelle 06/15 - FET - eSet with blast

    Looking forward to hearing positive results starting tomorrow ladies!!!


  10. Lee Ann - Thats great news! Looking forward to your update tomorrow!!

    Been feeling really sick to my stomach since yesterday but think its too early for symptoms

  11. Thanks for the warm welcome, everyone!

    Lee-Ann - Congratulations on seeing that second line!!! I would not worry about what happened to the test several hours later (it's dye, so it can fade, get darker, blur, etc). What it looks like at the time limit is all that matters, and you saw a line. When I got pregnant after my IVF, I started out the same way - faint line at first that got darker over time. So I'd say you have good reason to be cautiously hopeful!

    samar - Let us know how you're doing!

    sunshine - Congrats to you, too! And I hope that line tomorrow is even darker. I'm sorry about the knots from PIO. I had a massive knot/cramp in my butt last week, on transfer day, no less, and was in so much pain it brought tears to my eyes. It felt better after that day - I think the acu and valium had something to do with that! - and I've been using a heating pad as much as I can stand. I hope you get some relief.

    suzie - Good luck to you, I have heard of women getting negative HPTs right up until BETA day. Everyone's body works a little differently!

    I am 2dp5dt and what did I do today? Ran out and bought a slew of HPTs (a bunch of Dollar Trees and one 3-pack of Clearblue Easy). At least I wasn't stupid enough to take one of them - yet, lol. I wish I had the willpower to wait like others of you do, but I am such a ball of anxiety and so impatient to know the outcome.

  12. Lee Ann that is great news I am glad to hear that. Your lines will get darker as your beta goes up. I am testing for fun now. I am happy that you got the doulble line.
    azerty I dont blame you for running out and grabbing them I got them before my ET. I even sent my cousin to target for more yesterday so I can see the line get darker.
    Well ladies this is our week for our betas. I am wishing everyone well lets keep in touch until we are done betas and got u/s done so we can see if any one is having twins

  13. Hi ladies,

    AF arrived this morning just before i was meant to have my beta done, RE says i no longer need to have it done as i think the answer is pretty obvious, we only had 1 blast to transfer, i am really feeling quite despondent and feeling like this is never going to work and costing a small fortune everytime. I have to have PGD done every time due to balanced translocation. I am really happy for all those who got BFP! Congrats to u all!


  14. I can't believe all of you ladies who are POAS. God Bless. I just hate waisting hte money on a BFN! hahaha......I'm doing the PIO instead of the vaginal inserts. I hate those. I'm also on Baby asprin, estrace.

    I'm feeling very nauscous, but I know that can be from the meds. I have been crampy on and off since the transfer, but who knows. Just waiting patiently until Friday's Beta.

    Natalia-- So sorry to hear the news. Try to be strong!! It sucks.

    Sunshine & LeeLee-- Congrats to you and your positive HPT.

    Good luck to everyone else!! Let's keep hanging in there!!!

  15. Hi ladies,

    So the hpt this am had another faint positive line (DH says it is darker than yesterday but I can't really tell since yesterday's faded). I took a photo at 10 minutes so I will compare that to tomorrow's test. It's so hard not to get your hopes up. However the ++hpt's and my enormously swelled bb's are a pretty good sign at this point

    Froggy, I admire your patience. My testing shows a lack of that on my part - lol. Praying that you get a ++beta on Friday.

    Sunshine, glad your tests continue to be positive. Did you do a digital?

    Sending prayers out to Suzie and Natalie for positive betas today!!!!


  16. My doc. office just called and told me to increase my PIO to 2mL each night. WTF? That is going to kill. She said to split it up and do 1mL in one butt cheek and 1mL in the other.
    She said my numbers aren't bad, but they are just being cautious. Has anyone else had this and then gotten a BFP by any chance? Ughhh....I hate this s***

  17. Since my transfer I have been doing 2ml just cause I didnt want to do supp during the 2ww...

    Its not bad at all...Personally, I wouldnt abuse both butt checks at the same time..

  18. Thanks Cindy!! They actuallly just called back and told me to just do 1.5ml bc they didnt' remember I was on the PIO shot. NICE!! Jeesh!!
    I guess I went from 20 to 15.2 and they like to have you at a min. of 15. So that sucks that my level went down. Not feeling good about this one.

  19. Natalie - I'm so sorry. Infertility just sucks - it makes me so angry what we all go through to have a cycle not work. Take good care of yourself and know that lots of us are sending good thoughts your way.

    Froggy - I do 2mL of progesterone in ethyl oleate each night - I have for about the past week. I take it all in one shot. I'm sure that the increased dose will make those #s bounce right back up where they want them! I wish I could wait "patiently" until my beta like you are doing! I am not a patient person, under the best of circumstances.

    Sunshine - Hooray for the darker test this AM!

    Still making myself crazy here, but I have resisted the siren call of the HPTs so far (I am only 3dp5dt, after all). Have all sorts of "imagined" signs - crampy feeling, tired, sore bbs (but is that because I keep poking at them to see if they're sore, lol?!). Slowly. Losing. My. Mind.

  20. Hi girls,
    So PIOS yesterday and today BFN...not losing hope yet it just might be too early!!!

    Natalia-- So sorry to hear the news. Unfortunately most of us have been there and know how it feels...be strong, you did all you could to make it happen and it just didn't this time

    Sunshine & LeeLee-- Congratulations on your positive HPT. I have never had a false positive on a HPT.

    Mustah and Sunshine...You are next on Wed...Let me wish you luck now in case I don't make it on tomorrow...

  21. azerty you are too funny. I too poke at them also looking for the signs. hang in there you will be able to test soon. I will admit I tested at 3 dp I knew I wasnt getting any thing I did it any way.

    Debill i am glad to hear that you are not losing hope that is a great for you to keep thinking good thoughts.

    Froggy I wouldnt split them up I do the 2 all at once. Every 3 days I get a shot of del too. My butt is so knotty but in the end it will be worth it.

    Lee Ann no I didnt do a a digital just te regular ones. I did do another one today I have one left. I am glad that you got another positive

    Natalie I am so sorry have you thought about DE it takes your chances up to 68-72% of pregnancy?
    AFm I am just relaxing and taking it easy waiting for beta on wed.

  22. Hello! I have my beta on 6/12 too. It feels like I have been waiting forever. I have a 17 month DD from IUI. I got pregnant with her after taking an IVF break (after 3 failed cycles) and doing an IUI.

    I transferred two 8 celled 3 day embryos on Mon 6/1. They were graded 1.5. In my clinic 1 is the best and 5 is the worst. This is my third IVF since trying again. The first was a chemical, second cancelled due to poor response.

    I have been having a lot of cramping and lower back pain.

    How are you all feeling? Has anyone done an HPT test yet??


  23. Did anyone ever get a BFN on HPT two days before beta and than got a positive blood test results?
    I am devastated.... I had 2 blasts transferred.

  24. Did anyone ever get a BFN on HPT two days before beta and than got a positive blood test results?I am devastated.... I had 2 blasts transferred.
    I personally have not but I have seen other posts on this site that has...don't give up hope...

    I POAS again today, got busy with my son and didn't get back in to look at it for 5-7 minutes...there was an ever so slight second line. I am not convinced it is a positive though since I didn't see it at 3 minutes and I know that after 10 minutes you can get an evaporation line which looks like a positive....I'll test again tomorrow...good thing the dollar store stocks HPT!!!! If I do get a faint positive tomorrow I just may need to splurge on a digital!!!

  25. Did anyone ever get a BFN on HPT two days before beta and than got a positive blood test results?I am devastated.... I had 2 blasts transferred.

    Yes. I tested 12 dpo after an iui. It was negative. I had AF symptoms and even started to spot. Ugghh. That was after 5 iuis and 3 ivfs and 1 FET. The last iui. Devastated. Two days later I had the beta because AF never came. It was 135. She is 17 months old. Don't give up yet!

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